stiles gives up on derek

So that means you live at this end of town. He’s the leader damn it, and if he wants to run in to save the day, he fucking can. Peter was good at that kind of law. someone yelled from the ticket stand as Stiles and Allison were headed inside. He was laughing, though, and Derek gave him a chuckle. ", "Yeah, she was feeling under the weather, nothing to do with your little fun here.". Stiles heard a few people screaming in the Preserve and laughed as he stepped up to place his order. The house is plenty big enough for the both of you. "Well, I've gotten some interesting feedback on my directions, and I learned not to have Erica inside at all, but other than that, it went well.". But he has no mate, no pack, and his baby has no father. "Thank you," Noah said as Stiles handed him the pumpkin cider. ", "Yup, it's all from the same fabric. He was happy as hell about that. "Are you going to finish? Stiles asked. That… works. He read the trivia question and tapped the choice on the phone and got the next directions. Derek hates the fact that Stiles talks to everyone but him, and he doesn’t know what he can do to change that. It was awkward when she left. Erica out." He didn't want to know what went into keeping the pumpkin patch from being eaten by the Preserve's wildlife, but he figured that it was just another thing that the Hales did well. Derek was neither of them. Stiles had barely noticed in the maze as his focus was on making sure that nothing bit him. It was always the weekend of or before Halloween, and this year Halloween was on a Sunday. Stiles, tell her." Stiles could hear the mocking in the tone. Derek sounded really pissed off. Stiles didn't often go as it was usually populated by people who were on dates, long-standing ones, or new ones. You have never asked, and I know you are inquisitive. I was going to ask you for your number tomorrow at brunch so that I could at least text you while you are gone this next week. Stiles asked. "Well, she's wearing a cup, so she was pretty sure that people would react to her. They were the ones that dealt with that, taking it from Dad's hands. He found the step that he missed and shoved at Derek. After Stiles had seen her on a date with Derek, he had wanted to hate her more, but he couldn't. Derek laughed. (collapse). Someone else came at him, and he reacted well enough to kick them in the crotch. He thought Derek was lonely and looking for a friend, not that he was interested in Stiles. Why do you love fall so much? And that was what he had been waiting for. At least when Stiles was talking, Derek knew what he was thinking, knew where they stood with each other. ", "Yeah, Uncle Peter said you are here every chance that you can get over the years. It was new this year, and Stiles was so looking forward to it. It just frustrates him to no end that Stiles always seems to want to take control, always wants to help and do something. "Cora handed it over. Sometimes a few toys. Stiles could do this. He popped it open and sniffed to find that the tea smelled fine, so he finished it off before heading toward the cafe. The emphasis he puts on certain words to make his statements more sarcastic or to make his point more emphatic. I figure you snuck into your father's files or heard him talking about it enough to where you weren't that need to know about it. ", "That he should know better than to fight wit them. Though that was just because I thought you were in a relationship with Braeden. "I'm good for a few minutes, you go ahead. Stiles told Derek about his experiment with coffee when it started to affect him a lot more and how he had turned to tea, but it was a little scary when talking about temps and times and all of that. He looked around, trying to figure whose house it was. "Did you want a ride home, Son?". I can’t stand it anymore,” he says, his voice almost desperate now with how much he needs Stiles to say something, anything. She looked like she was going to throw up. From the moment that Scott had brought her over to a gaming night and she had smoked Scott's ass in the game, Stiles had loved her. There were three paths inside of the maze—one for kids that was slightly scary. Every time she and Scott broke up, Stiles felt like the kid being fought over by the parents. I mean, my office is also on the third floor, but her bedroom is up there.

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