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KEY ENROLLMENT DATES. Use our 2020 FEHB Plan Selection Guide to help you make an informed decision this open season. "We are pleased to have been selected and proud of our collaboration with OPM to introduce two innovative new plans to federal employees. The Elevate plan non-postal biweekly premiums are as follows:Elevate Self – $47.32Elevate Self Plus One – $108.84Elevate Self & Family – $132.51. x��\[S;~�����}1��at�˩ԩI�B�$��!����]_8������4�Hcc�{ٳ@=��[ݭn���'�b|�� Subscribe to our FREE E-mail newsletters. !Qذ�2����\�kj3lE&+����;��%u$.���o�v�����|B�"ڗ8� We reduced our copayments dramatically using this method. You have to weigh all factors. Most Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) plans pick up these fees. The HDHP plan non-postal biweekly premiums are as follows:HDHP Self – $59.29HDHP Self Plus One – $127.48HDHP Self & Family – $150.04. The maufacture’s coupon reduced my copay to $65. Cision Distribution 888-776-0942 The Elevate Plus plan non-postal biweekly premiums are as follows:Elevate Plus Self – $72.67Elevate Plus Self Plus One – $170.27Elevate Plus Self & Family – $180.23. Prior to Medicare eligibility, when you are under age 65, many elect high option plans to reduce their exposure to deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Elevate Plus (New)—The Anytime, Anywhere Plan to Balance Busy LivesElevate Plus has no deductible when using in-network providers and has copays for most common medical expenses. If your plan is affected in 2020 and you do not elect new coverage during Open Season (November 11 - December 9, 2019), you will be automatically enrolled in the remaining option for your current plan or you will be automatically enrolled in the GEHA Indemnity Benefit Plan – Elevate option, Find answers to your questions: The best time to retire, retirement income vs expenditures, FEGLI options and costs, TSP risks and withdrawal strategies, and other relevant topics. Determine what benefits to carry into retirement and their advantages. You can use in an out-of-network pharmacies with both plans. It should be noted that similar savings are available with most FEHB plan providers when enrolled in Medicare A & B. This plan supports members' busy lifestyle with personalized concierge tools to simplify their health care experience. "With an emphasis on digital tools and convenient care, Elevate and Elevate Plus stand out as alternatives to traditional benefit plans.". Comparing costs is not always what it seems. The copayment for one of my prescriptions, Asmanex Twisthaler, was orignally $150. �ங�X����uC�٤�l��t�@UL2I���(�F�GK��\��o���t����8�CY�+y %�fDԿ"|Ŧz�5��|V���P-����W�%yγ�+u9��*BԘ�f��\f3�Ms��yxy}D�O&��V�l���&m���ljB��IFf����+��!R@����������D$1�Cd�ڇ>���E���B݂. Addition of Elevate and Elevate Plus Bring Total GEHA FEHB Plan Offerings to Five. <> All Rights Reserved. ��";�:<8��$ ҈\�P���0 ���=~{wx�c@�~'W=<8������q d��I�Lv٪��:��/F( B�`�E,�(�9��Z��ס��j�c�ٸ e~+�"_���c�(��� �;rr���&��"oJ�;{Fv�:�� ��m|���r��x����8�#`Y��8�=��0B�2�G]P��٩�Oʟ@l� P����!���=J���I�n�3_̔'�O'����[�� ~2�9^�vv��M$�ȕ�9[8Q�\1 ��ow���a�̰  &� ���!m�(� ���A!c�L��$N���$Z�[5P�l��rڢ10�Biр '�b� ���'�DB܊, e�S�-hCDWDz� �YXp�$��u'm��IB��DbmTm�*$t��1��.1$=��Ĺ�J/j���r�rX=�Z�(F��Pi����Р��k���(�A܍�O�� �_�?�ƋC���I����׷�G���!7�kB� �.���u[����)Η�:�{�Æ ��T8ME��F� ��Q�|��f(`�h!�a\DgV[A2��D�̥6�w��҆��?�Q��m���*�9����Mp[�#�>��8�I8吶���r��e}]T��s�!0��/1���׎:vf �H�J�ŒL�8v������4M��p�$�g�_�R���?�-� FW�"S��ndn/â. 1 0 obj If you have high cost prescriptions it often pays to shop around and compare pricing at several pharmacies in your area. News provided by . endobj However, when you turn 65 and enroll in the traditional Medicare A & B options, it often makes sense to switch to a lower cost plan.

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