johnlock fanfiction first kiss

Your review has been posted. Downstairs, Mrs Hudson slams the front door, calling out a vague greeting up the stairs, but Sherlock and John don't hear her. "There, we're equal now." Johnlock. The usually steady doctor was loosing the strength from his legs; he had never imagined the detective's lips to be so soft, he had never imagined this would actually happen. The Sign of Three ending still happens, but it’s Molly walking away at the end rather than Sherlock and obviously no pregnant. Their eyes are locked, grey on blue, each asking a million questions and yet none at the same time. John decided, on impulse to go into the bathroom and make sure everything was ok. Completed. Work Search: tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply. Imagine John still gets married but to Sherlock and not to Mary. When the droid flew leisurely threw the open door of the living room, it’s ‘head’ turned to do a scan of the space it was in. One shot. First Kiss; First Time; Humor; Fluff; Summary. Sherlock raised his head and kissed John lightly on the top of his soft, blonde hair. John mutters as his fingers rake their way through thick black curls, and Sherlock responds with a low noise that could have been laughter, but then their lips meet, and this time, there is no awkwardness or clumsiness. “YOU COULD OF HAD US KILLED!! Yennefer: it is three in the morning, why are you yelling? "Could be dangerous." Add to library 134 Discussion 100. "Yes, this is what I want. The first time they kiss, it leads to another, one they're both prepared for this time. Johnlock First kiss; Eventual Happy Ending; Movie: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) Sherlock- AU; literally being in the closet; Fluff and Crack; Summary. 238K 14.1K 42. Completed. John reciprocated the kiss, closing his eyes as well, breathing in the smoky, sweet aroma of Sherlock Holmes. 5 weeks ago DEATH . John breathed heavily through his nose and Sherlock set him down onto the tiled bathroom floor. Until someone simply told him that he was gay. When John Watson starts hallucinating and sees that Sherlock - his Sherlock - is back, he isn't surprised. Sherlock replied, although following his statement of it being nothing to worry about were a series of hushed expletives. "Married to your work, my arse, you lying git." Something like that. Running away with themselves because this was their first proper kiss, obviously there had been soft, innocent kisses on cheeks and foreheads, even noses once or twice. They need double glazing, particularly with the way that the weather has turned, but Sherlock and John aren't thinking about that right now. It was mixing with shaving foam and water to create a deep red mess. Just before he had finished Sherlock began to lean in, this startled John and he recoiled slightly, only to realise that he had made a mistake, whispered an apology and closed his eyes. That almost rhymed. Things like this only occurred in his head, didn't they? His arms move to wrap around John's waist. Foreheads still touching, and hearts beating faster than ever before, faster then when they were getting chased, or when they were about to be shot at.

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