reckless driving statistics

(IIHS, 2016), Australia has found that wearing protective clothing significantly reduces the risk of injury to the rider in a motorcycle crash. (Motorcycle Safety Foundation), In the United States, 29% of motorcyclists killed in crashes had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, meaning that they were legally intoxicated at the time. (AAA, 2019), Except for teen drivers, seniors have the highest crash death rate per mile driven, even though they drive fewer miles than younger people. More than 90 people die in car accidents everyday. Europe has some of the lowest fatality rates in the world largely in thanks to measures put in place by the European Road Safety Charter. The full extent of discounts may therefore be impacted. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2016), Certain driver performance errors, including committing a right-of-way error (with or without the, In 2016, there were 6,296,000 police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in the US. New South Wales drivers are by far the safest with almost one in two (46%) claiming they've never done anything risky behind the wheel. Discounts do not apply to any renewal offer of insurance. And these dangerous driving habits aren't on the decline with 62% of Aussies indulging is risky driving in 2018, and 70% taking risks* behind the wheel in 2017. They are hit in the "danger zones" around the bus. Goddard Law PLLC has worked on the other side and knows how insurance companies work; they know how to stay ahead and get you the compensation you deserve. When traffic volume returns to pre-pandemic levels, if the risky behaviors continue, we could see an unacceptable rise in the number of yearly traffic fatalities. (Oregon DOT, 2018), In the US, the fatal crash rate per mile driven for drivers ages 16-19 is nearly triple the rate for drivers ages 20 and over. (FMCSA, 2016), Of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, 5.8% (just over 200,000) are women. (NHTSA, 2003), In 2018, 37% of motorcyclist deaths occurred in single-vehicle crashes, and 63% of motorcyclist deaths occurred in multiple-vehicle crashes. The new policy discount amount varies by product: 30% discount on combined Home & Contents Insurance (consisting of 15% discount for combining Home & Contents covers and 15% discount for policies initiated online),15% for Home only or Contents only policies, 15% discount on Comprehensive, Third Party Property Only and Third Party Property, Fire & Theft Car or Motorcycle Insurance. (USDOT, 2017), In 2018, 71% of all motor vehicle crash deaths were males. (FMCSA, 2016), 30% of US work zone fatal crashes and 12% of work zone injury crashes involved at least one large truck. Get a quote and buy a new car or home and/or contents insurance policy online and you'll save 15% to 30% on your first year's premium. (IIHS, 2019), Approximately 61% of all fatal US crashes involving large trucks occurred in rural areas, 27% occurred on Interstate highways, and 15% fell into both categories by occurring on rural Interstate highways. Passenger fatalities still make up the second most common type of fatality in Australia at 18%. Aspiring Drivers Weigh Automotive Revolution, In 2016, 88.3% of all US residents ages 16 and older reported that they drove at least occasionally. The good news is that this number is down from the same span of time in 2018 by 2.2%. Aussies without young kids are much more likely to be safe drivers than those with kids. d Includes pillion passengers (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 2016), 5% of all crashes involved drowsy drivers, based on the portion of time the drivers' eyes were closed in the minutes before a crash. (National Safety Council, 2017), 1 out of 3 people text while driving. The NHTSA release further reported that driving behaviors and patterns shifted significantly during the national public health emergency and related lockdowns. Dangerous Pandemic Driving Skews Statistics, While the total number of traffic deaths in the United States dropped during the, If you take a drive out on the Sacramento roads, it is likely you will witness examples of such reckless behavior. (Texas A&M Transportation Institute, 2019), Speeding continues to be the number one cited driver-related factor in fatal highway crashes. Of those fatalities, 16% of car drivers and 31% of motorcycle drivers did not have a valid operator's license. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2019), Airbags are 14% effective in preventing fatalities. Men are the worst offenders with 63% admitting to doing something dangerous behind the wheel, in comparison to 60% of women, Surprisingly, women are more likely to drive in thongs than men, Men are just as likely to reach for their phone as women with 1 in 4 admitting to doing so, More women indulge in a meal behind the wheel. (National Safety Council, 2017), In the United States, 37,133 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2017, down 1.8% from 37,806 in 2016, the first decline since 2014. The NHTSA report surmises that with these statistics showing that traffic volume decreased significantly more than the proportionate number of traffic fatalities, the rate of traffic deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled is projected to increase from 1.06 in 2019 to 1.25 for the first half of 2020. Furthermore, unrestrained rear-seat passengers were nearly eight times as likely to sustain a serious injury in a crash as restrained rear-seat passengers. (DriveTeam, 2017), New drivers are eight times more likely to crash or have a close call in the first three months after getting a license than during the last three months on a learner's permit. Every personal injury claim is different, and while some can be negotiated easily to come to a conclusion within weeks, other victims are not that lucky. (CDC, 2018), Out of nearly six million vehicular crashes that occur every year in the United States, approximately 22% are weather-related. (FHWA, 2019), 70% of weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement, 46% during rainfall, 18% during snow or sleet, 16% on snowy or slushy pavement, 13% on icy pavement, and 3% in fog. (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 2017), In motorcycle crashes in 2016, wearing a helmet reduced the likelihood of death by 37% for the operator and 41% for the passenger. 1 in 7 people do not wear a seatbelt while driving. (National Sleep Foundation, 2018), Being awake for 18 hours straight can impair driving as much as a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05%. After alcohol, marijuana is the drug most often linked to drugged driving. Dangerous Pandemic Driving Skews Statistics. Dialing a phone increases a driver's chance of crashing by 12 times. (, 2013), Around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year. (Business Insider, 2016), Truck driving is the most common occupation in 29 states. Metro drivers are safer than regional drivers, with 40% stating they've never done anything dangerous behind the wheel in comparison to only 34% of regional Aussies. What are the Components of Reckless Driving? (, 2020), Weather-related vehicle accidents kill more people annually than large-scale weather disasters. Everyone knows that other drivers can do scary things, but now it's clear why. In 1975, the rates were 3.39 passenger vehicle occupant fatalities and 1.13 large truck occupant fatalities per 100 million truck miles traveled. (Note: Each statistic is for the United States except where stated otherwise. However, you should be aware that while we are an independently owned service, our comparison service does not include all providers or all products available in the market. (University of Sydney Australia et al., 2011), Europe has found that motorcycle antilock braking systems (ABS) significantly reduce the risk of crashes involving injury to the rider. (NHTSA, 2018), Every day about 800 people are injured in a drunk driving crash. Aggressive driving is a major factor in U.S. traffic accidents, playing a role not just in well-publicized incidents of road rage, but in a large number of fatal highway collisions each year. This can make it difficult for consumers to compare alternatives or identify the companies behind the products. Understand how speeding affects road safety and get the most recent national data on car accidents, pedestrian safety and winter driving. Submitting a contact form, sending a text message, making a phone call, or leaving a voicemail does not create an attorney-client relationship. (FCC, 2017), Texting increases your chances of rear-ending someone by a factor of 7. Takeaway food consumption was the most common dangerous driving habit, with 38% of drivers admitting to this, followed by driving in thongs. (IIHS, 2019), In 2018, 31% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes with a large truck were in vehicles struck head-on by the truck and another 24% were in vehicles that were side-struck by the truck. (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2017), In 2017, there were 203 fatal crashes in work zones in which speeding had been a factor. (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 2016), In 2001-2003, truck driver fatigue was associated with 13% of serious truck crashes. Driving at higher speeds increases the risk of crashes because of the shorter response time the driver has to any unexpected road conditions, it also increases the severity of any collision. (NHTSA, 2019), Some 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children — more than half of America's schoolchildren — each day, making the school bus industry the largest form of mass transit in the United States.

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