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Stillwell admits that she is scared of Homelander, to which he appreciates, kissing her one last time before shooting his laser vision through her eyes and head. Homelander then encourages his son the try again, but before he can finish his sentence, Stormfront interrupts him when she finds out information on her past was leaked to the public. Ryan calls Becca liar, revealing that they showed him the truth: the house is fake, the neighbors are fake, even his mother is fake. La adaptada versión de la Comic Con Chile 2020, que será en línea y gratuita, acaba de confirmar a su primer invitado: el actor Antony Starr, conocido por interpretar a Homelander, el personaje de la serie de Amazon Prime Video, “The Boys”. After that, Homelander admits that he planned for Naqib to show up just as they needed to sway the Congress into letting them in the military. Homelander tries to be formal, he ask some irrelevant questions, but Vogelbaum is direct and asks Homelander what he really wants. After being driven crazy, by being blackmailed by Butcher and finding out Noir did it, with the fact Noir was a clone of him, created by Vought to spy on him and kill him if need be. After Becca fails to convince Ryan, Homelander then suggests that Ryan needs some space and to come with him, to which Becca refuses and grabs Ryan. Anika gets the message and gives Homelander the information he wants ("Cherry"). Homelander closes the cabin door and questions them "where's my son?" Date of Birth Homelander then tries to deduce just who killed Vogelbaum. Stillwell apologizes for not telling Homelander about his child, as she wanted to spare him the pain. Not so after, Butcher decides to release the trigger, detonating the explosives ("You Found Me").'. Homelander decides to abandon the passengers. They talk for a short amount of time. For instances, Homelander does not completely buy into Stormfront's racist ideology: When Stormfront teaches Ryan about "White Genocide", Homelander's face cringes slightly and he tries to shift Ryan's focus away from her. Real Name Before anyone could answer him, Stormfront intervenes by suggesting they go to a restaurant, Planet Vought. Homelander questions Billy's endgame, to which he reveals he just wants to hurt Homelander. Male Homelander also says that Hughie is targeting The Seven following Robin's death, blaming A-Train for it, and seeking vengeance. ', pero hay muchas formas de detenerlo psicológicamente. As a result, he has developed abilities such as super strength, heat and x-ray vision, sonic scream and flight. The Homelander last edited by His mother was a mentally challenged woman who was killed off as soon as he was born. He is sadistic and takes delight in the people he hurts or kills. Comedia, drama, toques tarantinianos: ¿Qué es “Hunters”. Homelander and Stormfront continue to urge Ryan by telling him about things he hasn't heard of, ignoring Becca's comments on talking later. © 2020 Hipertextual SL. At the gym, Blindspot, a blind superhero, is seen training. Stormfront then intervenes and tells Ryan that he can't afford to not hate because they're "under attack". Species Male The two go back to The Seven tower and have rough sadomasochistic sex. With his request answered, Mesmer goes meet Homelander on a rooftop. After Becca finishes making dinner she finds Ryan outside with Homelander and Stormfront. Butcher still refuses. By the end of his pep talk, Maeve says one more time that she hates boring speeches. un título imperdible, bien hecho, violento, satírico y lleno de giros sorprendentes. Sus recuerdos, su fachada como persona o como superhéroe son un entramado genial que comprende este personaje. Sometime after Homelander showed Butcher that his wife was alive and that he had a son with her, Homelander held the funeral for Translucent, along with Translucent’s family and his son Maverick. Homelander realizes that, raising suspicions ("You Found Me"). After narrowing down the search, he suggests that is could possibly be Mr. Edgar. Stormfront tracks them down to a cabin and asks where is Ryan. ", but Maeve steps back. Homelander kills Stilwell with his heat vision, Homelander arrives at his lover's house just to find Billy Butcher, after putting an array of C4 explosives in Stillwell. The Boys #65 - Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men Conclusion. Homelander agrees and leaves Ryan with Stormfront while he and Becca talk outside. Para los seguidores de la serie que desconocen las historia de los cómics, un asunto que seguramente ya habrá saltado a la vista es si Homelander puede ser aniquilado y, de ser así, cómo. Los fanáticos de los cómics ya habrán identificado las muchas diferencias de la serie con respecto a la publicación escrita. Homelander was experimented on with Compound V, before birth, as a subject of Vought-American's experiments with Compound V, like much of the other Supes managed by Vought. The Boys #1 - The Name of the Game, Part 1(October 2006) In the Seven Tower, Stillwell watched the speech on her TV with a smirk on her face, knowing that in a way, Homelander did his job ("The Female of the Species"). The Homelander is a Dynamite Entertainment character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. After a tense confrontation, in which Starlight feared for her life, Maeve was able to calm an angry Homelander, promising to take responsibility for Starlight and her future actions ("The Self-Preservation Society"). Comics Information The god-like warrior tries to negotiate with Homelander, saying to save at least a mother and her daughter that they spoke to moments ago. Homelander does show some genuine emotion when he’s with his son. He sexually assaulted Starlight for his own pleasure and to test how badly she wanted to join the team.[1]. Becca states that it is for his own good and begs Homelander not to tell Ryan. Regardless, Homelander continues stating that he wants to be around more and he wants a family. After the training, Ashley introduces Blindspot to Homelander, and explains to Homelander that Blindspot fits a specific demographic that will really serve The Seven’s image. Ryan then asks Homelander if he cries? Black Noir was the first of these experiments, which they did seven times - thus The Seven was born. Starlight, after she recognized Hughie, is the main target of Homelander. Stormfront attacks Victoria Nueman and the opposition by stating they can't just let the supes into their country, additionally, stating the superheroes are there to protect the citizens. After slaughtering the men, Homelander walks out of the cabin covered in blood, and he prepares himself to get ready to find Ryan. Ya veremos cómo se desarrolla entonces esta serie imperdible de Amazon Prime Video. Maeve justifies her leaving off the memorial early because she hates boring speeches. El evento se llevará a cabo el próximo 14 de noviembre, y habrá un panel para entrevistar al emblemático líder de “Los Siete” en la aclamada serie de la compañía de streaming. At a young age, in Vought's experiments, he was tied to a nuclear bomb, in case his aggression got out of control. Deceased Homelander grabs it, then smells it, warms it with his heat vision and then he drinks it. With no answer, Homelander then splits one vertically in half with his heat vision and shouts "Where is my son"?! Stormfront then promises she will tell him the truth, starting with her real identity. Affiliation Homelander met Becca Butcher in a Vought private Christmas party. He tries to ignore it and encourages Ryan focus more so on using his heat vision to defend himself and the people he loves. In an informal meeting, Homelander asks about the whereabouts of Translucent. Last seen The two of them have a discussion about what Homelander represents. There, they talk about the unfortunate choice of telling Stillwell about the laser beam marks on the jet that the Deep made. Homelander then gets back to the festival and enters the VIP room. Homelander greets him and tells him he’s a hero moments before bashing his ears in and asking Ashley why on earth he would allow a cripple to be a part of The Seven. First seen Supe They teach students to fall a three step protocol, LAW: Lock (all doors and windows), Arm (yourself and uses whatever you can), and Wait (for a hero to arrive). Reluctant, Homelander lets her go. Homelander thinks while Becca cries in front of him, nodding in response. The Boys is an American comic book series, written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed, and illustrated by Darick Robertson. Ryan walks away and moves behind Butcher, who refuses to let Ryan go. He was thought to be the one who raped Butcher's wife and got her pregnant, ultimately resulting in her death. Homelander arriving at the Race of the Century. Homelander criticizes The Seven for having been unreliable and sloppy recently. Frenchie gives it to him, but refuses to let Homelander get a look at the back of the van.

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