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IA hands down. The second disc contains deleted scenes; a feature about the influence of New York’s Little Italy on Scorsese; a Turner Classic Movies profile; and a 21-minute documentary titled Stranger Than Fiction: The True Story of Whitey Bulger, Southie and The Departed[37] about the crimes that influenced Scorsese in creating the film, including the story of James "Whitey" Bulger, upon whom Jack Nicholson's character is based.[38]. C'est une seule histoire dotée d'une structure circulaire, bouclée sur elle-même.". J'ai adoré ce film ! By standard critical and commercial measurements, The Departed was a more successful film than Infernal Affairs, but judging by Alan Mak’s own words, the co-director of the original version of the story kept a sour disposition towards the remake, and not simply because of jealousy. Characters repeatedly manifest toxic masculinity in their behavior, including homophobic taunting. Il est juste parfait,il nous tient en haleine pendant 1h37 sans beaucoup de scènes d'actions ni d'effets spéciaux ! Worldwide acclaim for a transcendent genre film. If you want to receive our podcast on a regular basis, please add our feed to your podcasting software of choice, or subscribe on iTunes. Queenan and Dignam separately inform Billy and they all build their case to arrest Costello. Communications technology has a co-starring role: cell phones are like oxygen; computers run the characters' lives. I thank you. The album, The Departed: Original Score, was released December 5, 2006 by New Line, and produced by Jason Cienkus. Très bonne version asiatique il y a pas à dire mais préférence pour le remake américain de Scorsese "Les infiltrés". [5], Nicholson wanted the film to have "something a little more" than the usual gangster film, and screenwriter Monahan came up with the idea of basing the Costello character on Irish-American gangster Whitey Bulger. au usa on arrive a donner une récompense a un film muet et en noir et blanc ;-) tout cela pour le pognon...... @knibale : parfait copié-collé? Then we have the U.S. remake, Martin Scorsese's "The Departed," just named best picture at the Academy Awards. But these examples represent minor concessions to the cinematic style of Hong Kong, and in the end Ballhaus and Scorsese decided to stick with a more traditional American approach to big-budget filmmaking. Time passes, and both moles rise to positions of prominence. We’ll be back with you on the 20th with some more film-based rambles, but until then, take care of yourself, and each other. ", Scorsese talks about his childhood fascination with such gangster films as "Little Caesar," "White Heat" and the original "Scarface," which gets a quick salute in "Departed. Le remake de Scorsese est bon mais il est très très inférieur à celui-là,que ce soit les acteurs,le scénario,la B.O,la réalisation..... tout est mieux dans ce chef-d’œuvre hongkongais ! I always thought that Infernal Affairs vs Departed were different enough (and both excellent) takes on the same basic premise. It's a remake of the film Infernal Affairs (Mou Gaan Dou) produced in Hong Kong. Queenan gives Billy specific instructions to get a visual ID of Sullivan before making the arrest. I thought Scorsese would make a different movie. "[35] While accepting the award, Scorsese stated that "I just want to say, too, that so many people over the years have been wishing this for me, strangers, you know. [29] Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times named it the best film of the 2000s. The focus is not on how different Lau and Yan are, but how similar. Sullivan's officers mortally wound crew member Delahunt in the gunfight; at Costello's compound, Delahunt tells Billy he knew he was the mole, and Billy contemplates killing him to keep him quiet moments before he dies. Frank accuses Billy of being the rat, but Billy denies it. Billy hands Madolyn an envelope, instructing her to open it only if something happens to him. The corresponding scene in The Departed is nearly identical, except that it aids Costello, making Matt Damon’s character less nuanced and less interesting. .....Taxi driverRaging bullthe goodfellasaviatorcasinoGangs of new yorkShutter islandThe wolf of wallstreetC'est vrai qu'il est vachement nul scorsese dis donc....Ca parle de cinéma mais ça vole pas très haut ici. Leur point commun ? This was ultimately shelved due to the expense and Scorsese's lack of interest in creating a sequel. A vulnerable Billy goes to Madolyn's apartment and they have sex. Sullivan is selfish and shallow, and had they tried the same thing in The Departed it would have rung hollow. And while that statement is slightly hyperbolic, it is true that Scorsese and his director of photography, Michael Ballhaus, ASC, at least conflated Hong Kong, Korean, and Japanese films into a catch-all category of “Asian cinema” in determining the influences they intended to use for The Departed. He’s off to join the cops while in the opposite direction Leonardo DiCaprio’s Billy Costigan is approached by police boss Queenan (Martin Sheen) and foul-mouthed head of the undercover unit Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) to act more like his thuggish extended family than his upstanding, deceased father and get in with Costello’s outfit. She opens the letter, which also contains the tapes, listens to them, and angrily leaves Sullivan. And of course, if you have yet to do so, watch each movie, American and Chinese, for yourself, and come to your own conclusion about which film is a better expression of the gangster film genre. The title deserves a first-class audio-video overhaul; too bad Weinstein didn't have the rights. Here’s a rare example where making the film longer actually helped, the extra half hour or so over Infernal Affairs giving the story a little more room to breathe while being as relentlessly paced as the original. The prime extra is a 21-minute documentary on Boston gangster Whitey Bulger, whose real-life exploits were retrofitted onto the "Infernal Affairs" framework. Nicholson’s first line in the film also brings a cultural context and American-specific sociopolitical angle that is necessarily absent from Infernal Affairs. Nobody checked?” And when he found out that Variety magazine mislabelled Infernal Affairs a Korean film, Mak declared that it seemed like Americans could not tell East Asian countries apart from one another. One of the greatest things about The Departed is the space Scorsese gives himself to gnaw at the little slights of these interpersonal relationships, like the one between Billy and his psychiatrist Madolyn, played by Vera Farmiga. Infernal Affairs doesn't have a needless bullshit love triangle plus the ending for IA is way more tragic and not based on an idiotic shock "twist" ending like The Departed. Recrutement | “Marty’s version is much more character-driven, whereas the Chinese version, while very good, doesn’t have that same depth...[I]t’s also primarily action-driven. Sullivan tells him to deliver personal information for all of his crew members so he can cross-reference them in the MSP database. The Departed was a critical and commercial success, and won several awards, including four Oscars at the 79th Academy Awards, for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing, becoming Scorsese's only win for Best Director;[6] Wahlberg was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor. With Christopher Doyle's cameras sweeping over all that metal, glass and high-tech gear, you'd think the visuals would sparkle. (None of this translates well in Scorsese's film.) Le suspense, largement dispensé par le script, s'en trouve renforcé. Their objectives are the same: to find out who is the mole, and who is the cop. And I'm saying, "Thank you." Ce film fait 1h37 et celui de Scorsese 2h30...Comme tous les fans tu fais preuve d'un manque d'objectivité et d'une certaine mauvaise fois. Yan est un policier infiltré dans la triade depuis dix ans. "He may be a gangster, but he's our gangster," one citizen says. I was a bit worried beforehand. Billy then notices Frank's envelope on Sullivan's desk, realizes Sullivan is the mole, and flees. by [2] It is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. Netflix : 5 nouveaux films de Noël à ne pas rater, Sacrées sorcières accusé de discriminer les personnes handicapées, Anne Hathaway s'excuse, Demon Slayer : Le train de l'infini Bande-annonce VO. Publicité | Infernal Affairs constructs its thematic foundation around the idea of fate. The surplus of belligerence and slur reach near-Tarantinian levels—appropriate as he’s staking a claim to QT’s turf. Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Contact | It marked the first time that an Oscar-winning Best Picture was released to the home video market in DVD format only, as VHS was phased out by the start of 2006. Meanwhile, Madolyn has moved in with Sullivan and informs him she is pregnant with a son. Lau’s character (who is also named Lau) begins the film as a young member of Hong Kong’s mafia, the Triad. One of the threads running through The Departed is the idea of how a person’s birthplace can dictate a great deal about their circumstances, represented in each main character.

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