remus and sirius canon

Wow. I don't think that there's evidence in the books, although I suppose that if you want there to be enough then you probably can find it (I don't actually even remember any Sirius/Remus interactions in the books, although I'm sure there were some), and I don't think that I ever said that there was any. Between two passionate people, there will certainly be fireworks. So basically... you have let fanfiction and your own desires alter your perceptions of the characters... or something like that? Does that make more sense? Like when he couldn't work out what he was feeling in OotP, when he was sensing Voldemort's emotions and they didn't tie in to what was happening. I just finished a fight on another forum so if you'll let me say my opinions without arguing then I'll write more. He and Sirius are still staring at each other. They make up what is called the ship's manifesto for the HMS Wolfstar. I don’t know about you, but I think the tension in that scene is incredible. Remus often is seen acting like the host or half of a couple living there. I'll disagree with you there, much like those that see Harry/Hermione in the books Lupin/Sirius is just as baseless imho. Missing OOTP moment - the Order decide to have a word with the Dursleys PoA, p252, UK; p344, US Wow. I think there are some pieces of evidence to back up Moony and Padfoot. Two men can have a platonic relationship! I think there are some pieces of evidence to back up Moony and Padfoot. And, lots of slash writers know what it is to have a platonic friendship between two guys. The only reason I can think of that Harry wouldn't have been able to identify this suppressed emotion is that it was something that seemed completely out of context at the time. in a cold, furious voice? This is the first of many passages where Remus just looks at Sirius. Why not, "All right, Black, hand him over and I won't hurt you"? Indeed, I did a survey. Missing HBP moment - Remus telling Harry funny stories about James, Missing HBP moment - Harry x Treacle Tart (+Ron brOTP), Missing HBP moment - Snape sees Harry as Lily’s son, Missing HBP moment - Harry flirting with Ginny, Missing HBP moment - the first time Harry is pulled into a broom cupboard by Ginny. Remus doesn't show that kind of emotion except when he's dealing with Sirius. In this scene: Professors Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, the two newest instructors of Defense Against the Dark Arts and guardians of Harry Potter himself, were supposed to … (I also can't stop myself from believing that Luna has a crush on Ron, although there's no evidence of that in the books either.). The fact that you can see that your perceptions have been skewered slightly, making your interpretations incorrect in regards to canon, means that you should know that from a canonical standpoint which we are taking there is no evidence. Why? Saying that, I've written it, but that was just a twisted fic in general. Remus explodes when Harry mentions Sirius. If it were hatred or loathing or disgust or fear, Harry would have known it. That last argument... confuses me. That's kind of how I view Remus/Sirius, although I don't find anything very 'slashy' in the books; I know that Remus Lupin, as written by JKR, isn't in love with Sirius, but that's how I see him. Every one else, even Dumbledore, must be let in by Sirius or Remus. That's just weird. "Where is he, Sirius?" I don't think an element of romance detracts from it. But these undertones can be seen as innocent by others, so you recognise that it isn't the absolute truth - that is to say, canon. I think if I actually read the books anymore I'd be sure to start seeing these things too. I think it comes with intelligence and being openminded. Also, I don't get Harry/Ron. I should also say that I love Remus and Sirius's friendship. Am I dreaming? or, in which Remus Lupin is a cool mom, Sirius Black paints his nails and lip-syncs to 70's rock hits, Harry Potter gets stoned in his underwear and Draco Malfoy does …

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