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There are tons of private insurance companies in Newfoundland and Labrador that are eager to meet your insurance needs. Relax, think positive and get a good night’s rest. If you are caught with any alcohol in your system, you could face a fine and immediate licence suspension. Your Level 1 licence will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue. You will have to have another picture taken. If you are over 21, the limit is .05%. Can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed online. Review the examiner's notes, take more time to prepare and try again! The benefits are awesome! Minister’s Office. Here’s a hint: it’s made before the test ever begins….lack of preparation. You cannot drive between midnight and 5 am. However, you must meet the following criteria: The official NL driver's guide. The Road Rules section has 25 multiple-choice questions and you are allowed 4 mistakes only. You may begin using this licence to drive with. When another vehicle wants to pass, you ________? Questions will cover different areas. P.O. Note: your licence may be expired, but no longer than 5 years. The test has a total of 45 questions. These practice tests are good for the permit test and driver’s license test. Review the "Parallel Parking" section of the Driver's Guide for the detailed requirements. The requirements vary widely depending on the type of permit you want. You can renew your licence prior to the expiry date by mail, fax, or in-person. Your practice should not be limited to this though. Box 8700 St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6 Tel: 1-709-729-4834 There is ZERO tolerance for drinking and driving in NL for Novice drivers. Password The written part of those tests in Newfoundland and Labrador is the same. This is the official Newfoundland and Labrador Drivers Handbook that you should use to get ready for your driving exam. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, you can keep your cost low by: You may simply exchange your licence without a written, vision or road test if you meet the following criteria: If you move to Newfoundland and Labrador from a reciprocating jurisdiction (such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, France, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Japan or Taiwan), you may simply exchange your existing licence without having to pass a vision, written or driving tests. Putting your safety first: Stay safe with ATVs, Guidelines for Certification of Antique Vehicles, Uniform Highway Transport Vehicle Regulations, Veterans Discount Vehicle Registration (New), Information for Plate Collectors (Sample Plates), Overweight and Over Dimensional Special Permits, Single Trip Commercial Vehicle Registration, Cargo Securement Frequently Asked Questions, Motor Registration Division Locations and Mailing Addresses, Accessing Records Under the Adoption Act, 2013, Filing a Disclosure Veto or No-Contact Declaration, Disclosure Veto, No-Contact Declaration, and Cancellation Forms, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Compressed Gas, Building Accessibility Design Registration, Buildings Accessibility Exemption Registration, Electrical Contractor’s Registration Certificate, Electrical Contractor’s Representative Inspection Report, Elevating Device and Amusement Ride Registration, Septic or Water System Approval for Greater Than 4546 L Per Day, Septic System Approval (for Less Than 4546 L Per Day) and Well Approval, Environmental Approval for Waste Management System, Institutional Food Premises Alphabetically, Manufacturing/Processing Food Premises Alphabetically, Manufacturing/Processing Food Premises Regionally, Guidelines for Changing Oil in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, Workers Suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Forklift Emissions, Hazard Alert for All Snow Clearing Equipment, Important Notice – January 1, 2009 Amendment to Lobbyist Registration Act, Registry of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Limited Liability Partnership Registration, Notice of Change to Limited Liability Partnerships, Notice of Dissolutions of Limited Liability Partnerships, Controlling Risks in the Community, Workplace and Environment, Developing Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Programs, Registered Asbestos Abatement Contractors, Working Alone Safely Guidelines for Employers and Employees, Occupational Health and Safety Explanation Guide 2009, Annual Report of the Superintendent of Insurance, Insurance and Risk Management for the Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector, Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE), Amendment to Trades to Employees, Senior Officers, Directors, and Consultants, Conseils pour réduire les risques du vol d’identité, Private Investigations, Security Guards & Burglar Alarms, Inspections, Licences, Permits & Registrations, Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation, Private Invesitgation and Security Services (Individual and Agency).

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