welcome quotes for new born baby girl

If your dear one is blessed with a baby girl, let them know your joy by sending some heartfelt wishes. I know that you will be a wonderful mother. Congratulations to the proud parents – let your home echo with happiness! I wish you nothing but excitement, cheer and great love with your new addition! “Always kiss your children goodnight –– even if they’re already asleep.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr. “Children reinvent your world for you.” – Susan Sarandon, “Every child begins the world again.” – Henry David Thoreau, “Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin, “Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.” – Jayne Mansfield, “I have no name: I am but two days old. The joyous occasion deserves beautiful and practical gifts for the happy parents, and happy, celebratory quotes to match! Dear baby girl, you are a beautiful blessing to your family and to all of us. And get ready for the rollercoaster ride, which will be totally worth it.”, “Your little miracle has arrived safe and sound; we remember how much you waited for this moment. As you welcome your new baby girl into your lives, we hope that you find parenthood to be an amazing and rewarding experience. We thought that we knew what true happiness was, but then you came along and corrected us. Knowing you too, I cannot wait to see the person this little angel grows into. Wishing you all the best. A baby girl will forever hold her father’s heart, and will eternally be supported by her mother! We welcome you! -Winnie the Pooh. All nieces and nephews are brilliant, beautiful and obviously take after their uncle. Do you know what it means? 26. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Meeting your baby girl must be such a precious and intimate moment! All the best to your family.”, “Your boy is such a cute little one; he already stole many hearts. Offer to help shop for groceries, pick up older children from school or babysit to give new parents a rest. This is the must-do when you are celebrating a new baby in a family! Today marks a special day when another beautiful angel graces the Earth. Welcome to the club and congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy.”, “Finally, the day has come and your baby boy is in your hands. They’re more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts.” – Tina Fey, “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” – Johnny Depp, “Families with babies and families without babies are sorry for each other.” – Ed Howe, How to Congratulate Someone On Their New Baby. Whether they belong to a friend, family member or to you, new babies should be celebrated and showered with love and warmth! We’re really thankful and excited that your new baby girl has arrived safe and sound. She looks like a little fairy. Cannot wait to see him.”, “Hey sister! 1. A cradle full of best wished for your new born baby girl. God blessed your lives with your beautiful and healthy little girl. It walks open-hearted into the world and spreads magic.”  – Sigrid Leo, “Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth.” – Roland Leonhardt, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. May you bring happiness to everyone you meet. Wishing you the very best of luck with your new baby and your new life as a family. This shade of affection is wished for your little baby on this day as you bring her to her home for the first time. Congratulate new parents and make their lives easier by gifting a basket filled with necessities like diapers, washcloths, pacifiers and onesies! Cannot wait to share the joy of motherhood with you.”, “A son is a mom’s little angel and a daddy’s little helper, congrats on the birth of your baby boy.”, “Hello my dear nephew, I cannot believe you are finally here, and I cannot wait to see you. It was like only yesterday you were a baby in my hands, and now you are a father. There is something to be said about welcoming a baby girl into the world! I couldn’t be more excited for you! I believe in love at first sight…because I’m a mom. 17. Life’s happiness consists of the little things coming with big force! As the parents of an amazing baby girl, your life is going to be filled with excitement and all things pink and pretty. May life open the doors to happiness and patience for your new baby girl, and may she always find her way and live the best life possible! You have a new addition to your family and the world has gained another lovely flower. A baby girl will forever hold her father’s heart, and will eternally be supported by her mother! Bravo! As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” – Robert Munsch. Be sure to include one of the quotes above in your message. May you cherish each and every moment of it with your little boy. I want to scream welcome to world to my baby my niece. 12. A newborn baby is the best gift to all parents. At last, all your wishes came true. Congratulations on the birth of your new little princess! A baby girl promises to forever lover her father, and respect her mother! Or if you know anyone else who is expecting a baby and soon to celebrate the baby shower, send her any of these quotes to bring a smile. Sweet little child, don’t you cry, don’t you fuss. Today, you add a new bouquet of flowers to your life: a beautiful baby girl. Little baby girl, may you always sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you are loved by everyone around you. Get ready to play dress up and host make-believe tea parties! Be it a simple note or an SMS, such personalized wishes convey your happiness to the new parents. He sure is your spitting image. A new baby girl means more frilly little dresses, exploring cute hairdos and a lot of pink princesses. #2: What wonderful news about your newborn baby girl! She is here! -Aibileen Clark, The Help. Hugs and kisses to the baby.”, “Hai son! May you always live with a kind heart. It is time you learned to play baseball.”, “Your baby boy is a gift sent from above, and I cannot think of two more deserving people. Have some more newborn baby wishes? 21. 19. Send an amazing quote congratulating the parents on a newborn baby girl can help you express how happy you are for them. I wish you and your entire family lots of joy as you welcome this special blessing into your life. Making the decision to have a child is momentous. Which one was the most suitable for the happy occasion that you are celebrating? Congrats darling on becoming a mother.”, “Hey sister! She must teach him the most important lesson of all – how to love.” – T. F. Hodge, “A daughter is one of the best gifts this world has to give.” – Laurel Atherton, “Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. Sometimes the smallest things, take up the biggest room in your heart. Enjoy every minute with your new baby girl and may the angels always guard your way! Congratulations and oodles of blessings as Little Miss Sunshine enters her new home. Congratulations on the arrival of a new baby in your life! She is a beauty to behold and the cutest baby girl I … Enjoy all the wonderful moments you will have together as a family. We’re excited to get to know you! May she bring you many years of sugar, spice and all things nice. May your new daughter’s sunny smile always light up your lives with a golden hue. These cute welcoming a baby girl message will help you to find the perfect words to a new baby girl and her parents. Congratulate the parents and offer your best wishes with one of these sweet quotes for new babies. We are so excited to be sharing the news of the arrival of this beautiful little princess in your home, congratulations! You may share them in the comments section below. Like a kaleidoscope, no two exactly alike.” – Shannon Wiersbitzky, “A grand adventure is about to begin.” – Winnie the Pooh, “There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.” – Pamela S. Nadav, “When the baby is born, all that pain (that was endured) vanishes in an instant. Congratulations on your latest addition, I wish you all the best! Congrats dear.”, “Congratulations on becoming a proud father for such an adorable baby girl.”, “Get ready to chase boys away; your baby girl is sure to steal quite a few hearts.”, “Hearty congrats on becoming a father. Congratulations and blessings to you and your family. Congratulations! Little baby girl, may you always sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you are loved by everyone around you. Let your wishes be as sweet as the new girl they are welcoming into their lives with short & simple yet meaningful messages today with the following messages. Congratulate them and send lots of love to their bundle of joy through these newborn baby boy wishes. Homemade card: A DIY card made by you is the perfect way to congratulate parents on the arrival of a new baby! Your baby boy is really lucky to have become a part of such an amazing family.”, “It is difficult to say who is more blessed? Congratulations on your baby girl. Families would be looking forward to yet more joy, personal and family growth and so many more! When your loved one has become a mother, father or a grandparent, you would love to share your best wishes with them. Congratulations, baby girl! You can experience the joys of parenthood again, only this time it is less pain and more fun. Congrats on being blessed with such an angel.”, “Start the magical journey of parenthood with your baby girl, cherish every second with her. Congratulations on your new baby girl! I am glad to hear the arrival of your grandchild.”, “Grandparents are like the roots which nourish the children with wisdom and knowledge. May your little face always glow with the radiance of love, and may your smiles bring joy to everyone around you. 50 Cute Love Paragraphs For Her To Express... 35 Cute Baby Girl Quotes That Will Make... 50 Father Daughter Quotes To Strong The Special... 40 Best Friendship Betrayal Quotes And Sayings, Thank You for Condolences – Messages And Notes, 50 Best Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes – Quotes And Notes. Congratulation! ◊ What a blessing to welcome this precious little doll into your lives. May your journey through life be happy, memorable and forever hopeful! Your precious little girl is such a doll. Time moves quickly, and with a baby girl in your home, you will never see a dull day again! Congratulations and may God bless him.”, “Sending you loads of good wishes and endless love for your little prince. How wonderful it is for your parents that they have a beautiful little angel to love and care for! “A baby girl is a mother’s best friend and a daddy’s little princess; she will be adored and cared for by all. Congratulations on becoming parents.”, “Hooray! If someone you know has recently welcomed a baby into the world, offer them your congratulations and best wishes!

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