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Environment - Environmental cooperation is part of the EEA agreement, and almost all EU environmental … The Norwegian Environment Agency has the overall editorial responsibility. About 50 per cent of Norwegian emissions is covered by the EU Emission Trading System (EU-ETS). - Norway intends to fullfil its 2030 climate commitment jointly with the EU and its member states. Environmental Issues. When Norwegians had their environmentalist awakenings during the 1960s, they began dealing with localized ecological issues and the consequences of using hydroelectric power. Image Credits: V. Belov/ Norway’s emissions of gree… Norway is committed to an ambitious climate policy and has a target of 30 % GHG emissions reduction by 2020 relative to 1990 levels. Information. They can appreciate its beauty, but they also realize that this leaves them with less land that can provide for them. Major environmental pressures in Norway in the years to come are likely to include a continued trend towards urbanisation, increased energy demand, and an increase in the rate of climate change. About SOE Norway; Contact. Much of Norway’s acid rain stems from sulfur dioxide emissions originating mainly in the United Kingdom. This has given them a fairly positive view of nature. With about 70 percent of the land uninhabitable, Norwegians have always had ample wilderness available. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has assigned the production of State of the Environment Norway to the environmental authorities. One of the most serious environmental problems facing Norway is acid rain, a form of air pollution caused by industrial activity. The city of Bergen is especially famous for its rainy disposition (almost half a meter of rain in January 2015), but every part of the country sees long, gray, wet spells that leave people in the same state of melancholy as the dark winters. Norway and the environment are like everyone's model couple – from the outside, they seem like a perfect match but close examination reveals a darker picture. 3. The wet gets to be depressing. These challenges included sewage pollution in the Oslo fjord and several inland waterways, as well as industrial pollution and species decline. Factbook > Countries > Norway > Geography Environment - current issues: water pollution; acid rain damaging forests and adversely affecting lakes, threatening fish stocks; air pollution from vehicle emissions Biodiversity is under pressure in Norway as well as other parts of the world. Norway would then also contribute to emission reductions in non-ETS sectors. More than 80 per cent of domestic emissions is subject to mandatory emissions trading, a CO2 tax, or both. The cold is mostly annoying. Acid rain has damaged many of Norway’s forests and waterways. Environmental issues in Norway. An oil drilling platform in Tromsø, Norway.

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