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When you find yourself in the minority without suitable protections in place to safeguard your rights, then the easiest way to fix that problem is to go where you can do that to someone else. 7. We are developing reliable segments of society that always vote for one party, which means there are fewer conversations where ideas can be shared.,,, ARTICLE V CONVENTION: A TITANIC IRRELEVANCE I am adamantly opposed to a Con-Con, by whatever name you call it. It creates a see-saw effect that has a 2-year cycle at times. “Several different parties for women’s suffrage followed. Keep us publishing – DONATE…. Although no candidate since 1900 has even come close to winning a presidential election in the United States, there are a handful of incidents where some people made a strong stand. I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google 6. List of Additional Constitutional Monarchy Pros. The authority for such a procedure is Article V of our Constitution, so they are calling their plan of action an Article V convention. Mark Levin Refuted: Keep the Feds in Check with Nullification, not Amendments! 2. Monarchies have been an important part of human history. Lawmakers in Albany can enact constitutional changes that are subject to voter approval, but a ConCon is “the only mechanism in New York that bypasses the legislature’s gatekeeping power,” said J.H. That is why the structure of a two-party system often leads to societal polarization. They want to know if someone approves or disapproves of the way that Congress acts. A constitutional monarchy creates a system of checks and balances that prevents one governing body or individual from obtaining too much power. Without this system, the monarch could simply rule by decree alone. In the United States, that means the Republicans and Democrats create a platform of critical ideas that they wish to pursue for a fixed time – usually four years. That can make the government become unresponsive during critical situations, even if a prime minister is placed in charge of daily decisions outside of the monarch’s influence. Many of the governments that follow this structure will also permit third-party candidates as a way to increase competition in the electoral process. Some states in the U.S. almost always vote for one party exclusively in the presidential election cycle. First of all, if we’re ignoring the one we already have, what makes him think that a new one will be honored? There is little that the public can do to remove a disinterested monarch from power. That includes people who may hold racist, segregational views, theocratic principles, and old-fashioned ideas on genderism. The Libertarians lost me a LONG time ago with their open borders position. The goal of only have two major parties is to select someone who best represents the platform of the entire body – not just one of the segments fighting for power. Reform movements typically start outside of the two party system. You’re either with the party or against them. It provides a system of checks and balances. Open lines of communication between all layers of government are essential for a constitutional monarchy to experience long-term success. Even if someone gets coted into office as a third party or independent candidate, they must caucus with one of the two parties to ensure that their vote will make the impact it needs to make. When there is a multiple party system being used to govern a country, then it is rare for one political system to gain enough votes to have a 50% + 1 majority. I found that I pretty much agreed with 36 of 37 of the Constitution Party's platform points (or some such comparable number). There is no need to form a coalition because a majority already exists. Money is determining the outcome of too many of our political battles, be they legislative fights or elections. The first was to alter the Articles of Confederation. Changing the rules creates objections within the various layers of government that must be resolved before any internal change would become possible. Each wants to protect the niche they have carved out within New York’s political ecosystem and each is fearful a ConCon will present an opening for new or existing rivals to exploit. Many people go to the ballot to support the one issue that is important to them and nothing else, which means the rest of the platform is secondary to the success of one issue. You must still form coalitions with each caucus to get the results you want, which is why this system doesn’t always succeed. This form of government can be quite difficult to change. By Marcia Ford. nestled in the hills between Thousand Oaks and Moorpark in Ventura County. These are dangerous times, and you need to be armed with the Truth. In a 2003 report by The Telegraph, the Emperor of Japan spends more than $200 million in public money annually. That is why some Americans decide that their best vote is to not cast a ballot at all. Each district, community, or representative area can choose from one party or the other to represent their needs within a centralized government.

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