the tenth man principle

The war technically concluded with the Camp David Accords but the lessons from the commission were being incorporated in silence by Israel away from global attention. They were happy that they got their bite off Egyptian pride in the occupation of Sinai. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I did a little digging and found out that in Israel, he said, all major decisions are put before a panel of 10 men. History has taught the Israelis that not considering the unthinkable can be catastrophic. This approach itself filters out any scope of miscalculation in terms of threats to National security. Henry Ford, like many other successful men, didn’t do things by the book. “as is” and “as available” basis. A major setback with the current situation in India is that multiple opinions are discouraged at best. Golda Meir, the then PM of Israel, having recently steered the country out of the Munich tragedy, was determined to put a national security system in place which would be flawless. It makes examining an issue through a diametrically opposite assumption and opinion farfetched and impossible. We are a dynamic, ambitious communications agency, committed to building brands through pioneering creative work. The 10th Man Rule is a means of countering our human nature that prefers harmony within our inner circle. It’s the stories. If nine people came to the same conclusion about a scenario, then it became the duty of the tenth man to dig into the contrary opinions. After several disasters that NO ONE thought could happen, the Council decided that if a vote was unanimous against a possible outcome, one member would act as if it was ABSOLUTELY going to happen, and trying to … The stock market was booming, housing prices were rising and people were living it up. The tenth man principle can help countries to anticipate the course of action in such scenarios with unpredictable outcomes. Our systems badly need loyal opposition-- not mere contradiction, in the famous words of Monty Python , but argument. The memories. Developed By DigiTechPoint. This is a beta version of the MeraVote.Org website which is What no other adversary could do since WWII, a virus did that to an Aircraft carrier strike group of the Superpower-leader of the free world. The one who doesn’t will offer up advice from a different angle, often times one that you may have overlooked. I was reminded of this fact the other day when I heard Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, discuss the 10th Man Rule. Today it’s not about eliminating risk, but managing it and that’s why the 10th man rule  is so valuable. Sadly, many people don’t get out before it’s too late and often go down with the ship. In the 5-part mini video series I ask questions you may not want to hear and things you may not want to accept, but that doesn’t make them wrong. The tenth man must investigate based on the assumption that the other nine are wrong. It becomes all the more relevant in the context of the current global pandemic. I’m not one who just sits back and listens, I want to be involved in my client’s growth and achievement. Thankfully, I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket and never recommend anyone do. He did not invent the automobile,  but he developed and manufactured the first automobile that was affordable for middle class Americans using the assembly line and the rest is history.

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