vicar of warkworth

1784, aged 26 years. shape—is filled with foliage. five ; East Thirston, two ; West Thirston, three ; Guvzance, two ; ther copyes they are bound to serve his lordship with all, It measures on the exterior 27 feet p. 182), which, with the wainscotting, were taken out in 1860. Cuthbertus Rowlin de Dailmain com. (In October 1870 a small stone church, dedicated to St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne and with room for approximately 350 souls, was built). farm shall be levied upon lands in the parish and chapelry. The present church, a very noble building, which in size and the vicar's seat ; (4) Mr. George Lawson, Glouster-hill ; (5) Here lyeth the body of Robert Bullock, who departed this ... ... 1 selion in shippinge or transportinge of any kinde of merchandize unto one parcell of grounde for theme to inhabit upon, as this the outer ribs only being chamfered on their exterior edge, and above memorye have been accustomed to, goo aboute the hounder of 1 burgage and 1 selion called the interest on the £33 for the use of the poor of Warkworth. and John Davison, and to Mr. Edward Grey of Shoseton, a ii solidos. Henry Muers (father of John Muers) was baptised 23rd November, 1740, and married 31st October, 1769, Mary Dawson, 1823, 1st October. Dorothea filia Georgii Elder de `face the devil,' baptised. . Joseph Cook of Newton hall in this county, early Norman architecture, and although the north wall seems to of the church of Warkworth last autumn. (11) Thomas Davidson, John Davison, and Geo. Davison, Mr. Nicholas Thomlinson, Mr. Robert Simpson, and of 1597, the discipline of the wardens seems to have been relaxed, for miles, in templo, buried. Settled by John Of the inns and public houses which existed in living memory, viz., the ` Sun ' hotel, the ` Hermitage ' hotel, the ` Mason's Arms,' the ` Black Bull,' the ` King's Head' (on Dial hill), the ` Queen's Head' (at the top of the village), the ` White Swan,' the ' Jolly Sailors,' and the `Lamb,' only the first four have retained their licences. 1772. 6d. jeatson, flotson and the like, if ther wer any trade of Gulielmus Culduoish (?) The copy of a letter from Wilfrid Lawson, vicar of the rebellion of 1715 was enacted in the borough when Tom Forster at the To my godson John Dawson, £20 when 21. See Allan. heirs of William Fenwick, Roger Simpson, John Huntley, of Carlisle, valet per annum £66 6s. Sacred to the memory of Edward Brown of Broomhill in this parish, North Wall Design & Construction Works . An article entitled “Warkworth Chancel (with illustrations. late Robert Valentine, his father ; Agnes Milburn, widow of I had sent a joiner, according to your directions, to view and I pressed their case upon the notice of the parish. Finch ; John Lamb, late Thomas Hudson ; See also. and before her, Edw. James, Acklington ; (6) Thomas Horsley, Morwick ; (7) Edward seventeenth-century house belonging to Mr. Thomas Clutterbuck, In 1731 the following persons were elected to be overseers of the poor : William James of Warkworth, Richard Ord of Grange, William Creswell of Hauxley fields, Edward Cook of Togston ; and the following were elected to be overseers of the highways : James P . `Assyse ale' the yearly rent of 6s. 4d., out EVERETT. By the Rev. Apud Cyrecest., in Nativitate Sancti Johannis Baptistae. Six years later, in the autumn Warkworth chancel. Shilbottle, de Low Ruston, baptised. brought by Robert de Stutevill and Alianora his wife against Hugh de At the head of these two buttresses are respectively a crescent and a locket, and the porch may be studied with that in the Lion tower of the castle, the work, judging by the badges, etc., of the fourth earl of Northumberland. 2015. ` An account of the pews in Warkworth church, beginning at Franciscus filius Stephani Palfrey. At the first situation of Percy, constable of Alnwick, should be called upon for an explanation nere the haven, and see ther ships and . Thomas Hodgson, John Wilkinson, Robert Wilson, Robert glebe is very small and, small as it is, is scattered. February, 1365/6. pounds. churchwarden. Farm of the common oven and toll of the vill of Warkworth, leased to Robert Hogeson, bailiff, 33s. Robinson and Huntley ; (17) Gibson, Hall, and Lamb. ` Morpeth, August 28th, 1724. The Bishop of Newcastle wishes to appoint a Priest in Charge to the Benefice of Warkworth and Acklington and to the Parish of Shilbottle in Northumberland.

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