unemployment benefits for non eu citizens in germany

How many people do I know who are registered at their parent's house, hate it there, but keep there things there and pay no rent. many thanks for the replies, hope I didn't cause anyone to argue. Happens all the freaking time. As a foreigner the office will understand you wrong. If she is 25 years or older, they can tell you that she has to support you. New arrivals to Germany do not normally qualify for any unemployment benefit, simply because they will not have made the necessary contributions or have worked the required number of hours within the defined period. Benefits are paid to those aged between 15 and 64 and are paid monthly in advance for periods of six months at a time. If you’re not taking up employment immediately upon your return to Germany, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. I am a professional independent insurance broker, financial adviser, and authorised advertiser. To be fair, it must depend on practical circumstances of having a "girlfriend", surely? But when you are living together and both living in an apartment paid from the state, its in effect hurting them and they are against it. This is what I am talking about. The self-employed do not qualify and those who resign must wait three months before receiving benefits. Easy.. Note: As soon as redundancy or resignation is confirmed,  the unemployment office at least three months in advance so that they can process the unemployment benefit application in time for the period of unemployment. Or do you have to be a full time, 40 hour/week employee to get unemployment benefits? In our chat you can put your questions to our specialists in German or English, rapidly and without prior login. For an overview of the various national rules, consult the European Commission’s website on “Your rights country by country”. By continuing to browse the website, you agree to our use of cookies. Cause there both in the same body/head (Multiple Personality)... :P. The real question is, how can you be so ignorant? I lost my job, and spent over a year working odd jobs before falling more and more into debt and I couldn't even buy a bus ticket to travel to the next town to apply for help. Anyone who has been in employment in Germany and subsequently finds themselves out of work should go to their local employment office (Arbeitsamt) as soon as possible to register and make the necessary applications for benefit. But I know a lot of people with girlfriends or boyfriends who live together and only one person is registered. So if you have been seeing your guy or gal for only a few months or even a year, and you aren't serious about them, do not tell them. The problem about telling them you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you being foreign (especially english), the misinterpret what you mean (happened to me) and check very strictly about the situation. If it were up to me, anyone who intentionally tries to milk the social systems would be strung up by the nostrils and forced to watch "Who's the boss?" I wasn't married, we have no kids, we ran separate homes. If you have 0 experience with what I was talking about, I dont know why you would tell me off. Everyone who is employed in Germany and earns more than 450 Euros per month is automatically part of the social security system in Germany.. As such, you may benefit from the various social funds listed further below (health insurance, unemployment benefits etc). Think about it:getting tax benefits or cuts doesn't help the state, it deters from it. Please contact your local employment agency for further information on the portability of benefits from other countries. As a general rule, those unemployed in Germany are entitled to financial support only if they have previously had a job subject to social security contributions in Germany prior to registering themselves as unemployed and filing an application for unemployment benefits. And how the heck is the OP going to hide that he lives with someone else? You are the one needing help, not your boyfriend or girlfriend. Select a country to get an instant quote for health insurance. If he or she is over the age of 25 and earns enough money, they can refuse your application. as long as contributions to unemployment insurance are paid. Anyone claiming unemployment benefit must not be absent from their usual place of residence for longer than three weeks in each year. Surely if I'm paying extra into the system as a single person, then I should also be treated as one when it comes to paying me benefits. Where the time between the announcement of redundancy or resignation is less than three months, the unemployment office should be notified within three days of knowing the end date of employment. If you say yes, and they ask you hundreds of questions about him or her, and your relationship, not just what assets you own. Please contact your local employment agency for further information on the portability of benefits from other countries. They are still registered at home, pay no rent, dont have to pay gez, come home every so often to eat or say hi and thats it. Claimants must attend training courses, and be ready to step into any job offered them by the Arbeitsamt, even a very low paid one. I did work for ~2 months last year teaching English but as a "Freie Mitarbeiter" which I guess would get me to the 12 month minimum. An EU migrant made jobless in Germany would get up to 70% of current salary in the first year of unemployment. No, it's a good topic. I am not trying to land a German government payout for nothing but would like to inform myself as much as possible in regards to my situation. Yes, sorry, starshollow, that was my slack terminology. Subsistence allowance (Arbeitslosengeld II). Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about living and working in Germany, as well as about our Web site and partners. You should be treated as a single, but these 'life partners' exist so rampant here that it's common knowledge that its a co-dependent relationship. I meant the insurance (not a tax). This allowance is lower than ordinary unemployment benefit and is payable when the claimant cannot receive full benefit or their period of benefit has come to an end, but they are still fit to work and registered as unemployed. While receiving benefits, reports must be made regularly to the job centre. ALGII may help, but be sure to follow the right recommendation here... miwild is right. If you’re not resident in Germany, you’re not subject to the requirement that you must notify the agency three months prior to the end of your employment. We look forward to your call! Information for emigrants and returnees to Germany, Information on international provisions around pensions, Social networking for alumni of German universities, including job offers, Check-list for those returning to Germany. Will it count as soon as I file my 2008 taxes? Use your fucking common sense. In Iceland some years ago, there was a man who lost his unemployment benefits, been on them too long, he applied for welfare and was denied and told that his gf could support him. Then she might have an in when it comes to Hartz 4, but I am not sure about that. I have lots of experience with the situation, and no, its not about trying to decieve anyone. If you’ve been paying into an unemployment insurance scheme in the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you can transfer these entitlements to Germany. to clarfy: I do live with my Germany gf, we have no plans (yet) to get married. Do. He took it to court and won. My girlfriend is non-EU while I am EU citizen. Will it count as soon as I file my 2008 taxes? She lives in Germany for 8 years (first au-pair then student in FH) and as a work contract for 2 years (Befriestet) expiring this November. After that, the unemployed go onto a non-contributory system called Hartz IV. A set amount is paid for those requiring social assistance (about €350 per month). She will be paying AV for 2 years, will she be entitled for Arbeitslosgeld if they don't create a position for her?

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