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Email: The product(s) refer to radio apparatus and broadcasting equipment. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada will accept a FCC test report with the following conditions: Manager, Radio Equipment Standards Please see Annex C of DC-01 for complete list of documents. IC understands that due to the allowance of test reduction guidelines, not all possible host-module combination will be captured. The applicant shall indicate which information and documents submitted for certification are confidential. ����C��@胱ܟ-D���}6Y�a�tWռU#)R��.ro��k�g��p[n��[s�#݂O�3ߜ[���/c�@�Ugߺ�n���cYB2d.�śwVǒ��ե^C���vs�Y��[�ԫ��J�����_�vd_�;j7�]u�߆b���>�^K���g��UB����dy�����;��T;��[�wi�u�+hݐw����QC�v�]5�B�uX{1o&��^̻[/��Z ���l������j���[�u���0ỵ��o���j�n���Ϊ��}�zۺ�m����\�N��l~-�;,���BΣ� �����-�n-���z[F[jK��Z��Z�V��A�V���[[�:vk��ʺ�6�m��-�Zl�hfZ:�ڰ�e��7��������}6�a�y|� &7>(��A��G��n-��A��J��n�v��ܭ��wI��Z��f�H�[av��Ys.�̚����v8:5�5ưX��`]\��Y�I0>�^/�Z��n��1I��Rz+J�V{��;�P��֧��f�҉g,�p�C5kƁ�Y�~L��at��c�7>�����l����Ae㾉��C��V>�n���f�p�C��V>�n���A��F?4�f������e7��F,�&�,f-tV4k�q��w��f�f^�Ь�ѿƅ�(֭�0�uk�������ZuC���j�l�[��S�3o0t8���]��� v��H�k1�f�6�����Y3:tLK���_�k��wk9v|�V���8t���j����n����ZZ��Y�wا���A7����4������Q�%!�����4�^�lWڐR'�u]�]���X�V�pZ'uX��[��X��Z�;�;n!/k1����r�y�֬�!e�kI��3h�r��Z�c��е$�>q��BN�Xג�;�Bג�a�����J���kI�-t-�m-֭��%�kIY���%6�]K��S/t-)Cd;GCYI۵����p(q-V:�3+t-)�+W�ZR�(ֵ��.L�kI)=>��%��b]KJ�2���:޵����ZRL�;4keF1�V{�7�:cܵ�� ��T?z�kI �;]K,��Vt-�����ZR����ZR���%5u-����7�y��7}��������wO?������X���>�՟������y+���o���7�����������W��������o߾����_~����7�{���WO߾��w���o�����y�!��?=���?���7{�懇��o?�{������>���~��������3sO�֊:~��������������W�]����7߾{�A�_}��_�V��5�/o�g��?߾����}�_�}��O?Xg��-��O?��7n�ҬCn~,�:Z�iűP�h]�u��B��2jձP�h,�K)�qC�V8&� Tel: 613-990-4218 Today's Elite Expert is Dan Crowder, our Certification Department Supervisor and FCC/CE Mark Team Leader. In such case “N/A” can be entered as FVIN. IC understands that not all firmware numbers will be captured as firmware changes that do not affect RF will not be submitted. The module complies or will comply with applicable RSS-102 exposure requirements in its intended configuration/integration in a host. BETS inquiries can be sent by email or by mail to the following address: Email: When certified equipment is modified, the extent of the modifications will determine the required actions for the client. The Modular Approval Attestation (see form D) shall be submitted with the MA or LMA certification application. The procedure to apply for radio equipment certification is RSP-100. Host products alone (without modular products) are not required to be certified separately provided that all the intentional radio emissions are generated by the certified modules. Please see additional requirements for multiple listing in RSP-100. Category II equipment must also meet the requirements of the applicable Canadian standard but is certification exempt. c) The IC Certification Number, PMN, and HVIN are permitted to be etched, engraved, stamped, printed on the product, or permanently affixed to a permanently attached part of the product in a way that is legible, indelible, and tamper proof.

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