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The Board of Directors files contain records produced out of the operations and regular meetings conducted by the WMEAC Board of Directors. 76-19335Ce; No. View City of Midland floodplain information including City floodplain maps. Beach closures from pollution, particularly fecal contamination, occur too frequently across Michigan and around the country. Environment Michigan is part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to social change. View Michigan Department of Environmental Quality information about environmental services and programs including air permits, air quality forecast, environmental mapper, oil and gas database, hazardous waste, wetlands, and more. •  resources to help you create a cleaner, greener future. The Michigan Environmental Protection Foundation's legal actions are concerned with specific lawsuits where it hoped to establish legal precedents on issues of environmental quality and protection. •  alerts on new threats to Michigan's environment The series is divided into Educational Materials and Michigan Environs. No. For more During his tenure, WMEAC involved itself more in court actions and sought in this fashion to support the progress made through legislation. Ruswick resigned in October 1987 to accept a position as chief of Michigan's Civilian Conservation Corps, and Robert Newberry, then a WMEAC program specialist and pesticides expert, was named acting executive director. Designs for Environmental Awareness was a grant-funded program created to extend community awareness of local environmental concerns and efforts through consultations and workshop applications. These organizations include the Community Development Citizen's Committee of Grand Rapids; the Kent County Road Commission; Citizens for the Improvement of M-37; the Grand Rapids and Environs Transportation Study; the Michigan Environmental Review Board; the Statewide Coalition for Balanced Transportation; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Michigan Coalition for Better Waste Management; Michigan Committee for Environmental Information; Recycle Unlimited; the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission; the West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission; the Committee on Urban Homesteading of Grand Rapids; the Grand Rapids Riverbank Committee; the Grand Rapids Watershed Council; the Michigan Sea Grant Program; and the Michigan Water Quality Standards and Drain Commission. Newberry, a longtime Grand Rapids resident and graduate of Grand Valley State College with a degree in environmental science, was officially appointed executive director in January 1988, and under his leadership WMEAC continued its legislative success and developed several new programs which further expanded the scope of the group's influence both locally and statewide. These are included in the transportation, solid wastes, housing and zoning, and water committees' files. Most records are from 1965 through 1999. There is no charge for the access. 3137, No. 50-315ED; No. As public environmental awareness continued to grow throughout this period and environmental battles became more intensified and polarized, WMEAC continued to promote itself as a moderate organization which provided a "grass-roots" reflection of the West Michigan community itself. Environmental Calendar, Events and Training, Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy, Featured below are EGLE interactive and data driven environmental online services, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program, Soil Erosion and Construction Storm Water, Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Products Management, Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate, Floodplain Management/National Flood Insurance, Brownfield Redevelopment Assessment Program, Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Information - added to MiWaters 12/16/2018, Electronic Ballast Water Management Practices Report Form, Flood & Low Flow Discharge Reporting System, GeoWebFace - online Geologic Maps and Data, Online Submittal of Dam Inspection Reports, Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information, Radon Resistant New Construction Resources, Request a Flood or Low Flow Discharge Form, Environmental Assistance Center: 800-662-9278, Nondiscrimination in EGLE Programs (English, El español and العربية). Several important pieces of environmental legislation were also enacted as a result of WMEAC's activities during the directorship of Ruswick. The correspondence of Steve Tvedten, president of a Grand Rapids pest control company who became concerned with the health effects of the chemical on his workers and homeowners, in conjunction with the correspondence of Robert Newberry of the WMEAC staff, exemplifies how an individual's concerns were translated into effective political action by WMEAC. View Michigan Department of Environmental Quality information about environmental services and programs including air permits, air quality forecast, environmental mapper, oil and gas database, hazardous waste, wetlands, and more. When you have completed entering the well location data, click on Select to complete the search. To learn more, click the following link: Do not sell my info. This file includes an agency history from 1982, lists of board members spanning WMEAC's entire history, information about WMEAC affiliate organizations, statements of objectives, and of special interest, a strategic plan authored by the board which projects WMEAC's future direction and major goals for the period 1992-1996. the records are organized into eight series: administrative files, educational files, legislative files, litigation files, chlordane ban efforts, WMEAC non-serial publications, WMEAC publicity and media coverage, and WMEAC serial publications. 50-316ED, Genetic Environmental Statement RM50-5 1976, Hillsdale County Citizens v. Hillsdale County, Lake Dosier Development Co. vs. WMEAC No. View City of Farmington Hills floodplain maps. they were intended mainly to elucidate and publicize WMEAC positions on various legislative and litigious issues. The resulting coordinated effort of similar-minded organizations and individuals was able to produce more effective legislative and legal action in environmental problem areas. Among the most significant files in the Administrative series are: Board of Directors files, Executive Director files, Assistant Director file, Administrative Staff files, and Engineering/Planning Coordinator files, and Program Staff files. Notable accomplishments included the Statewide Sewer Overflow Policy (1988), the Used Oil Dumping Ban (1990), Polluters Pay (1990), and the successful campaign of environmental groups led by WMEAC to block Governor Engler's proposed shakeup of the Department of Natural Resources, which would have eliminated many of the DNR's boards (1992). Public Safety and Environmental Health . 50236 No. al. information, please see: http://bentley.umich.edu/research/duplication/. Determine which well records you want to print. No. Researchers desiring additional information about related topics should search the catalog using these headings. To begin a new search, click on the back button and enter new search criteria. You can also enter the town and range numbers by typing them into the separate Town and Range fields. Due to constraints upon WMEAC's financial and other resources this program was able to recover only a small portion of the used motor oil dumped by "do-it-yourself" oil changers. Title: West Michigan Environmental Action Council Records Creator: West Michigan Environmental Action Council. 76-19335 No. Thus, in 1971, WMEAC established two separate tax deductible foundations to aid them in their work. of Michigan, Chlordane Investigation (Michigan Dept. Under his tenure, WMEAC expanded its sponsorship of Michigan's first used motor oil recycling program (MUORP), extending its scope from its West Michigan headquarters to cover virtually the entire state. As always, WMEAC was very politically active during this era and its success in helping to enact environmental legislation continued unabated. View City of Flint annual water quality reports including water quality concerns. No. Water well records contain construction data on individual water wells To view these well records you will need to download  Adobe Acrobat. None of the information offered by this site can be used for assessing or evaluating a person's eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, credit, or for any other purpose covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These two page records may contain some useful geological data. Water Wells - LCHD acts as the local permitting agency for all residential and small public water supply systems and maintains active involvement in mapping and monitoring sites of environmental concern within the county. The culmination of the efforts documented in these records was the signing of a state law banning the use of this dangerous pesticide by Governor Blanchard in 1988. The materials span virtually the entire history of the group (1968-2005), and are divided into Clippings, Hearing Statements, Photographs, and Press Releases. Significant new programs were also created by WMEAC during this period such as the Michigan Used Oil Recycling Program (MUORP) in 1979, and the establishment of a coalition of Michigan environmental groups called the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) in 1980. The materials are focused upon four major topical areas: global warming, solid waste disposal, water pollution and youth involvement. Of interest are materials concerning the legislative histories of bills relating to returnable bottles and cans, off-road vehicles, sand dunes and mineral mining, and the management of solid wastes. •  updates on the decisions that impact our environment To minimize search errors, the township names are linked to the corresponding county, and the town & range numbers are linked to the township names. Help protect the places we love, the values we share, In our emails, sent once or twice a week, you'll receive: This project was originally grant-funded and expected to become self-sustaining, however, financial and staff limitations led to its demise in 1982. The file link will appear under the heading "File Name and Size". Questions or comments pertaining to this database should be directed to.

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