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"F=G x M1 x M2/ R squared" computes the gravitational attraction between two objects. SAM Okay, look, I'm just saying, there are spots in the world where holes open up and swallow people. Towards end of the episode Sam takes a sawed off pump action shotgun from trunk of the Impala. In fact, "pig in a poke" is also an expression that refers to an item being presented in a way that conceals its true value; or in particular, its lack of value. Both are physics equations. This episode draws inspiration from The X-Files' "Monday", in which Agent Mulder dies repeatedly and wakes up to relive the day anew. supernatural mystery spot happy death day russian doll groundhog day filmedit movieedit tvedit. DEAN Sam, joints like this are only tourist traps, right? When the brothers are posing as reporters, interviewing the Mystery Spot owner, Sam gets worked up and Dean refers to him as, "Kolchak." Find all 853 songs featured in Supernatural Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. If that happened, Dean was really supposed to be dead in the end and the Trickster would not bring him back. Goofs 'Letting the cat out of the bag', in the sense of revealing a secret, comes from spoiling that same scam. | When Sam tells Dean that they may be stuck in a time loop, Dean says, "Like Groundhog Day." Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on … Connections Quotes Alternate Versions | Sam asks him if he even knows what that is. Jared Padalecki regards this episode as one of his least favorites, since he had to cry all week and it was emotionally taxing. “You mean like the Supernatural episode Mystery Spot? Follow. | "E=MC squared" is Einstein's equation for special relativity. This is a reference to the 1970s TV show, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" about a newspaper reporter who uncovers supernatural causes in his investigations. Mystery Spots, also called gravity hills, are common throughout the world. When Sam confronts Ed Coleman (before revealing he's really the Trickster), Ed says "my wife's Amelia, I sell ad space..." This is the same background as Jimmy Novak in S4E20, The Rapture. So a pig in a poke is a con job or a worthless object presented as a thing of value. There are also three equations. Crazy Credits As the strike was settled, the episode continued to be just a regular episode. When the brothers are posing as reporters, interviewing the Mystery Spot owner, Sam gets worked up and Dean refers to him as, "Kolchak." Some of Dean's 100+ deaths are but not limited to: Dean is shot by Mystery Spot owner, Hit by a car, Squished by falling furniture, Choked on sausage, Falling in the shower, Eating Tacos, Electrocuted, Hit by flying Axe, Hit by arrow (mentioned but not seen), Attacked by vicious dog, Shot by robber. What they really got was a worthless cat. The song that is playing on the clock radio when Sam wakes up and realizes that it is finally Wednesday is the same song that is playing on the clock radio when Marty McFly wakes up and realizes that he is back from 1955 in Back to the Future (1985). He is referring to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy. However, there is one, called Spook Hill, located just a few hours northeast in Lake Wales. "A= Pi R squared", computing the area within a circle, is pure geometry, not physics. While the events of "Monday" happen on a Monday, the events of "Mystery Spot" take place on a Tuesday. Though this episode is based in Broward Cty Fl, no actual mystery spot is located there. On medieval market days the gullible might buy a pig in a poke, a baby pig in a cloth sack, without checking that the content really is a valuable piglet.

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