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Read More: How do I Change a Child's Name on Vital Records in Georgia? Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, Petition for name change; notice of filing; consent of minor's parents or guardian; service on parents or guardian; time of hearing; judgment; clerk's fees. that is degrading to another person. However, spouses might also wish to join their names with a hyphen. Try Before You Buy! You may obtain a copy of this Petition from the Clerk of Superior Court of Henry County, located at No. NAME CHANGE & LEGAL FORMS ONLINE: Georgia Name Change for an Adult - $29.95: Georgia Name Change for a Minor Child - $29.95: Legal Technician-Prepared GA Name Change for an Adult - $99.95: Legal Technician-Prepared GA Name Change for a Minor Child - $99.95 Make sure to read all information carefully as you fill out the documentation for each place that you wish to change your name. : 20CV1256HV In re the Name Change of Child(ren): Alynn E Woods-Dukes Alyssa S Woods Petitioner. Each will require proof of the name change, and in some cases a fee may be charged to process the name change. This usually happens in cases of adoption, divorce or remarriage when the minor wishes to take a different parent’s last name. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. In this packet you will find two similar petitions for changing a child’s birth certificate. (Code 1933, § 79-503, enacted by Ga. L. 1961, p. 129, § 3.). Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Threats of harming another If you’re changing your name due to marriage, you can request your new name on your marriage certificate application. If no one objects after 30 days, a judge will hear the case. Given under the hand and seal of said court, this the ______day of ________________________, ________. Change of name with fraudulent intent not authorized. ��&2h�$"�f N�S_VL� �|����">���Q�RFg۔Q۔ᷔ���Ŕ>��d�.xE��b2q�#�~Š!��������O"�l@7����Qk�m�{%Ð� 0$꿒B�J��J{Rx��a!5(!�02Or���vS>S�����iÚQ����������b&/��;�YU��������ܵH�a}MO��t���9���^������х��.�m����?.C&%����/s����1���Jl�+��r�c7.�{G?h���F��"b�4h�{c�K��ۭ�J�S���(�z���[�m�Y����Ü�HH�5�Y��!,�L �����-?�9����W�L�r;��c^Ʒ�g�%�6Q�Yh�>`'i�l� {m��Lަ�_�{�4#Cm�����U>�� �? Instructions for Name Change for Minor Children — Rev. Share with Us. Instructions for Name Change for Minor Children — Rev. You must also serve a copy of your written answer upon Plaintiff, whose address is as follows: Your answer must be made within sixty (60) days of the date of the Order for Service by Publication. Henry County, Georgia Public Records Directory - Quickly find public record sources in the largest human edited public record directory. Provided by the Henry County Superior Court 7/2014 INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAME CHANGE OF MINOR CHILD(REN) ON BIRTH CERTIFICATE INSTRUCTIONS There are various reasons and ways to change a child’s name or a parent’s name on the child’s birth certificate. Divorce/name change: Contact The Daily Herald for details; Trade name: $40.00 PUBLICATION FEE TO: Henry Daily Herald ( 200 words) $60.00 PUBLICATION FEE ( OVER 200 WORDS ) Miscellaneous Costs. Slight chance of a rain shower. FREE Will, Power of Attorney & Living Will. 18 0 obj or anything. Certificate of change of name; use as evidence; form of certificate. 100% Court Approval Guarantee. (a) At any time after the entry of the final order of change of name, upon the request of the petitioner requesting the change of name, the clerk of the court granting the same shall issue to the petitioner a certificate of change of name, under the seal of the court, upon payment to the clerk of the fee provided in paragraph (4) of subsection (g) of Code Section 15-6-77. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.. Overcast. Children, via their parents or legal guardians, can also petition for a name change. vs. Find property records, vital records, inmate and court records, professional and business licenses, contractor licenses and much more. stream Don't knowingly lie about anyone (Ga. L. 1875, p. 103, § 1; Code 1882, § 1787a; Civil Code1895, § 2495; Civil Code 1910, § 3014; Code 1933, §79-501; Ga. L. 1943, p. 260, § 1; Ga. L. 1961, p. 129, §1; Ga. L. 1973, p. 504, § 1; Ga. L. 1977, p. 1098, § 10;Ga. L. 1978, p. 1365, § 1.). Vehicle registration, voter registration and the post office will need notice of the name change. Be Nice. Filing instructions After filing the petition, post a notice of your new name in the local newspaper once a week for four weeks. How to Change the Last Name of a Child in Georgia, How to Change Last Name at Cincinnati Clerk of Courts. If one of the parents lives out of state and receives the petition through the mail, the judge will wait 60 days to hear the case. (d) In all cases, before a minor child's name may be changed, the parent or parents of the child shall be served with a copy of the petition. A parent or legal guardian can petition the court to change a child’s name. ]�Dc�:A]1��)��6L�0���LfZ(����~y��c�[��Y8:���е��XtuC���?�4��]^�A5-�a��8S�Xv��F3:��y^���|��������w���{�n�,�&t��u n}�yQ޼�_�������f{"�UOY&�K:*�i˔&JWu��fy3t�Z������QN#r4��J�SM_����/� _��N��A\��~����$'�^|��� 4u�*�*q�0{�p�'%�ʭdifn��wؠ��II���E>rT-�W�i�iE���/��U��t����Ш��s��,f�Zaۖy;��q�+G�_5u��9���;|u��Ժ������Q]���E,�/K��e�ڮ@u@�t@�0�������#�D�tB�tF�4���>�G��~����G�]�ܗ㩗�wՍ �@�1�0�i ß�9�% EiA_�/�����vT]Q�NWw..��2l��Į�%Z�ubٌ���Db�5�x9r͋Ÿ]�x�*}%�+�~G�d���}��r��B=BE8��\L�%�q*�2���l�o�,_�X%=��Ե�E�;�r�TO���Md��r}���J� ��B����=�k2����(G�> �(I����N�¸y����M��s&"�o����.� ���3��1��5KG�g�wz��:����p�~;��%Ӂ�߮��V�R�vX���^��rjY��^9�+�)�'z���p��?f�;G��V8L��^�*��b�~!_F\�h⠏Ÿ��;ӌ?��!�߽W?�7�6��$i��L��Kb�ژ�ƕ��k�m�%M�� �Y��xf��)���E��Ƴ$H����6�m��� b:K������U������B�;,h0\^u���S�vޘ��b����M��C@�7�*�) �U[����օ���I2@#��x9��'����D�^Ju��oG>��yr����_Ī &�T9�0��0!�l�$�fFk�3T�46�����&��Z�g�4�T-�:�[dF�T`��9=�2�70*�����y,�F�JELt�R� ���q Changing your name in the state of Georgia is a simple process that varies depending on the reasons for the change. People change their names for different reasons. endobj Marriage and divorce are among the most common as the wife takes a new last name or resorts to a maiden name. x�Xio�F�+�1A���$�"�l�I����&mS����Ć"�J����ݥlI��A!���x���Вq��L�,M,3,��Y&��,�+Q,e��eL$\2��� List the reasons for wanting your name change and verify that the information you’re presenting is correct. If you file for divorce in George, a court order for a name change is part of the divorce proceedings. You’re not required to change your name, and you can revert to any previous name you desire. also included. March 2014 Page 1 Provided by the Atlanta Legal Aid Society INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAME CHANGE OF MINOR CHILDREN FIRST, HERE IS WHAT A NAME CHANGE FOR MINOR CHILD DOES NOT DO: The legal procedure of name change does not change the legal status of the child or the father in any way. We'd love to hear eyewitness (b) Within seven days of the filing of the petition, the petitioner shall cause a notice of the filing, signed by him, to be published in the official legal organ of the county once a week for four weeks. Once your name change is approved, you have 60 days in which to notify the DMV and Social Security office. (c) If the petition seeks to change the name of a minor child, the written consent of his parent or parents if they are living and have not abandoned the child, or the written consent of the child's guardian if both parents are dead or have abandoned the child, shall be filed with the petition, except that the written consent of a parent shall not be required if the parent has not contributed to the support of the child for a continuous period of five years or more immediately preceding the filing of the petition. A child’s name change doesn’t change a parent’s legal status as custodian. 1 Courthouse Square, McDonough, GA 30253 or (770) 288-8022. If the applicant’s name is being changed because of a marriage or a divorce, the name change forms are not needed. High 72F. Deb's has an interest in legal matters and has been writing content for websites such as Legal Zoom, Wiley Publishing, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for over ten years. Please log in, or sign up for a new, free account to read or post comments. Plats. If the parent or parents reside within this state, service of the petition shall be made in person, except that if the location or address of the parent is unknown, service of the petition on the parent shall be made by publication as provided in this Code section. Serving Pro Se Filers on the Net Since 1998, Georgia Name Change for an Adult - $29.95, Georgia Name Change for a Minor Child - $29.95, Legal Technician-Prepared GA Name Change for an Adult - $99.95, Legal Technician-Prepared GA Name Change for a Minor Child - $99.95. Be Proactive. %PDF-1.5 Don't forget you may need to change your name on other documents too. Nothing contained in this chapter shall authorize any person to change his name with a view to deprive another fraudulently of any right under the law. (a) Any person desirous of changing his name or the name or names of his minor child or children may present a petition to the superior court of the county of his residence, setting forth fully and particularly the reasons why the change is asked, which petition shall be verified by the petitioner. Georgia Code 19-12-2. Name changes outside of marriage or divorce require a petition in superior court and a public announcement to make sure no one objects. each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Cloudy skies. 20-CV-1256-HV, on June 5, 2020, a Petition which seeks to change minors last name from Woods-Dukes to Woods. There are different procedures for changing your name in Georgia, depending on the reasons for the name change. The judge will likely grant the divorce and name change at the same time. ... 140 Henry Parkway McDonough, GA 30253 If written objections are filed by any interested or affected party within the time limits specified in subsection (f) of Code Section 19-12-1, the court shall thereupon proceed to hear the matter at chambers. racist or sexually-oriented language. <> (Seal of court) ________________________________ Clerk (Code 1933, § 79-504, enacted by Ga. L. 1968, p. 327, §1; Ga. L. 1991, p. 1324, § 5; Ga. L. 1999, p. 81, § 19.). All documents must be submitted to the superior court which has jurisdiction in the county where the applicant resides. (b) The certificate of change of name shall be in substantially the following form: This is to certify that ____________________________ (name of petitioner) has obtained final order of change of name in the Superior Court of __________________________ County, Georgia, on the ______ day of ________________________, ________, as shown by the records of the court. <> 7/2014 INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAME CHANGE OF MINOR CHILD(REN) WHAT THIS FORM DOES NOT DO: • The legal procedure of a name change does not change the legal status of the child or the father in any way. Deb Ng is a freelance writer and published author with over 17 years of experience in creating content for the web. x�X�n�F�������Mv���q��6�6aU���㱙��~��n�;� 8���*Y6��{Ϲ_g�zrqk¬��'�s�r���vA��oO>�l�����~r5�p�r�w�ޟ �}�a�o3Ļ6:��&���@<. The name (or names) of ____________________________ (full name prior to entry of the final order of change of name) has (or have) been changed to _______________________(full name after entry of the final order of change of name). Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. If four weeks go by and no one objects to a name change, you can schedule a final hearing and a judge will hear the case. Keep it Clean. Generally, the Petition alleges that Alyssa Woods seeks to change minor child's name from Alynn Woods-Dukes to Alynn Woods. %���� If the parent or parents reside outside this state, service of the petition on the parent or parents residing outside this state shall be made by certified mail if the address is known or by publication as provided in this Code section if the address is not known. vs. NOTICE OF FILING PETITION FOR MINOR NAME CHANGE To Adrian A Dukes Pursuant to an Order for Publication signed by the Honorable Holly Veal on June 14, 2020, you are hereby notified that a Petition for minor name change has been filed in the Superior Court of Henry County, Georgia, Case No.

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