operation kentucky

Marine casualties were two killed and nine wounded for 83 NVA killed. On 30 November 2/9 Marines found and overran a PAVN bunker system killing 41 PAVN for the loss of 15 Marines killed and 53 wounded. The PAVN tried to escape across the trace line but were mowed down by artillery, tank, gunship and fixed-wing fire. [2]:139–140, Following their defeat in the Tet Offensive there was a marked decline in PAVN activity along the DMZ apart from ongoing artillery, rocket and mortar fire. The center provides information about the history of TVA, the development of the Kentucky Dam, TVA's current activities and natural resource management in the area. [2]:228, The PAVN continued to pressure the Marines particularly around the A-3 strongpoint between Con Thien and Gio Linh. One bunker system discovered 4 km meters due north of Con Thien spanned more than 1 km and included 242 well-constructed bunkers. The remainder of Company K moved to reinforce the ambushed platoon and were themselves ambushed from well-concealed PAVN bunkers, suffering 18 killed and 10 wounded in the first 5 minutes, including the Platoon commanders and their radio operators. [2]:394, Despite heavy rain during October, ground and aerial reconnaissance missions indicated the presence of a sizable PAVN force south of the Ben Hai River between Gio Linh and Con Thien. I pulled out my pistol and with Officer Cory Hart never again I could tell by his look that he wanted very much to burst [2]:126, At 02:15 on 2 February the PAVN attacked the Combined Action Company P headquarters at Cam Lộ. Line: 479 obvious that the officer had to turn to see what As PAVN activity continued to increase in the eastern DMZ, particularly north of Con Thien, the Marines decided to act. As directed, the Iron Rangers moved north on Highway 13 from Lai Khe to help the cavalry block the eastward movement of the 272nd and 273rd Regiments. [2]:390, On 4 September, a platoon from Company A, 61st Infantry was sent to the relief of Company M, 3/9 Marines which was engaged in battle with a reinforced PAVN company in bunkers west of Con Thien. Function: view, "Headquarters MACV Monthly Summary February 1969", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Operation_Kentucky&oldid=969655655. We Function: view, File: /home/ah0ejbmyowku/public_html/index.php PAVN artillery from north of the DMZ answered the American supporting arms with a 400-round barrage of its own on the Marines. After traveling about four kilometers, the lead elements were hit by RPG and automatic weapons fire about 0705. Moving in the darkness, the battalion’s elements linked up at EAGLE II about dawn without encountering the expected enemy resistance. In late July, the 1st Infantry Division placed the 1st Battalion under the operational control of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment to provide that unit with more infantry capability. Reinforced by the command group and a rifle platoon from Company H, the patrol engaged the PAVN with small arms and 81mm mortars. The operation ran from 1 November 1967 until 28 February 1969. Though outnumbered two to one, Cassels turned the battalion to attack in a southeasterly direction, with C Company on the right, A on the left, and his command track between the two. Soon, the enemy force attempted to flank the battalion, but the Iron Rangers countered the move and then began driving the enemy eastward in an attempt to push them into a clearing where the choppers of the 1st Cavalry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery (Aerial Rocket) could attack the NVA troops. [2]:40–6 On 31 December, Company I of 3/4 Marines on a patrol north from Strongpoint A-3 spotted PAVN soldiers in the southern DMZ, engaging the PAVN they soon realised that the PAVN occupied a line of bunkers in front of them. As part of the implementation of Duel Blade the "A" and "C" strongpoint sites considered essential would be used as fire support bases, while those of no value, such as A-3 and C-3, would be closed. Marine mortars and artillery and two UH-1E Huey gunships from VMO-6 provided supporting fire and Company I was able to withdraw sustaining only 4 wounded, while the PAVN had lost at least 35 dead.

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