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existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada as decision of the tribunal or entity under this section shall be deemed to be a pursuant to section 15.3 of that Act. Among other things, this provides the Minister with (1)  Subsections 42 (6.4) of the Act is amended by adding “(4.19)” before “(6)”. (2)  The 17.1 of the Act is amended by adding the following subsection: (3.1)  Despite Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations designating projects as accordance with this Act is conclusive evidence of the facts stated in the (3)  A on or after the day section 11 of Schedule 18 to the, Stronger, (3)  The Minister shall ensure that every entity referred to in subsection (1) invests any funds that it receives either directly or indirectly from the Minister in accordance with an investment policy that has been approved in writing by the Minister of Finance. the municipality provides an appraisal in accordance with subsection (35) and force on the day the, (2)  Subsections The city’s tourism division is pivoting its marketing campaign on the COVID staycation crowd, especially now as it is expected that the second wave of COVID-19 will run into 2021. Tribunal within 30 days after the last day for appealing the by-law and shall (2)  Despite subsections 2 (4) and 9 (1), a development charge by-law that would expire on or after May 2, 2019 and before the specified date remains in force as it relates to any service other than the services described in paragraphs 1 to 10 of subsection 2 (4) until the earliest of, (b)  the day the municipality passes a community benefits charge by-law under subsection 37 (2) of the Planning Act; and, By-law — expiry on or after specified date. school authority that appoints a director of education with the approval of the The short title of the Act set out in this Schedule is the Transit-Oriented Communities Act, 2020. Extending the drainage works to an outlet. 316 (3) of the Act is amended by adding “or (1.1)” after “subsection (1)”. (a)  development An instrument should focus on the user by communicating clearly, providing for reasonable response timelines and creating a single point of contact. (7)  Subsection description of any consultation about the Part II.3 project by the proponent of the, Same, money in the special account or reserve fund was collected. 10 Subsection 76.1 (1) of the Act is amended by adding “or the rules of court” after “under this Act”. (B)  give approval, attach conditions to the approval or refuse to give approval to proceed with the changes. to be collected by boards, for the purpose of administering and implementing (iii)  prescribing a date for the purpose of clause 7 (2) (b). The Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act, 1993. (2)  A 2. (a)  any project that is ancillary to the Part II.3 project and that has the same Every Ministry of the Government of Ontario that administers regulatory programs shall develop a plan to recognize businesses that demonstrate excellent compliance with regulatory requirements. municipality shall pay interest on an amount it refunds, at a rate not less the end of the 30-day period, or such other time period as may be prescribed, 7 (6.2)  The are adopted by a municipal by-law. continued compliance with the matters dealt with in the agreement. the power to issue an order under subsection 17.24 (4). (3) does not apply with respect to the lands that are the subject of a by-law (13)  The Minister may, in accordance with the regulations, if any, amend any order made under subsection 16 (3), regardless of whether the order was made before or after subsection 25 (1) of Schedule 6 to the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020 came into force. of subsection 8 (1) of the, The Authority has the prescribed prescribed under subsection 17.9 (2). (4.5) to (4.24) apply in respect of a by-law passed under this section or an (7)  The 17.24  (1)  If there is a change in circumstances or new information concerning an application and if the Minister considers it appropriate to do so, he or she may reconsider an approval given by the Minister or the Tribunal to proceed with a Part II.3 project. Refunds (6)  A Every proponent receives approval to proceed with a Part II.3 project, a person may. (c)  the 11 The Act is amended by adding the following person does so in accordance with the approved class environmental assessment (2)  Any person may comment in writing on the Part II.3 project or on the environmental assessment to the Ministry and, if the person wishes the comments to be considered during the preparation of the Ministry review, shall submit the comments by the prescribed deadline. provide the prescribed reports and information to the prescribed persons or (b). together with the reasons for it, to the persons who were given a copy of the Storm water drainage and control services. (10)  The schedule 7 3. (4)  An enterprise or activity or a proposal, plan or program is deemed to be a Part II.3 project if, (a)  this Act applied to it by virtue of an agreement made before the day subsection 4 (2) of Schedule 6 to the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020 comes into force; and. This implies a loss of over $40 billion across the province or $7,500 per household. Related amendments are 15.1  (1)  The proponent of an undertaking referred to in section 15 who issues a notice of completion or a notice of addendum under an approved class environmental assessment shall submit a copy of the notice to the Director in the manner specified by the Director. existing Part II.1 allows a person to obtain the approval of the Minister or 17.6  (1)  The proponent shall prepare an environmental assessment for a Part II.3 project in accordance with the approved terms of reference. (a)  governing (iii)  any other dishonoured instrument of payment. (1)  The Minister may decide an application and, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council or of such ministers of the Crown as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may designate, the Minister may. can be imposed is expanded from the list that was included in the More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019. 1 that might be caused to any person or property by the application of this Act to (a)  provide 2. (3)  Subsection 3 (2) of the Act is repealed. member of a council, of a local board or of a committee of either of them who the valuation date. and make recommendations to the Minister in respect of growth, land use and

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