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To change your own user’s account password, run the passwd command without any arguments: You will be prompted to enter your current password. Sign up to our newsletter and get our latest tutorials and news straight to your mailbox. For more help on password rules click the question mark, Remember once you make any changes you will need to save them. Follow the steps below to change or reset your password. For security reasons, it is recommended to update your password on a regular basis and use a unique password for each account. It may not be … If you wanted to give access to shared files to other people without an account and password on your computer, then you will need to turn off password protected sharing. In this guide we’ll explain how to change a user password in Linux. Unless you've previously changed it, you'll find the default password on your Hub settings card on the back of your Hub. For more advice on how to get the best from your BT Hub, visit Help for Hubs >, Or, if you’ve got one of our older Hubs why not buy our latest BT Smart Hub? If you hover your cursor over the share icon (two silhouettes, a globe, a lock, or a gear, depending on your current settings), you can see the original share setting for a status update. Please try again. We're sorry, but that action cannot be completed at this time. As a regular user, you can only change your own password. 1000+ answers to common issues from other NOW TV customers. Often a strong password has at least 16 characters and contains at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character. How do I change or reset my account password? You can find your original Wi-Fi password on the back or bottom of your Hub. Just connect an Ethernet cable between a computer or laptop and your Hub first. If you have changed it and now forgotten it, you can use the password override feature to set up a new password without losing all your personal Hub settings and configuration; To change your wireless key, overtype the existing "Security password" with a password of your choice. To force a user to change their password the next time they log in, use the passwd command with --expire option followed by the username of the user: The command above will immediately expire the user password. I’ve forgotten my Wi-Fi password If you've never changed your Wi-Fi password, you can find it on the back or bottom of your NOW Broadband Hub and on the Connect card that came with your Hub. Reconnect all your devices using your new Wi-Fi password. About the Book Author. This will open the Hub Manager, If this is the first time you've opened the Hub Manager, you'll be asked to change your password. In this tutorial, you have learned how to change user’s passwords and how to set password expiry. However if you'd still like to change it, click on the dropdown for your model of Hub. Your BT Hub's wi-fi is protected by a password that stops anyone getting unauthorised access. Share: In this guide we’ll explain how to change a user password in Linux. The instructions should work on any Linux distribution, including Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. More infoHow do I connect to the internet using a cable? The next time the user tries to login with the old password, they will be shown a message forcing them to change the password: Once the user sets a new password, the connection will be closed. Open Network and Sharing Centre, Advanced sharing settings, and change the "all networks" section, turn on sharing, and turn off password-protected sharing. The encrypted users' passwords, as well as other passwords related information, are stored in the /etc/shadow file. Enter the admin password. If you can't connect to your Hub, you can reset your Wi-Fi password to the original one. Check out the options below if you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi password, or if you want to change or reset it. To help make your password as secure as possible it needs to be between 12-63 characters, a combination of uppercase, lower case letters and numbers. If need be, you can even change the saved username by editing the "Username" field.

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