is rory pregnant with the wookies baby

Especially your essential question, is she worthy? I thought she would go on to make smart choices and be successful in her career. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This is not one of them. What else has she done in that time? not only did she made Rory a total loser womanchild, she wasted the opportunity fate gave her regarding the obama campaing trail. We'd tune into that spin-off, too. Big things. What I didn’t Love: :-p. I admit I wasn disappointed with almost all of it but most especially how Rory was portrayed. Gypsy as Berta: I LOVE Rose Abdoo and I love Gypsy, but I didn’t love the double shot of Rose playing both Gypsy and Berta. You know that Logan would immediately dump his fiancé and come back for Rory if it was his which doesn’t allow for Rory to have to grow up and take care of herself and her baby. Cookies help us deliver our Services. (Hello, from @moosemanda on Insta, the one who's unintentionally spoiler-esque comment had to be deleted!) Bunga Raya is the first champion of "The Masked Singer Malaysia"! Do you have any doubt in your mind that Rory will raise her new baby just as perfect as Lorelai raised Rory? Mostly, because I just really wanted to bring up Rory’s one-night stand with the Wookie, and widely speculate that one day, Rory is going to have a bunch of little Wookies running around Stars Hollow, and in my mind, that image is really funny. It's like an optical illusion where at some point, the blindspot is no longer a blindspot and you can move onto the next level of the game. If that's the only metric, then it's an easy choice. I loved all the discussion about Richard, the portraits, the somber and the hilarious moments mixed together. By nature I'm always one to go for the underdog, and by nature I would say I'm a little more Lorelai in my view of Logan as a spoiled rich kid who thinks he's above the rules…. Sookie: I didn’t realize that Ms. McCarthy’s entire return would be a mere cameo, but hot dang she nailed it. Oh boy..sorry that's so hard to follow!. Election results update: Biden says he has a 'clear majority' in speech asking for nation to be patient. It’s all in the details. I just cant leave the characters I have spent so much damn time with and have such feelings for in that bitter of a note. Now for the good stuff: To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. For all we know, the father of Rory's baby could actually be the Wookie she slept with in New York. In my head, she needs to be single mom Rory for a while – just like Lorelai – and then re-kindle things with Jess.

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