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Character description, analysis and casting breakdown for Yvette from Clue: On Stage Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Miss Scarlet Let's put them all in this cupboard and lock it. : Though she moves with practiced grace and polished poise in her role as the Maid, as the night goes on and bodies pile up, both her French accent and refined mannerisms start to slip. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Wadsworth Oh, how do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lay-dee? Learn : N/A Professor Plum Mr.Boddy is not shy about showing off his intimate knowledge of the Maid and her connection to many of the other blackmail victims and informants leaves the murderous Mrs. Peacock to kill her to make sure she can't reveal anymore than her outfit already did. Underneath her skirt were wide, starched white panties, which Yvette flashes several times throughout the night, both by accident and on purpose. Oh, now, shouldn't we wait for the other guest? Video. She was one of Miss Scarlet's former call girls and was used by her to commit the murders. In Ending A, Yvette is revealed to be one of the killers and the accomplice and helper to Miss Scarlet. When Wadsworth reveals more details on his plans for the evening on unmasking Mr.Boddy's blackmailing plot, Mustard pulls away, perhaps beginning to suspect Yvette has more involvement than she is letting on. : Wonderful! Yvette does her best to appear as innocent as possible, both in terms of her sexual appeal and her knowledge surrounding the dark events of the evening. Yvette To assist Miss Scarlet | No, I'm afraid there's something in them that concerns me, too. Yvette was not only a French maid; she was a fetishist's dream of a French maid, and she had an outfit to match: a one-piece glossy black satin Maid uniform, cut high in the thigh and low in the bosom. When too many of their blackmail victims are able to recognize every inch of Yvette's curvaceous body, Miss Scarlet gives her accomplice an agonizing pink slip, strangling Yvette to keep her business of secrets safe. It was the movie productions wish, that this would inspire the general public to attend a different movie theater to see an alternative ending. "You have your..." Wadsworth eyes Yvette's exposed bosom. Following Yvette's death, Wadsworth connects the dots for the guests, revealing how and why the murders that took place did. Whispering Voice Directed by Jonathan Lynn. Hobby At the least, she informed Mr. Boddy about Miss Scarlet's business and provided photos of her illicit affair with Col. Mustard to blackmail them both. He is the first to spot what is in the Billiard Room, the other members of the party noting his expression, they all look inside. The doomed girl's eyes widen in horror as she gets a clear look at her assailant and she cries out in terror, "It's YOU!!!" [looks in an envelope]  That means you can open it whenever you want. Wadsworth The outfit was so tight it whined when she walked. [Mrs. Peacock's leaf hat falls off as she gets frustrated with it]. It's you! Yvette is a character in Clue on Stage, a Broadway Production by Clue's director Jonathan Lynn. However, when the mysterious Mr. Boddy arrives and reveals his own past, apparently intimate, relationship with the young Maid by calling her by name and reaching up her flouncy skirt to feel her derriere, Yvette pulls away. Murder On her right ring-finger was a gold ring, which may indicate her sexual independence. Compete with others in a little game of `Crossword Boss`. In the plot of the stage production, Yvette remains an informant for Mr. Boddy, but is actually a French Maid, rather than pretending to be one. Colleen Camp appeared as Donna, one of the duo of. The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It was trimmed with white accents on the sleeves, bosom, with a matching white ruffled petticoat that flared the flouncy skirt outward above her thigh. All posts. In ending A, Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren) is behind the murders and the true mastermind of the blackmailing. The Cop and a Singing Telegram Girl are both murdered as well, before Wadsworth turns the lights back on. : When Mustard and Scarlet discover the motorist's corpse in the locked lounge and start screaming, Yvette scrambles to save them- once again exposing herself to questions when she goes to the now unlocked cupboard with the weapons, pulls out the gun, and shoots the lock out with an accuracy not usually found in a French Maid's repertoire of skills. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No, I just wanna powder my nose. Yvette starts the night off preparing for the guests, delicately blowing on and polishing glassware whilst jiggling along to the American tune "Shake, Rattle, and Roll." Yvette shows a particular interest to Mr. Green through out the night. Though it is tough to take your eyes off her, Yvette nevertheless manages to slip away several times throughout the evening of murder unnoticed, perhaps to commit nefarious acts. Miss Scarlet Miss Scarlet does a better job of masking any connection with the French Maid, greeting her with a knowing smile, though Scarlet's glib tongue shows that she's quite familiar with Yvette's promiscuity. This lack of interest in the fetching French Maid works in all endings, whether this is because Mr. Green is gay (like the first two endings) or a happily married FBI agent (Ending C). Boddy (Wadsworth) confronts Mrs. White over Yvette's corpse, forcing her to confess, before revealing his dastardly plan to continue blackmailing the guests over their murdering his expendable informants. These affairs and betrayals would ultimately end with Yvette being strangled, though the exact reasons change upon each of the different endings of the film. This page shows answers to the clue Yvette. Shut the door. Maid Mr. Boddy's accomplice Miss Scarlet's accomplice (Ending A) : : At dinner she serves the guest, seeming to make a point of sticking her overflowing cleavage in their faces (to the delight of Professor Plum).

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