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Love this testimony above. So I took the herbs and there was one I had to use as an ovule it’s aim was to clean me up. So he cancelled the further tests that were to be conducted and confirmed that there were no symptoms of myasthenia gravis. Singapore-based, megachurch pastor Joseph Prince shared part of his testimony recently about how he found God during his teenage years and the transformation he made that … Not ever. Sermons. He said He is in me and I in Him how can I continue to leave as one who doesn’t have the greater one in there. Your email address will not be published. I am the righteousness in Christ! US$7.99 Eat The Communion Fresh. That was the last time I needed to see a doctor for myasthenia gravis. It started with weak eyelids and I couldn’t open my eyes fully. Am a child of God born again with the baptism in the Holy Spirit . In September 2013, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis (a chronic autoimmune disorder characterised by muscular weakness). The word of God works just believe and confess it. I believed I had to earn God’s love and forgiveness. And some times the enemy wanted to make me belief that it wasn’t true but I kept confessing the word of God and saying it works and I saw His mighty hand. Sermons. Inspiring stories & articles to live a grace-filled life. So encouraging. - The Spirit can impart to you practical wisdom for every area of your life. Some days I had no words to pray and he would encourage me to repeat after him, giving thanks to God for the priceless and powerful sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. Let this inspiring 90-day devotional bring hope and breakthroughs as you learn about the Lord Jesus’ love for you and how He wants you to walk in healing and wholeness. All glory be to God! I went to church and the message the Lord released that day via the pastor was directly speaking to me and at the end he said the word of God works. Love hearing these powerful testimonies from precious people at Megafest 2017 of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has completely revolutionized their lives! Glory be to God. He next asked me to stand so he could check my muscle strength. Are you worried about a bad medical report? I believed I had to earn God’s love and forgiveness. US$7.99 God's Healing For Long-Term Conditions—Lessons From John 5. Pastor Prince really touched my heart with his amazing teachings on God's healing and forgiving power. So I threw all the drugs and started activating my faith. In three powerful and practical messages by Joseph Prince, learn how - Every believer—including you—can flow with the Spirit. In that zeal, one of my mom’s took me to a lady who boils herbs for the cleaning of the genital part and the stomach (she isn’t a native doctor). God's Heart Is To Prosper You In Every Area | Joseph Prince, Thank you, Pastor Prince, for transforming my life through your Jesus-centered preaching. I always believed I had to earn it somehow, but Joseph has changed my heart in such a way that I am now learning that God truly loved me enough that all I need is to partake worthily...not "being worthy" and I am now learning to trust more and turn toward the Holy Communion rather than running to medications all of the time and I know the manifestation of my healing is coming speedily. I was overjoyed and declared that I was healed by Christ Jesus! I thank Him for using that pastor to speak directly to your situation. My husband and I truly wish to thank Pastor Prince and the pastors at New Creation Church for opening our eyes and ears to the wonderful gospel of grace. Required fields are marked *. The more we heard Pastor Prince’s sermons, the more we read our Bibles and the more our faith grew. His word really works. This made me look as if I was drunk or worse still, doped up on drugs. Life was a constant struggle of being good and doing good, maintaining a score card with God. So I kept confessing that word after church we when home I just realized that I could ease myself without no more pain and I was like oh My God Your word works. The next day it gave me great wounds and the pains grew higher days to days and I was like seriously do I have to bear this pain? Gegenwärtig ist Joseph Prince der leitende Pastor der 24 000 Mitglieder umfassenden schon erwähnten New Creation Church. In spite of my fears, I found great comfort each time we partook the Holy Communion. Joseph Prince On Healing. God loves you personally. I was saved in 2003, but I did not know the love of God and was worn out…. Joseph Prince (January-06-2020) Testimony Of Freedom From Bondage & Manifestation Of Healing. We claimed God’s promises in Psalm 23 that we would have no lack, and that we would lead healthy and fruitful lives. US$12.99 Healing Promises. As we sat through Pastor Prince’s sermon, something happened within our hardened hearts and stiff necks. Si je prescribed drugs and told me he hopes it will not continue to burn me(infact he did everything to discourage and make me fear) so we bought the drugs and wen home. This is the year you will see God's manifested blessings in your life. On Wednesday I met the gynaecologist and he told me my whole vagina was burnt that is why I felt great pain during miction. Let this inspiring 90-day devotional bring hope and breakthroughs as you learn about the Lord Jesus’ love for you and how He wants you to walk in healing and wholeness. An eye specialist and two neurosurgeons confirmed the diagnosis. He is only 1year old and his name is Thandolwakhe, Your email address will not be published. He was one of the church's founders in 1983. Witness God's greater glory manifest in the lives of precious believers and be encouraged Prince changed his birth name to Joseph Prince during his previous occupation as an IT consultant. There is no known cure and I was told that they could only help delay its progression and manage the symptoms with medication for life. I did it on a Thursday and the following day I just realized that when I went to ease myself , I felt pains. I suffered hardly for 2weeks and spend alot in the hospital for nothing because I listen more to the disease and pain than to glorify the Lord and believe His word. Experience your healing as you encounter the Lord’s love through the holy Communion. Hallelujah! We had spend more that 100thousands in lest than 3weeks on medical bills and drugs. This is the year you will see God's manifested blessings in your life. Watch Christian Sermons Online (Sermons Archive). We were in for a surprise! Even as a born again in times of difficulties we need to grow in faith and give no way to the enemy. 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