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0000010179 00000 n 0000008699 00000 n ’ Bioregions Within the MSHCP Plan Area, large perc entages of the Agua Tibia mountains (80.3 percent, 10,130 0000013348 00000 n MCHCP is a separate, stand-alone state entity created by statute and organized under the direction of a 13-member board of trustees. Newsletter Our Staff FAQ Programs. The purpose of this Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) compliance document was to provide an analysis for the 67.25-acre subject property and Junipero Road. The MSHCP planning process has included the local agencies, which will be Local Permittees and signatories to the IA. 0000014289 00000 n MSHCP also requires a riparian/riverine and vernal pool habitat assessment within the project site which were conducted by biologists from RCA Associates, Inc. Please call 951-955-9700 for further assistance. 1.5.3 NCCP Act (California Natural Community Document Library. x��[[O��~G�?��^1��{KL��ղ��@�����g{�� '��O]�}�!��(� vߪ��._U��ӢJ�������iU�������:_�y|�m�_��l^�yv���5#�ߑt�"9�]�:�rx [�F�����'�a�%,h�a�[�L3k��q9��5�ͼ0,i�Z��dM�0�7a�g.,�t�B�2*�ɍj��`�1�E? The MSHCP establishes a reserve system, with a focus on conserving species associated with development. 0000009642 00000 n 0000012222 00000 n 0000025263 00000 n Other reports, maps and information are provided in PDF Document Format. ⁠ (MSHCP) consistency analysis for the approximately 79-acre Rockport Ranch Project site located in the City of Menifee, Riverside County California. 0000016645 00000 n Please call 951-955-9700 for further assistance. endobj 0000001248 00000 n CONSULTATION DOCUMENT FOR THE NISOURCE MSHCP Biological Opinion, Incidental Take Statement, Informal Consultation, & related documents U.S. 1.5.1 Soils The Property was comprised of five soil series as depicted by Figure 4 … 0000037748 00000 n MCHCP is driven by our vision to be recognized and valued by our members as their advocate in providing affordable, accessible, quality health care options. 0000006498 00000 n 0000065821 00000 n Within the MSHCP Plan Area, the CDCA Plan addresses several wilderness areas and "Areas of Critical Environmental Concern" (ACECs). 3 0 obj 0000002673 00000 n 60 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 62 /H [ 1321 541 ] /L 327233 /E 66674 /N 15 /T 325915 >> endobj xref 60 45 0000000016 00000 n The description of Cores and L inkages is provide d in Section 3.2.3 of this document. MSHCP. The RCA office is currently closed to the public until further notice. 0000012801 00000 n 0000011648 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Home / About RCA / Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan / MSHCP- Volume Two: The Reference Document. If you notice any activities that could damage our precious environments (illegal dumping, unauthorized motor vehicles, hunting), please feel free to report it here or by calling (951) 637-6981. Home / About RCA / Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan. Location: MSHCP > VOLUME 4 > APPENDIX B ALTERNATIVES SCREENING DOCUMENT Introduction. 0000038843 00000 n %PDF-1.5 The Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (WR-MSHCP) is a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) focusing on conservation of species and their associated habitats in Western Riverside County. 0000007830 00000 n <>/Metadata 1184 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1185 0 R>> 0000013327 00000 n In addition to preparing a DBESP for the proposed project, this document also presents a consistency determination to ensure that the proposed project is in compliance with the goals and objectives of the MSHCP, including Section 6.1.4, Guidelines Pertaining Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan for the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority For the latest updates about coronavirus and related issues click here . 0000016093 00000 n About RCACurrent AgendaConservationDevelopment, Contact usPhoto GalleryMapsDocument Library, MonitoringManagementVideosSB 272 CatalogSpecies of the Month, (951) 955-9700(951) 955-8873info@wrc-rca.org3403 10th Street, Suite 320Riverside, CA 92501, Copyright © 2019 Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority, Business Hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, MSHCP- Volume Two: The Reference Document, Help Us Protect WESTERN Riverside County’s Open Spaces, Evandel Bergstein and Evandel Wilson Acquisitions, Oak Valley/San Timoteo Canyon Acquisition, Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, Introduction, Overview of MSHCP Plan Area, Introduction to Species Accounts ( 2.25 MB ), Habitat Accounts, Alluvial Scrub through Subalpine Coniferous Forest ( 2.49 MB), Correspondence, Internal Documents, and Reference Documents ( 1.75 MB ). 0000014807 00000 n H�b```f``�d`c`��c`@ ��$�}�Xϳ����)�����&����l�x�U��Cb�D�1��������w[=X��9�n[?����w�.t ED@"�=�O�|����E�"_�N@e}�K0E�k�. The MSHCP Conservation Area may also be described in terms of Cores and L inkages. 0000005096 00000 n <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

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