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Sierra attacks Dean when Dean is alone in his motel room, easily breaking free of Dean's attempts to pin him and throwing Dean onto the bed. Dean suggests to Castiel that they keep an eye out for Benny, figuring that Benny probably took over Purgatory by now. In the earlier seasons, witches are more often than not killed by demons they have been dealing with than the Winchesters themselves. Ben Braeden is the son of Lisa Braeden, a woman Dean once spent a weekend with in August 1999, portrayed by Nicholas Elia. The latter is summoned by Dean in an attempt to rescue a man from a demonic pact previously made. "[21] This comes to fruition in the fifth-season episode "Dark Side of the Moon", in which Sam and Dean meet Ash in Heaven, as well as Pamela. Until season 12, Azazel was the only known demon with Yellow Eyes. Charlie dies to protect Dean from the Witch, but he has Gadreel bring her back to life and tells her that she had only been knocked out, though she learns the truth anyway from Dorothy; Charlie later agrees to keep her death and subsequent resurrection a secret from Sam so long as Dean agrees to one day explain what had really happened. Afterwards, Claire receives a call from Jody that the Winchesters have disappeared and Jody needs her help. [190]​ Con todo, la quinta temporada hizo que Supernatural fuera incluida en las listas de las mejores series del 2010 hechas por The New York Times y PopMatters. At the same time, Sam discovers that the most recent murders were committed by Jennifer's teenage son. When they are unable to reach Sam and Castiel, Dean allows Claire to join him in the rescue, even giving her a gun. Originally depicted as small, thin streams of black smoke, they now appear as large, thick smoke clouds. He tells them that they need to keep a lower profile, avoid security cameras, and to get rid of their rockstar aliases, which are too easy to track. In his true form Hydeker appears as a gray-skinned humanoid figure in a cloak with long clawed fingers. Enraged, Doctor Hess attempts to shoot Sam only to be shot through the head herself by Jody Mills. Death, of his own free will, creates another eclipse, giving the Winchesters and Castiel a chance to return the souls to Purgatory before they destroy his vessel. Later, in "Brother's Keeper", Dean hunts two vampires solo while under the influence of the Mark of Cain and having separated from Sam. [149]​, Aparte de la historia principal desarrollada en la serie, Supernatural se ha expandido a través de los cómics. Drexel reveals that a demon named Spevak created and installed the system and was then killed by Crowley to hide its secrets. [10]​[9]​ En los People's Choice Awards, ha ganado cuatro veces como serie de ciencia ficción/fantasía favorita, además que Jensen Ackles y Misha Collins ganaron en una ocasión como actor de televisión de ciencia ficción/fantasía favorito. The demon performs a ritual that restores Josie's body to perfect condition and it is repossessed by Abaddon. Kaia saves Claire's life, but is hit with the spear in the process and apparently dies moments later. Additionally, the Winchesters are twice shown to convince a ghost to move on rather than forcing them to though they revert to their old method of dealing with ghosts in "Paint it Black." In season 13's "War of the Worlds," an alternate universe Kevin appears as a Prophet loyal to Michael in Apocalypse World. Mary eventually returns to the original world with the refugees from 'Apocalypse World', forming a tentative relationship with the alternate Bobby as they attempt to fight the threat of the alternate Michael as he attempts to take Dean as his Vessel. Mick promises that Toni will be punished in London for her actions and departs with her. The fourth Prince of Hell, Asmodeus was the weakest of Lucifer's creations and was hinted to be the youngest of the yellow-eyed demons. Toni tells Sam that she has come to take him to see the Boss at the London Chapter of the Men of Letters. Cool eSports Team Names generated from the few available Good eSports Team Names Generators to match the unique gaming personalities of eSports teams. Con ayuda de Kevin, un profeta, Sam y Dean consiguen crear un arma que transportará a los Leviatanes de vuelta al Purgatorio. Finalmente, Castiel engaña a Metatron y lo encierra en la cárcel del paraíso.

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