aiwass vs coronzon

Beerus a can beat Accel 1, but not 2 nor 3. [31][32][33], Aiwass manifests beside Anna as she is toying with Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki, During the events of Christmas Day, a silent Aiwass manifested during Anna Sprengel's fight with Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki in a falcon-headed form. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It's unlikely that he will blow up entire universe in instant, even if he is bloodlusted. Crowley apparently was not in the triangle when he invoked the aethyr, but was in a “secret place” out of the sight and hearing of Neuberg. a) beerus is base and not UI, he cannot use HAKAI. 1) Accelerator with electrode only (weak end one). Define “eradicated all laws”. If someone is already one level above your existence then those numbers are not relevant. Status I was a hair’s breadth and an infinite distance away.”. After getting stabbed for taking a long time to do so, he spoke with her in front of Aleister before the two took their leave ahead of Accelerator's arrival. I talked about that the universe, included heaven, hell, etc. [30] Anna has also taken Aiwass's energy into her body and utilized it to form and wield formidable magical powers in her right hand (in mimicry and mockery of Imagine Breaker), switching between different powers using a combination of the twenty-two petal rose symbol, Gematria and the elemental association of the fingers on her left hand. [25], Throughout the night, as the spacecraft headed further into outer space, Aiwass fought Coronzon, insulting and mocking the demon as it did so. by Anders Sandberg. You would be able to take those kinds of natural and unchangeable rules of the world, destroy them, rewrite them, and create new ones. エイワス But if it was Super Shenron, he is pretty much equal to Magic Gods, as he restored the universes without any restraint, and is stated to have no limits in wishes and powers. Novel (GT) They are a few tricks how to bait Accelerator, but you need knowledge at first about his powers, which isn´t given at this match. [37][38][39][40][41], According to Haimura, he designed Aiwass to look similar to Aleister Crowley. Aiwass merely replied that if the frail humans can one day reach their level then that would be interesting. Those phases itself are outside of the universe. from SpiritsAndOtherBeings Website Choronzon, also known as 333, Lord of Hallucinations, is one of the most feared umbrood in existence.Many mages have fallen prey to its cunning plans, and its power can’t be ignored. [51][25][28] The exact method which Aleister used to summon it at this time isn't known. The Platinum Wings are connected to the Clonoth, an artifactial tree, which is on a conceptual level. Eiwasu Based on higher dimensions To Aru is bigger. JavaScript is disabled. [11][6][citation needed], On September 30th, Last Order was infected with a virus which was used to turn Kazakiri Hyouka into Fuse Kazakiri, a being which can be called an artificial angel. Touma can negate hax by shut down the laws. It is effeminate-looking, but its gender is never specified and is described as hard to ascertain. [4] In the subsequent battle, Anna took Aiwass's energy into her right arm and had it take the form of various powers in her right hand to match her foe, using a combination of the elemental association of her left hand's fingers, the symbol of the rose with twenty-two petals and Gematria, as a control mechanism to determine the power's form. He had a pair of large, swan-like wings growing from his back, and large feathers around his waist and behind his legs. [44] Although Aiwass was dismissed as a failure by the High Priest,[17][50] it also plays a key role in Aleister's anti-Magic God countermeasures. Its true form is still unknown, but Aiwass appears in the current year of the timeline as a golden haired being, with a tall and thin stature. To help the demon materialize, he sacrificed three pigeons at the points of the triangle and sprinkled their BLOOD. Again what is the scale that all of space is referring to? The To Aru universe is just one single universe. Other than the various factions found in there, Motoharu makes a distinction after finding the word DRAGON[12], that would mean that its secrecy level is higher than the other dark organizations within Academy City. Even if I did, I’d just end up gathering unwanted attention on a global scale like Othinus. Aiwass' form is still incomplete, as it lapses into 'Angelic gibberish' every now and then since human language can't convey what it wants to say. The circle would protect Neuberg, who would sit within it, armed with a magical knife and a notebook for recording what happened. The Unexplored-class were meant to bring together those laws to take away the White Queen’s power and strength one at a time and ultimately seal her inside the other world. Aiwass says itself can control the Misaka Network even without Last Order, since the Sisters have agreed to help, and it can expand the AIM field in Academy City all the way into Russia. Before disappearing, Aiwass said that having released Lilith, it would resume observing from the background and observe the story of Coronzon's defeat. To Aru expand more in a other direction, by give the universe different concepts. Accelerator itself is Solar System at best, but his hax suprasses the universal scale by far. One of them via Othinus can give infinite possibilities. Aiwass said that it was such a pity before finally defeating Accelerator. The problem is, Aiwass is far above the likes of Othinus, Coronzon and Nephthys. When Aiwass revealed Aleister's plans to replace Last Order as she will inevitably break down, and that if it was defeated, Last Order might be saved, Accelerator decided to just kill Aiwass.[11]. But since Accelerator understand now the function of anti-matter, unknown energies, spiritual energy, conceptual-energy, etc. If the multiverse buster can affect higher concepts, like Othinus her 11-D domain then yes. Remember, Beerus will fire his planet busting attack when he find Accel, annoying, after some minute in fight, he will use Hakai. the Lord of Dispersion. Up until recently in the timeline, Aleister could not give it form and shape up until the production unit Fuse Kazakiri was manifested. This confuses Toshizou, but Noukan simply states that he deals with things that are beyond the realm that normal people could comprehend, though says that crushing him is an odd job. The White Queen, Magic Gods, Coronzon, Aiwass, Aleister vs Downstreamers Thread starter Epoch; Start date Apr 8, 2020?? When the outline was sufficiently blurred, he took the form of a naked man and leaped into it, throwing Neuberg to the ground. Accelerator can deflect it, or neutralize it, depended on what he want to do. [22][25] According to Aleister, Imagine Breaker and Accelerator are required to contact Aiwass's core. Well, going to argue White Queen being superior to Othinus still gives her an edge. Choronzon (Coronzon) is a Demon or spirit identified in the 16th century by John Dee and Edward Kelly, summoned in a dramatic ritual by Aleister Crowley in 1909. Aiwass (エイワス Eiwasu) is a mysterious being summoned by Aleister Crowley, and his former mentor that dictated the Book of Law to him. Crowley was able to resume his explorations of the other aethyrs, where he received revelation after revela- tion, laden with symbolism. A phase can be everything within the universe, even a higher dimension. [54] What is known is that it is powerful enough to make anyone it chooses to be knocked out. Crowley and Neuberg went out into the desert to a mount and ascended it. Debuts "[1], Apparently, its appearance and shape is only due to the Fuse Kazakiri, which was formed in order to give Aiwass a body. Remember Accelerator's vector can be nullified? London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979. Everyone here is bar minimum multiversal+. They have standard items and equipment, both get 2 hours of prep time before the fight, the winning condition is to kill or incap the opposing side. Aiwass (エイワス Eiwasu) is a mysterious being summoned by Aleister Crowley, and the former mentor that dictated the Book of Law to him. [8] It is also uncaring of being killed, and actually challenges Accelerator to try and kill it. well, a multiverse buster can destroy a multiverse, so in your logic. Aiwass is composed of AIM diffusion fields, and requires certain processes to appear. Anime Moon Phase Correspondences for Magical Workings, Candle Burning Service – Money, Love, Protection or More, Candle Burning Service for Health or Healing, VIP Daemonic Pact w Talisman and Ritual Kit, Megatherion: The Magickal World of Aleister Crowley, Samhain: The Witches New Year Celebration, How to Activate Your Magical Mindset in 3 Steps, Coming out of the Black Magic Broom Closet. To Aru is one universe, which has infinite possibilities by only one phase. A battle between Beerus and Accelerator with Platinum wings would be a short fight. [2] Even Aiwass describes itself as different from the angels of the Bible.[1]. Man and demon argued. Aiwass appears wearing loose white clothing that covers its body entirely. Destroying phases is more difficult then destroying a space-time continuum. [5], Aiwass's anime character design (Body) for. It is just a "change the direction". Aiwass doesn't feel like going itself since that's no fun. Its wings are described as glowing platinum. But a scenario like this, accelerator take this, but remember: i made 6 different scenarios, i hope you answer all six of them. Novel Choronzon threatened Neu- berg with all the tortures of HELL, and Neuberg denounced the demon as a liar. As the head of Necessarius Lola is a very cunning magician who manipulates events to keep the United Kingdom safe and on top of other factions. ), "Holy Guardian Angel" (聖守護天使, Sei Shugo Tenshi? Anime At this time attacks without known vectors, like spiritual attacks, or higher conceptual magic can harm him. That's where Hakai comes in to play. Zeno isn't really the strongest character in the DB universe... Super Shenron undid everything Zeno had done, he is pretty much on par or above him. Archie Universe also have this concept but explained directly what you said to To Aru universe: "Infinite variations of infinite possiblities" -- Ian Flyyn.

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