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Such a moving performance by Rajini. மலையாள வடிவத்தில் ரஜினி கதாபாத்திரத்தில் மது தன் சிறப்பான நடிப்பால் வாசு என்ற பாத்திரத்தை செய்திருந்தாலும், அவரிடம் அந்த வேகம்,இளமை ,குறும்பு,தீ இல்லை. The man is all fire and brimstone as Kaali, a nicely flawed character away from all the characters we usually know him for. Easily Thala's most moving performance along with Thalapathy. Starring Rajinikanth and not being…. 1978 Certainly worth a watch for the legendary Tamil director, and to take you back when Tamil movies were great. ‘முள்ளும் மலரும்’ novel contest held in connection with the celebration of the J. Mahendran handled the story really well and Balu Mahendra was the cinematographer...v.v. google_ad_client = "pub-6605511876609007"; Even the sibling bond is shown with utmost warmth. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Review by MovieMavenGal (aka Pardesi) ★★★★½. 'The Thorn and the Flower' or 'Even a Thorn Will Bloom'; pronounced [muɭɭum maɭaɾum]) is a 1978 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by Mahendran. concentrated effort started around early 2015, when i realized i'd only seen a small range of forum favorites. A list of the top 100 Indian films as per Letterboxd ratings. It shocked me to find out that this film is his debut.... this movie looked like it was made from an experienced long-term filmmaker. The movie deals with the brother sister relationship between Kaali and valli, Kaali's ego with the divisional engineer Kumaran. Sarath Babu arrives as the new engineer. Shoba in the lead, the film was filmed by Balu Mahendra and I revommend that anyone who isn't fond of Rajini in particular should watch this film! Mullum Malarum Tamil Movie Star cast: Rajnikant, Shoba, Fatafat Jayalakshmi, Sarath BabuDirected by: J. MahendranMusic: IlayarajaRajnikant and Shoba are siblings. IMDb A movie which depicts about a Self made Winch operator and his sister . Rajni is a winch operator for the power house. Jayalakshmi seeks shelter in Rajni's house and he allows her to stay. About the list and how to use it We set out to make a list encapsulating the essential films of…. Rajinikanth puts in his best efforts to bring to life on screen Kaali, the compassionate commoner who loves his sister more than anyone or anything else in the whole world and who is easily driven by emotions susceptible to any common man. முள்ளும் மலரும் தான் இதில் சந்தேகமின்றி மாஸ்டர்பீஸ், காளி கதாபாத்திரம் செய்த மூவரில் ரஜினி அற்புதமான நடிகர், அவர் தயாரிப்பாளர்கள் பணம் சம்பாதிக்க வேண்டி தன்னை விட்டுக் கொடுத்து விட்டவர்,"சார்,ரெண்டு கையும் ,ரெண்டு காலும் போனாக்கூட காளிங்கறவன் பொளச்சுக்குவான் சார்,கெட்ட பய சார் அவன் " என்னும் வசனத்தை அவர் பேசுகையில் தான் அதன் வீரியம் புரிகிறது. "Mullum Malarum" is my first, J. Mahendran film. i end up…. Mullum Malarum is an exceptional drama which still stands after over 40 years since its release. And he's quite good.

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