longest continuous road in the world

1. US Route 20, which stretches 5,415km in an east-west direction from Boston, Massachusetts, to Newport, Oregon, is the seventh longest highway in the world and the longest road in the US. The entire highway was completed in 1985 and incorporated existing roads for a major part of its route. The Trans-Canada Highway, with a current overall length of approximately 7,821km, is the fourth longest highway in the world and the second longest national highway. Hitting the road is one of the most desired weekend plan of our generation. In parts of eastern Massachusetts, US 20 follows the route of the old Boston Post Road and passes by Longfellow's Wayside Inn, in Sudbury, the oldest continually operated Inn in America. The longest section of the entire highway is the Russian route M58 or the Amur Highway, a federal highway in Russia, stretching 2,100km from Chita to Khabarovsk. Lashana opened about the backlash and attacks from people. The highway extends from Tongjiang City in eastern Heilongjiang Province to Sanya in Hainan Province and is one of the five north-south highways and the seventh east-west highway in China. A short google search allowed me to find that the longest uninterrupted road descent in the world is is 117 km (72 miles) long and it is in Peru between Concocha and Paramonga. It is maintained by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) under the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways. It has a 100km gap halfway, known as the Darién Gap, located between Panama and Colombia. Get here all the details about it. So here is a list of 10 longest roads in the world. At North East Township, US 20 becomes West Main Road. Around 1923, from Springfield to Pittsfield, NE-5 was known as "Jacob's Ladder",[5] and from Boston to Albany, the "Hubway". During the 1930s and 1940s the Dunes Highway, US 12, was becoming more crowded as housing lots and communities developed in the Indiana Dunes. The original route of Highway 1 proposed in 1955 was realigned in 1959, 1974 and 1998. The original Christmas movie from Netflix is now a genre in itself and is lending us a tropical rom-com genre this time. Within the town limits, it becomes West Main Street until it reaches the town center at its intersection with Pennsylvania Route 89, where it becomes East Main Street. Zhongnanshan Tunnel: China … The 401 or MacDonald Cartier Freeway starts at the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge and culminates at the Quebec border near Montreal. The I-80 connects San Francisco to Teaneck, New Jersey. While the sections through the smaller Central American countries were constructed with assistance from the US, Mexico single-handedly built and financed the portions of the highway extending through the country, Highway 409 is actually a short freeway that is used as a traffic bypass for vehicles approaching the airport or Highway 427 since these cannot be reached at the mega interchange between highways 427 and 401. The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project is a highway widening development being undertaken by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in collaboration with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), for its owner Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA). Stretching 5,158km, it is the 8th longest highway in the world, the 2nd longest highway and longest continuous highway in the US. Planning work for the 5,846km long highway was completed in 1999, construction commenced in 2001 and the highway completed in January 2012. This segment re-opened October 19, 2018 and made it so that US 20 is a continuous four-lane highway for its entire length in Iowa. The highway’s western section intersects with US 101, while its eastern section runs parallel to the easternmost 138-mile (222km) stretch of Interstate 90 known as Massachusetts Turnpike. If a different player gains a longer continuous road, they may claim the card from the current holder. So it is not a typical road! After U.S. Route 20, it is the second-longest U.S. highway in the United States and the longest continuous highway. From Chester to Westfield, US 20 and the Boston and Albany Railroad follow the Westfield River down to the broad valley of the Connecticut River. When US 20 was first commissioned, it took over the entirety of NE-5. The United States boasts of some of the world’s longest highways. U.S. Route 20 or U.S. Highway 20 (US 20) is an east–west United States highway that stretches from the Pacific Northwest all the way to New England.The "0" in its route number indicates that US 20 is a major coast-to-coast route. Interstate 80 (I-80), also known as Christopher Columbus Highway in certain parts along its route, is a 4,666km long highway making it the 10th longest highway in the world and second-longest interstate highway in the US. After it reaches city center at the intersection with State Street, it becomes East 26th Street. This road is over 24,000kms which makes it the longest national highway in the world and as a road trip definitely not for the faint of heart. v is for very loveable The Trans-Canada Highway, with a current overall length of approximately 7,821km, is the fourth longest highway in the world and the second longest national highway. The 400-series highways are actually freeways with controlled access which span throughout the southern limits of Ontario in Canada. Periodically flooded roads around the world, Privacy Policy | Advertise page | Terms and conditions of use | Cookie Policy | About us | Contact, Mount Helmos: this road is not for timid drivers, Urique Road, not recommended due to security concerns, Gorges du Bachelard, a French balcony road, The road to Gaizinkalns, the highest point in Latvia, Marchlyn Mawr Dam is an epic road in Wales, Island Saddle, the highest publicly accessible road in NZ, Dare to drive to the Rogers Peak in California.

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