radioactive pollution causes

A concrete surface contaminated by radioactivity can be shaved to a specific depth, removing the contaminated material for disposal. Radioactive pollution is fast becoming a major concern due to the increase in the usage of nuclear fuel. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. It leads to damage to DNA strands leading to the genetic break up over time. Sometimes mining of ores can create radioactive waste. Eventually, it leads to genetic mutation with higher risk factors to the health of these animals. The majority of these chemicals, including petroleum products, have a significant level of radiation, which can be detrimental to the environment. Contamination does not include residual radioactive material remaining at a site after the completion of decommissioning. In the case of free contamination there is the hazard of contamination spread to other surfaces such as skin or clothing, or entrainment in the air. It may damage the cells of the lining of the lungs and increases the chances of developing lung cancer. The destruction caused by the radioactive materials is because of the emissions of hazardous ionizing radiation (radioactive decay) like beta or alpha particles, gamma rays or neurons in the environment where they exist. When we eat these plants, we ingest nuclides. Nuclear weapons testing- Beginning with the Second World War when Japan was subdued after the use of the nuclear bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, countries have been in the race to develop their own nuclear arms, in the name of defence, but more to threaten rival nations. The higher-level organisms get more affected than insects and flies. Strictly away from the heating sources, cold places are great for storage of radioactive waste. Radiation monitoring involves the measurement of radiation dose or radionuclide contamination for reasons related to the assessment or control of exposure to radiation or radioactive substances, and the interpretation of the results. Nuclear accidents can have severe adverse impacts and can lead to all sorts of pollution. A particular problem with airborne contamination monitors designed to detect alpha particles is that naturally occurring radon can be quite prevalent and may appear as contamination when low contamination levels are being sought. While there are many causes of radiation pollution (including research and medical procedures and waste, nuclear power plants, TVs, computers, radio waves, cell phones, etc. Various human-made causes are nuclear explosions, testing, and manufacturing of nuclear weapons, disposal of radiation waste, etc. Radiation has adverse effects when it comes to genetics. [citation needed], Contamination control products have been used by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the commercial nuclear industry for decades to minimize contamination on radioactive equipment and surfaces and fix contamination in place. To help with protection of people living in geographical areas which have been radioactively contaminated the International Commission on Radiological Protection has published a guide: "Publication 111 – Application of the Commission’s Recommendations to the Protection of People Living in Long-term Contaminated Areas after a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency".[12]. Radiation is potent that may spoil the cells present in the body of a living organism causing permanent damage to various organs or organ systems. For starters, such substances should be stored in radiation proof containers to ensure no seeping or leakage during handling. This is due to radiation from contamination located outside the human body. It would be the only component of the waste requiring special burial sites. Detection and measurement of surface contamination of personnel and plant is normally by Geiger counter, scintillation counter or proportional counter. (And Ways To Reuse Old Binders), Are Chip Bags Recyclable? [16] Radioactive pollution can be a very dangerous thing because radiation mutates DNA, causing abnormal growth and possibly cancer, and this radiation remains in the atmosphere for years, slowly diminishing over time. Elements like uranium and thorium, and their decay products, are present in rock and soil. These are used to check that persons exiting controlled areas do not carry contamination on their body or clothes. Radioactive contamination may also be ingested as the result of eating contaminated plants and animals or drinking contaminated water or milk from exposed animals. Following a major contamination incident, all potential pathways of internal exposure should be considered. Other units such as picoCuries per 100 cm2 or disintegrations per minute per square centimeter (1 dpm/cm2 = 167 Bq/m2) may be used. Causes of Radioactive Pollution: Radioactive pollution is increasing because of the increased use of radioactivity. Stopping radio active pollution can really help the environment! The testing of the nuclear weapon came into significance right after the emergence of the atomic age. In the event that a human or an animal is exposed to too much radiation from the atmosphere, the food consumed, and even water used then, the chances are that their bodies have already absorbed the radiation. (And Ways To Reuse Old Books), Are Tampons Biodegradable? Causes Of Radioactive Pollution There are many causes of radioactive pollution. Access to such areas is controlled by a variety of barrier techniques, sometimes involving changes of clothing and foot wear as required. Medical errors leading to death in U.S. hospitals are estimated to be between 44,000 and 98,000. Radon is a naturally occurring gas, and it spreads rapidly in the environment. 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