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They learn it is a spirit known as a "shojo." Maggie Stark et Don Stark (un couple de sorciers), un Léviathan. He also promises that she won't have any accidents in the meantime. The ghost of Jenny Greentree is originally suspected to be behind the death of Trevor McAnn in Junction City, Kansas, and Garth salts and burns her corpse. Sam takes the waffle iron, and Dean pushes his way inside, saying that he's found a case. At some time after Sam and Dean Winchester first meet him,[4] he was in a relationship with a "special lady" who knew about his hunting and had twins. Just then, Crowley appears, and Dean quickly pulls Guy around in a hostage hold. [3] However, his knowledge of lore and leadership abilities allowed Garth to become "the new Bobby" following Bobby's death. There are two victims, the lottery winner and the baseball player. Though Garth again got knocked out, he recovered in time to save the day. Dean shushes him and tries to get the interview back on track, and Craig says that he didn't want the job. ... Sam Winchester. However, she states the Winchesters left and Chuck dumped her and Becky wants someone to love her for who she really is. "We're going to get out of this, they can't keep us here long." Dean is unimpressed with Chuck's actions. Dès lors, les morts et les événements étranges se succèdent, apparemment sans lien jusqu'à ce que l'enquête des frères les mène à Don Stark, un milliardaire que sa femme soupçonne de le tromper. "All right, all right, all right. But accidents happen. It aired on November 11th, 2011. As she reads the newspaper article, Sam finds her journal and says that it's beautiful. Afterwards, Garth wakes up wondering what he missed, annoying Dean. Garth calls Dean after not being able to reach Sam, and tells him Michael left to back up his forces. He reveals that he's a Crossroads demon, and a shocked Becky realizes that Sam was right. Dean demands that Guy call off all the deals he has in Pike Creek, but he refuses. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Katie Sarife, Joy Regullano. Charlie: I don't know. You’re the only one who’ll believe me. Dean goes to Becky's place and offers a nonstick waffle iron as a wedding gift. Becky: You got my letters and my marzipan. She introduces them, and Guy slips her a vial filled with purple liquid when Sam isn't looking. She says it could be a cursed object, like in 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock, but they haven't connected the victims yet. Pendant quelque temps, il devient le « Nouveau Dieu », avant de se rendre compte de son erreur, et décide de renvoyer toutes les âmes au purgatoire. Guy congratulates them and secretly slips Becky a vial of purple liquid, and she thanks him saying it helps to have a Wiccan as a friend. That’s why I contacted you. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Alors qu'ils chassent une créature qui tue des humains en les momifiant avec une énergie rouge, Sam et Dean coincent cette dernière dans une ruelle. She talks about how she didn't have a life until she met the real Sam and Dean before she started dating Chuck. That night at Becky's home, they have dinner together and share a toast. Charlie Bradbury tells Sam and Dean that the unpublished works of Carver Edlund were uploaded by Becky under the screen name beckywinchester176, extending the publication of the The Supernatural Books. À la suite de ses hallucinations, Sam se fait renverser par une voiture. Charlie: Not even I can do that. To Becky Rosen. He tells Sam and Dean that he'll cancel all the deals and make an example of Guy. Dean décide d'aller le voir. Garth tells her that she needs to get out of town for a few days while they figure this out, and Dean says that Sam and Becky might be the next victims. Becky asks him what's wrong, and he looks at her in confusion and asks her what he's doing there. Dean, Sam, and Garth arrive and demand an explanation. Back at the restaurant, the reunion is already over and Becky is having a drink. After having disappeared for months, Garth is found by Sam and Dean after being hit by a car while running from a farmer chasing him because he eviscerated his cow. Becky is horrified when Guy reveals himself to be a crossroads demon and he offers her a 25 year deal for a permanent potion if she doesn't let the Winchesters know and promises not to have her killed in an "accident." 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! Sam could see he was hurt. Chuck explains that their relationship didn't work out and that he respected her too much. As he holds the mixture in his mouth, Michael enters the room and looks on at Garth, forcing him to swallow, causing his eye to glow a bright blue before flashing his wolf eyes. Il y fait la rencontre de Lydia, une habitante du quartier, et finit la soirée chez elle. He notices Garth looking at her, and Becky notices Garth looking at her, as Dean realizes that it's not going to end well and puts an end to it. Dean denies it and Sam tells them that he already tried contacting Bobby with a talking board and failed. You. Edgar, les Léviathans et Lucifer (hallucinations de Sam), Dean et Sam sont transférés à l'hôpital de Sioux Falls, où sont les Léviathans. His bravery impresses Becky who immediately abandons her pursuit of Sam for a relationship with Chuck. It premiered on October 4th, 2007. He suggests that Chuck might have written a new story saying that Sam would be in Las Vegas, but Sam says that he and his wife are heading to her home in Delaware while Dean wraps his mind around the idea of a married brother. As Dean goes, Sam says that the fact that he's moving on with his life is what is bugging Dean, and now he doesn't need him. He demands that she untie him, but her computer alerts her to a call and she leaves to answer it. However, Becky grabs the demon-killing knife and kills Jackson, and Sam tosses it to Dean. Sam pulls the knife out of his back and throws it to Dean, who holds it up to Guy's throat. Il va faire équipe avec Eliot Ness pour retrouver cette créature et trouver comment la tuer. Linda calls Sam to let him know that she and Kevin have been set up in one of Garth's safe houses: a safe-houseboat. Becky considers the deal and talks to Sam about how she wants someone to love her for her. We only hear Bobby's side of the conversation. Sam mumbles around his gag, and she takes it out. Becky encourages him to write again, and after protesting, he sits down at her laptop. Dean and Garth go back to Becky's apartment but find no sign of her or Sam. Directed by Philip Sgriccia. Not only has a lottery winner been killed in a car accident, but a man who recently made it to the majors was also just killed by baseballs shot from a pitching machine. Garth is excited to see Sam and Dean and hugs them, though Dean is not amused that he is "the new Bobby" and the way that he acts like him. – Garth Fitzgerald IV, 15.10 The Heroes' Journey, Garth Fitzgerald IV is a semi-retired hunter. Alors que Dean part à la recherche des Léviathans, Sam combat ses hallucinations à propos de Lucifer. She meets Carver Edlund aka Chuck Shurley when contacts her to get a message to Sam and Dean. He and the other hunters are attacked by Guy's accomplice, Jackson, who quickly knocks Garth out, but Becky manages to kill him. Dean va à la rencontre de Sam et se retrouvent dans une église. Once he's been dosed, Sam calms down and once again looks at Becky with love. As part of his role as the "new Bobby," Garth has taken to tracking hunters via the GPS in their cell phones and then calling them with cases in the area nearby. Garth finds in Bobby's journal that a ghost that leaves behind green goo is a spectre and that it is apparently woken up when its grave is disturbed. When Dean and Garth arrive at the insurance company, Sam and Becky are already leaving. During the confrontation that follows with Guy and his demon "intern" Jackson, Sam tells Becky to run, but she instead grabs Ruby's knife and stabs Jackson in the back with it, killing him and saving Sam leaving Becky awed at her actions. However, he points out that now Dean doesn't need to take care of him and needs to take care of himself for a change. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth (guest star DJ Qualls), when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain. Sam and Dean rush over after driving all night only to find out that Becky has invited them to a Supernatural Convention for Chuck's books. Dean and Garth are certain that the man's wife is the one behind his sudden success, so they confront her, but she refuses to admit to anything. Crowley congratulates Sam on his special day, as Becky excitedly recognizes him while he is not too amused. Although he helps Sam and Dean get the location of Kaia's Spear, he becomes one of Michael's Monsters in the process and falls under Michael's mind control, although Sam is able to subdue him. Then, where are we? Sam lui annonce qu'il est sur le point de se marier avec Becky (la plus grande fan des livres, 1 démon des croisements et 1 démon normal. Meanwhile, Dean meets with Garth and is surprised to find a small, skinny guy who doesn't look like a typical hunter. Cependant ils ne savent pas que cela va entraîner l'arrivée du jeune prophète Kevin, lui-même ignorant ce qu'il est. Nobody! He mentions that no one has seen him for a while. En se rendant dans la résidence du vampire Alpha ils découvrent les corps de trois vampires morts après avoir bu du sang d'humains contaminés par le sirop de Sucrocorp.

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