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While RV parks exist near Sequoia’s entrance, to snag a spot in one of the official park campgrounds, or even nearby Kings Canyon, is an experience in and of itself, putting you as close to the heart of the action (or utter peace) of these mighty giants as possible. Whether you’re crossing the country in an RV on an extended road trip or simply looking for a peaceful place to get away for a long weekend, there’s a campsite for you. Crossing North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most-visited national park in the United States, but once you visit, you’ll see why. National park camping allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of our country’s most stunning destinations, from the Pacific coastline of Olympic National Park in Washington to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Acadia National Park. The fullname of this playground near Mount Shasta is Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area, and though it’s a mouthful, the forests and lakes surrounding snow-capped Mt. Elkmont Campground, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s hot, empty, maybe a little downtrodden at times. Still, the campgrounds put you within decent proximity of the park itself, and one in particular, Newhalem Creek, provides the rare combination of cell service within a national park campground. For a state so full of splendor, it’s kind of baffling that Oregon is only home to a handful of national parks, and only two that you can camp directly within in your RV. Thus, if you’d like to take advantage of RV camping directly within the park, it’s best to plan well ahead, as you’ll be competing with visitors from every corner of Earth for one of the relatively few, but prized, spots to camp in the park that can accommodate recreational vehicles. The national monument hosts an official campground, and is surrounded by BLM land and private parks, too. Mount Revelstoke National Park. It has 200 drive-up sites and nine wheelchair-accessible options (you can make reservations online). Imagine big lakes, bighorn sheep and even bigger canyons cut through it all. The “terrible lizards” who once roamed here have forever left their impression in the rocks of Dinosaur National Monument. You have everything going for you, a nifty state abbreviation, a memorable musical bearing your name, and smack dab in the middle of the nation! Travel + Leisure is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation Travel + Leisure Group All Rights Reserved, registered in the United States and other countries. Additionally, like its sister state to the south, Washington offers everything from coastal neverlands to big glacier covered mountains to distant high desert. Depending on how you enter, not all campgrounds require you to traverse this road, but we’d be bad neighbors if we didn’t at least warn you to do a little research first. Be warned if you do visit Wind Cave and take the cave tour, they will turn out all of the lights, and should you recall the boogieman from your childhood, you may need an extra pair of skivvies when the journey is all said and done. Here’s What You Need to Know. Visit the Parks Canada website dedicated to camping during COVID-19, plan ahead, and be well-prepared for your visit. Pyramid-like ruins, hiking trails and that austere desert scenery New Mexico is known for populate this national monument. While some controversy exists around the recreation areas formation, particularly the damming of the river, for those interested in participating in the myriad of aquatic activities available here, RV camping is certainly available. In an attempt at compromise, the people living on the land were allowed to remain, now citizens of a national park, for the remainder of their lives. There are 13 drive-in campgrounds at Glacier National Park; Fish Creek Campground offers 178 campsites in the western part of the park. With the second closest place to camp over an hour away, Gallo Campground in Chaco Culture National Historic Park may be one of the hardest places to get to (especially if you don’t have a reservation). Offers may be subject to change without notice. This grand general of a volcano towers above the State of Washington with such prominence it can be seen from Seattle some two hours drive away…when the weather cooperates anyway. The Golden State is a place of legend. Indeed, cities worth of travelers, adventurers, hikers, climbers, campers and those just looking to experience the fabled legend of this national park flock here every year to watch the water fall or the moon rise over the epic cliffs and domes that comprise this valley and its surrounding mountains and forests. Surrounded by dodgy sounding characters like Carlsbad and Brokeoff Mountain, this national park at the far western edge of Texas is for those who enjoy the road less traveled. Add hip cities and strip mall free small towns, endless national forests and some of the most scenic drives winding through it all, and it’s no wonder the Centennial State draws millions of RVers every year to its multitude of national parks. Note: For Missouri National Recreation River, see South Dakota. When it comes to exploring Texas, don’t be surprised if you find yourself within a stone’s throw of our neighbor to the south. When it comes to rugged expanses of ice cream cone snowcaps coating silver mountains with prominence rarely seen elsewhere in the Continental US, Colorado can’t be topped. Wendy Olsen/Getty Images. WHERE: Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. Given that Idaho is perhaps the wildest, most asperous states, it may seem strange that it’s national parks with RV camping are limited to one location named for an otherworldly body. Firstly, we should note that missing from this list is the Black Hills National Forest. While it is indeed the hoodoos (said by local legend to be the ungrateful souls frozen in stone from a peoples long gone extinct), that make this park famous, its the bristlecone pines that deserve the real praise, given their literal ancient lifespan that needs no shroud of mystery to convey their living legend status. Heading South This Winter? You’ll simply have to camp it to believe it. Mather Campground is located on the South Rim in the Grand Canyon Village, which has lodges, a visitor center, and more, and it usually accepts reservations up to six months out. Moraine Park Campground is one of five campgrounds here, and it offers beautiful views of the park and mountains with 244 reservable campsites. While the park has suffered the woes of man in a variety of forms, it has never lost its grandeur, and is so near to many of the most interesting small towns, historical sites and cool cities that Colorado has to offer, to pass it by would be to miss out on perhaps everything Colorado is about. A little farther north, even more opportunities to splash around in the summer sunshine exist in the Gauley National River. Home of the remnant city and villages of an ancient cliffdwelling people, Mesa Verde offers a glimpse into a native civilization who transitioned from the more typical life of the wandering peoples who inhabited the US to one of tall buildings carved into the side of the valley faces.

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