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And we all have to eat. In the script, Mathilda was described as "older" and "more mature", and was working as a cleaner. * 9 Personal life and characteristics The thing I wouldn't want to see would be Mathilda training a new apprentice, I'd rather see a new plot, same character. The question of why Leon inducts Mathilda into the world of killing is something that's not really addressed in the film. This film consist of dozens of different love stories that like a quilt are weaved together to make one story about love. Notice Leon says he is like his plant because he has no roots, meaning he is always traveling and never settling down because he is a hit-man. I was really sad with the ending and I would prefer the ending someone wrote in the comments here! This Blog    |   | Léon: The Professional is to some extent an expansion of an idea in Besson's earlier 1990 film, La Femme Nikita (in some countries Nikita). The search began with me watching 'Bichoo' a hindi remake of it featuring Rani Mukherjee and Deol Junior. This paper highlights the negative stereotypes of African Americans that are reinforced in Tyler Perry’s films. Too bad Leon dies, but it had to happen. ------------------------------------------------- I am very glad they chose not to include the sex scene in the original script. The two characters are perfectly designed counterparts. Im going to send Luc Besson a letter pretty much pleading for him to make a Leon sequel.I hope we can all send him a letter and convince him to do a Leon sequel. I'm watching this movievright now! Sorry! And going to the plant she planted to talk to León for advice about everything, correcting people when they’ve said something bad about pigs. Source for information on Marie Esprit Léon Walras: Encyclopedia of World Biography dictionary. The question one could ponder forever is, does that love go beyond concern and into the romantic arena? This comment has been removed by the author. The additional material is found in the film's second act, and it depicts more of the interactions and relationship between Léon and Mathilda, as well as explicitly demonstrating how Mathilda accompanies Léon on several of his hits as "a full co-conspirator", to further her training as a contracted killer.[34]. This is a movie about a professional killer, or "Cleaner", named Léon played by Jean Reno, and his unlikely interaction with a 12-year old girl, Mathilda played by Natalie Portman. But in the end when Mathilda plants Leon's plant in the ground to grow roots, Leon will get "roots". An enraged Stansfield confronts Tony, who is violently interrogated for Léon's whereabouts. Giving of her body using sex she thinks that is what she has to do.She does not see age because she was treated like she was another adult living in the house. I would say no, I think Leon's moral code is so strict, and he so naive, that he would never even see her in a sexual way, and that's why her assertion that she loves him is so disconcerting. If he can get her out, he's happy, and in the end, despite the fact that he's dying, he's glad because he has given Mathilda what she wanted, her revenge.But, he also gave her more than that. Particularly critical of Schenker, arguing that when applied to music not of Beethoven, Schenkerian analysis tells us very little. She saved her "love", the greatest man that ever lived, AND she got her revenge. It's paradoxical because he is someone who kills for a living, but Reno makes you understand the humanity of the character from the very first scene. Ver más ideas sobre El perfecto asesino, Leon el profesional, El profesional pelicula. * 15.1 Selected works He can't take care of her or give her anything else, or at least that's what he thinks. I felt saddness when Leon died and when Mathilda sufferred saddness after discovering this tragedy, the way the film captivates it's audience so well is amazing. Mathilda clearly grew up way too fast and is not as ignorant/uninterested in sex as most 12 year olds. Thursday, February 3, 2011, political communication through studying the interaction communication between the political system and the political process generally and they confirmed the importance of the fundamental relationship between them, they called for re-examination and analysis of political science based on communication theories. Hoboken: Wiley, 1982. This is AMAZING! :). Mathilda is walking behind Stansfield pointing a gun at him, a gun that she took with her in the bundle with the plant. Patrick, I agree on your assessment of it being character driven over action. Mathilda's family is murdered by corrupt Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) lead by Agent Stansfield played by Gary Oldman. * 14 Further reading The British band Alt-J released a song about the film, titled "Matilda" [sic]. Its all I've been thinking about since the moment i saw it. We want you Luc to take your time and write and direct a damn good sequel, but Natalie Portman and Danny Aiello aren’t getting any younger. "But you're right in that he never would have taken advantage of her.Anyways, I don't want to go on and on, even though I'd like to, but I loved your blog and if you ever read this and want to talk about it some more my email is concreteayngel@aim.com. I am totally immersed in the movie and it has saddened so much that Leon is shot at the end, despite the dim light he can see at the building door. He had never considered that element of their relationship, and it makes relations more strained between the two of them in the second half.One really frustrating scene for me, another 'stereotypical black female moviegoer' moment is when Mathilda tells the hotel clerk that Leon is her lover. Leon decides to get his money (as much as he can) from Tony, then he and Mathilda split and leave town for good to start a new life...who knows where...where a sequel wouldn't be possible or even make sense, because their lives would normalize and become ordinary and mundane.This is the ending that I can live with. 42. [25] The character Norman Stansfield has since been named as one of cinema's greatest villains.[26][27][28]. P.S Im the first comment of 2018! At first, Léon is unsettled by her presence, and considers murdering her, but he eventually trains Mathilda and shows her how to use various weapons. Why does Leon work where so many other action films fail? [15] Subsequently it was released a few times with a U.K. remastered Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD was issued by Studio Canal on 11 November 2019. I absolutely loved the soundtrack. Léon's adherence to this "rule" establishes that he does have at least some moral standards and that they are stronger than his desire to avoid this situation that could put him in danger of being discovered. I'm still reading these comments, even five years later! [11], Léon: The Professional was released in France on 14 September 1994. I think he has his mind made up to not act on anything and he may not even completely understand what he feels toward her. One day, Léon meets Mathilda Lando, a lonely 12-year-old girl. "GET ME EVERYONE! I just saw the movie three days ago and I LOVE it! Also I am so happy that they didnt put the sex scene/kiss scene in the movie from the original script because that would have propably ruined my impression for leon. Really enjoyed this analysis, it's all spot-on. I just wish I had more thumbs to give it more than two thumbs up! This Blog And maybe Luc Besson is trying to tell the story like he wishes it would have been--not in reality the way it was. this is my favorite film and would just like to chat about it,Also who wants a sequel? [33] According to Besson, this is the version he wanted to release, but for the fact that the extra scenes tested poorly with Los Angeles preview audiences. He completely inhabits the role, and brings such an innocence to it, that you can't help but feel for the character. Right from the beginning of the film, you can empathize with these characters. I think what began as a father daughter relationship probably began to evolve as they became close and she confessed her love for him. Again, I apologize but I'm actually in the midst of writing an essay about this movie right now so I'm kind of in the zone, lol. Volkswagen (abbreviated VW) is a German automobile manufacturer that was founded on the 28th of May 1937. On the other hand, I knew this movie after watching the "Out Of The Dark" in which the main character is Stephen Chow, who is a famous comedian in Hong Kong. The, Stereotypes of African Americans in Tyler Perry Films And maybe she’s living in an apartment with pig nik naks and plants and still has her stuffed bunny and León’s piggy, maybe going to the theatre because she is now a Gene Kelly fan/buff. I think it appears, though, to a very immature part of the male psyche. Léon ambushes the ESU team and rescues Mathilda. This area of Tony's life was not fully explained.Enjoy this page and will constantly refer to it for upgrades.I would like opinions on this "Danny" guy?Thanks a millionLyndon ... Thursday 16th July 2015. i's been 2 weeks since the first time I watched this movie! [1] On its first week in Paris, the film sold 243,285 tickets and a total of 797,939 tickets in Paris on its initial theatrical run.   it was amazing. Further analysis is not really possible unless the name of the said protagonist is considered. * List of major critical theorists IE he was the girl's hero--they saved each other, and they lived happily forever in a garden outside a prep school someplace and never had to kill nobody again anymore.Amen. Basically any scene between the two of them is brilliant. The movie--it won't let go of some part of me--and I can see IM NOT ALONE. First comment from 2017, howdy :). Luc published a book then about the history of the film, in French that included the original script. APPROVAL SHEET So why would Mathilda disobey León?Why: we can’t help imagining Mathilda pretending to be happy and putting on a fake smile from time to time because she lost León. His work comes from a mafioso named "Old Tony". Amanda. In the 2013 book, Poseur: A Memoir of Downtown New York City in the '90s, Marc Spitz wrote that the film is "considered a cult classic". This thesis entitled “EFFECTIVENESS OF PHILIPPINE COLLEGEOFCRIMINOLOGY, A Film Analysis of Leon: The Professional, This is a movie about a professional killer, or "Cleaner", named Léon played by Jean Reno, and his unlikely interaction with a 12-year old girl, Mathilda played by Natalie Portman. It’s called DigitalEssay.net. I just saw Leon for the first time this week, and I was blown away. Dental Implants Mexico Dental Implants Cancun Dental Implants in Mexico Dental Implants in Cancun Dental Mexico Dental implants in Los AlgodonesDental implants in TijuanaDental cancun, Fucking hell the pussies who can't handle a joke have arrived in 2018. The only people around him are the ones that he's supposed to kill and the guy he works for who takes advantage of his money. Leon is ultimately humanized, and at the end, he chooses Mathilda's safety over his own, and thus, we see how his priorities have changed over the course of the film.

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