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It was indeed a pretty view, unlike any of we have come across in Alaska or Canada, but we’re unconvinced it was worth 4 hours and 112 miles of our day. Help. The hillside with no pullout so thus there are no pictures… We must be back in Canada. Hwy 101 E, South Porcupine, ON. We drove another 3 miles out of the way to see Pine Creek Waterfall, a series of falls into big pools. 0000001148 00000 n Your email address will not be published. The road ends at the town of Telegraph Creek in 71 miles, but our destination was an overlook only 56 miles away. Favorise la croissance économique, les investissements et la création d’emplois dans le Nord de l’Ontario Assure la prestation des programmes et services gouvernement aux et la diffusion de renseignements dans le Nord de la province, incluant : Les programmes […] Keep it clean or admin will delete. The babies quills are soft when they are born but turn hard within hours. It gobbles away noisily until just before dawn and then slips away into the foliage to slumber in a burrow - a veritable Winnie the Pooh. That’s right, 120 miles extra of basically everything we’ve seen. y�0��>���:��FN���As~��(����3I�g�aH C�� S�����a�-l��ZZ������$���d\E�� �$��g���qVz���`��3қ�#�> �� The last 15 miles really seemed to drag on. Of course it was walking away so here is what a porcupine’s butt looks like. One local was the fishing charter captain for the lake, boasting 3 lake trout this season weighing over 30 pounds. Crazy, eh? It just went on and on. 148 0 obj <> endobj xref 148 14 0000000016 00000 n Aide les populations du Nord à édifier des collectivités plus épanouies et des économies plus prospères. Phone Number. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. General enquiries: 705-670-5755 Toll-free: 1-888-415-9845 TTY: 1-866-349-1388 Media enquiries: 416-314-6275 or Fax: 705-670-5818 Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines 159 Cedar Street Sudbury, ON P3E 6A5. (Mark made a view of the log cabin if you want to see it on facebook.). Terrible for fishing as it is shallow too far out, the water is stunning, backdropped by some snow topped hills. The head, neck, sides and underbody are covered with dark bristly hair. Porcupines unlike most mammals don't hibernate. The tail has hollow quills that function as a warning rattle when shaken. There was a log cabin halfway down the road that we pulled over at. Town of South Porcupine (Figure 2). There’s a sign on the door to take anything you want inside as long as you trade something for it. This article is a stub. If cornered by a predator then it erects its quills and keeps its vulnerable head away from the attacker. This was definitely the place to stop for a cup of coffee with a side of gossip. A black bear posed for us around mile 20. We were really flying at 100 km/h (62mph). Helps northerners build stronger, more prosperous economies and communities Promotes economic growth, investment and job creation in Northern Ontario Delivers and promotes Ontario government programs, services and information across the North, including: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) programs We had just pulled into the campground trying to find a spot when an outgoing camper parked blocking our way and walked over to our truck. g����endstream endobj 205 0 obj <> stream If we didn’t know we were in Canada, we’d think this lake was in the Caribbean. South Porcupine is serviced by Highway 101 East which travels east from the City of Timmins. Box 3060, Hwy 101 East SOUTH PORCUPINE ON Phone: (705) 235-1600 Mining Lands Consultant Ministry of Northern Development and Mines 10 Government Road East KIRKLAND LAKE ON We snapped a few pics and watched it for a little bit before continuing our original aim. 0000001248 00000 n Of course our day got a much later start than expected after chores and a nice hike so by the time we reached Carcross, and the time change losing an hour, we ended up bypassing the town. >.��4��X�c���Z�v�b���7L3c6Os5�����!��ph� �/j_}��vص��W��SMq���S� � �� w.��S�q�I0�]Pe[�Us!�:S�d���(\[}��� ! The Cassiar Highway is the alternate route of the Alaska Highway and we are looking forward to a different view from this road. There are 2 short trails on the either side of the campground which Molly couldn’t wait to walk on. 0000001104 00000 n We haven’t had cell or internet service in 2 days and probably won’t again for a few more days, which is frustrating for us with the responsibilities we have back home, so it was worth it to get WiFi, even though they limit it to one hour. 0000001238 00000 n }3aD}W��M�]����L�V�ȝR2v document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3ea1aea55790a43269e125cefcfd407" );document.getElementById("d69c222a59").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); We'd love to connect with you on any of the following social media platforms. South Porcupine Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Hard to photograph, but stunning to see. 27�"�;�K�Zk��FJ�1�#=E��@Ŵ5��C���[^��W�h� ��(��57 Q����vcfk9tut��3�#^�o\���YBV$˵����z�~�e����r�s/ѯ�Ł���}�곭�Z5^�Q��7oi3 What would you do-oo-ooo for a Klondike Bar?? R ���������� C #|�ȚG�1ФP\>)����J��V{���.>�BΉE��mt��T�. 435 James Street South Suite B003 THUNDER BAY ON Phone: (807) 475-1311 Mining Lands Consultant Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Ontario Government Complex P.O. Get inspired and receive our exclusive specials, Porcupines on the red Kalhari dunes, Kgalagadi, A wary porcupine with crest errected, KwaZulu Natal. ��Cv��.�ba�t�쟌k����w���M,R>,�P4?���Y�� E!� ���ʔW�s� All Rights Reserved. The name "porcupine" is a combination of the Latin and French words for pig and spine, roughly translating as "quill pig" which is also the meaning of the Afrikaans name Ystervark. It’s hard to describe the differences, we see trees, rocks, hills, lakes, ponds on every road, but yet this road is different than any we’ve been on yet. Tél. 4315 Gold Mine Road, South Porcupine ON, P0N 1H0 Description Sample # Customer No Customer Contact Person Date rec Date Complete Element Value Unit Comment Purchase Order 10 Revised Job Order Saralyn Hayward Dome Geology - Core Jan/02/14 0 Sample Type: Core 18-Nov-14 Method ID: FA-4_FA_Au-FA4 PORCUPINE GOLD MINES P.O. Box 70 4315 Gold Mine Ro South Porcupine ON P0N 1H0 … ..., See all hours. �7�|5�N�iŀ�_�w�O��v!�. Porcupines are short and fat. If Mark were ever to design and own a campground, it would have looked a lot like Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground in Iskut, BC. This is strictly for PERSONAL BUY and SELL items available in South Porcupine/Porcupine area ONLY! Instead, he asked about our camper as he is looking to buy one. Like every good driver spotting wildlife, Mark stopped right in the middle of the road to get a picture of it waddling up the bank of the hill next to the road. Access to the property was ideal during the survey period. (I know, creative, right?) After declining a 20% grade and crossing a river, we finally popped into a new horizon. A good gravel road, locally called the Langmuir Road, runs south-southeast off of Highway 101 East, through the Town of South Porcupine and eventually terminates at the south end of Night Hawk Lake. Our friend, the porcupine is a vegetarian who prefers roots, tubers and sometimes a little bark or wild fruit. This was the view from our camper window. x�c```c``�b`f`�ceb@ !����3���z���E�-���k�5���?^����g��Q�'��)�+)��L��)l�I 4�3e>��,$��&�&�(�Z���"��R�]��Qi�Eʲ�U� �:�4��'IHs�6X�?����Xp20�2Lxf�@��GA��#��@S��L�� ����|4bX�5�'p�f1Lb�b\���)��A��XN(��e ��R�endstream endobj 150 0 obj <>/Type /Page>> endobj 151 0 obj <> endobj 152 0 obj <> endobj 153 0 obj <> endobj 154 0 obj <> endobj 155 0 obj <> endobj 156 0 obj <> endobj 157 0 obj <> endobj 158 0 obj <> stream 0000002842 00000 n Females can weigh over  25 kg and measure 100 cm in total length. Definitely worth the quick photo stop. x�+�534R0 BC=#039�W�3�@�%�7� ud�endstream endobj 204 0 obj <> stream to south along the eastern boundary of a claim block held by Valgold located in Whitney Township of the Porcupine Mining Division, Timmins, Ontario. The … Isn’t that fun! Copyright 2020 Far North East Training Board. 0000000971 00000 n Buy And Sell South Porcupine has 4,524 members. You might be pondering why on earth mother nature endowed this creature with such a crest of formidable spikes. 705-235-1625 Primary; Favorise la croissance économique, les investissements et la création d’emplois dans le Nord de l’Ontario Their head is roundish with a blunt muzzle, small ears and small eyes. In the last pic below, you can barely see the lake, with a float plane and a boat. Porcupines mate either at the end of summer or the beginning of fall, their babies are known as porcupettes. Thursday was a lot of driving. 0000000587 00000 n Mark says, “what am I looking at?” We slow down in time for a porcupine to cross the road. 0000000650 00000 n You can keep your pet porcupine in a fairly big cage having a solid floor, but proper ventilation is a must.

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