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Issei also employed this ability during his fight against Kokabiel, in which he absorbed the Fallen Angel's light spear, which was the size of Kuoh Academy. While on the train ride back home, Issei brought up what Tannin said about gaining a harem was a waste as his ultimate goal, but Issei assured Rias that his harem with be build with those strong enough to win every Rating game. Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist of the anime, Highschool DxD, as well as the main protagonist of the story, Highschool DxD: 'Til Midnight. During the battle Masaomi came in to kill Touji but was saved by Issei, Irina and Xenovia, they were able to defeat him with the use of their Holy swords, and thus freeing him from the Dragon's influence, Masaomi is then killed by Rizevim which infuriates Issei as he had a slight understanding of him. The next day, Azazel comes to everyone with the news that Ravel and Raiser have been recovered and are currently under Ajuka’s care. Issei meets Kaneki in Dr. Kanou General Hospital after his surgery. Thanatos had noticed the deity's presence and attempted to finish Issei quickly by was unable to due to the bright halo that had appeared behind Issei from the Great Shaka. His time was up as the DxD G armor was lifted and reverted back into his crimson armor while low on stamina, while Thanatos acknowledged that Issei was able to fight on equal footing against gods but pointed out his glaring weakness of having a short amount of time to use his full power, the Reaper was then finally able to slash through Issei's armor with his scythe in the abdomen but yet had effect on his soul. The fight, however, ended without a clear outcome, as Crom Cruach appeared and ordered Grendel to retreat. Issei Hyoudou is the main protagonist of Highschool DxD, as well as the fanfiction story, Highschool DxD: Rise of the Solar God. His first girlfriend suddenly kills him, but Rias saves him and brings him back to life as a Devil of her own clan, thus making him a member of the Occult Research Club. ", Kiba smiled and said, "I am here with a request from Rias-senpai. Discontinued. Rias revealed to him the world of Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels and that the reason his girlfriend killed him was because he had what's called a Sacred Gear which made him a potential threat. "How is it that you know all this?" Issei became concerned about Elmenhilde’s condition when she became exhausted and begun to look after Ingvild to see how she was doing because of the sleeping disease. WAKE U- Beep. To protect his loved ones Issei was later scolded by Natsume for talking too much with Vali and asked him to help them with the moving and after finishing the job, Issei and Ingvild returned to the Hyoudou office. Issei starts feeling pain as he coughs blood and collapses on the floor with his family rushing over to him. He told me everything. Issei and Ouryuu became astonished to learn from Roygun that Gasper got his Longinus certification, which Issei became impressed on how Roygun was able to get this info before it was announced by the Grigori and Heaven and later Issei turned his attention to Rossweisse, who was bothered due to her marriage meeting. Upon reuniting with Riser's spirit in Death's Domain, he admitted that killing him was one of the worst things he had ever done, and made it abundantly clear that he didn't enjoy it. Cao Cao then appeared before then with the info Tobio called everyone for, they learned that there's a faction of Grim Reapers led acting behind the scenes of the tournament, the unidentified Devils were somehow confirmed to be pure-bloods and Grim Reapers led by Hades were spotted during their riots as well as were unrelated to the ones that attacked Koneko. How is it my fault if the girls find me cute? Issei then witnessed the appearance of the Great Red, who was swimming in the Dimensional Gap, later falling unconscious. Limited Star Creation: Due to him becoming a stellar energy being; a.k.a a living star, Issei is able to channel his energy out of his being and form a small star. Bova asks Issei to accept him as his retainer, which he asked Bova if he wants to be his servant and Bova rejected the offer knowing he wants a group of females as servants. If anything, he is a reserved and modest person and doesn't like to bring attention to himself. Enemies Harmonia (Adoptive Niece) While in this state, his power greatly eclipses that of his previous transformations, and thus any other forms he achieves are augmented as well. As their line with him was about to be disconnected, the man begged to know if his research had been successful before being cut off. "-Right on the mark?" "However, it all depends on him. They began to punch each other and continued to fight until they were beaten and bruised. Eventually, Issei resigned himself to his fate while teaching Mitsuki how to drive but still held out hope that his friends would break his deal. Issei was born to Gourou Hyoudou and Miki Hyoudou. He then told Ravel that she is his precious manager and to stay by his side, and becomes embarrassed when Kuroka tells him that he can’t have a child with her in his condition. Due to its structure resembling a greatsword, as well as its weight, Issei's movements are more limited than with the normal Kusanagi blade. Miki Hyoudou (Mother) Despite this, Issei wholeheartedly trusts Irina and Rossweisse solely due to the fact that none of them were there during the girls' betrayal. Issei and his team gathered together in Issei’s room for their strategy meeting against Sona and her team. Both teams were then attacked by a legion of Grim Reapers and Siegfried. Because he was unable to absorb UY Scuti entirely into his system, along with the fact that this transformation possesses intense energy that he isn't used to holding, Issei theorizes that he'll start to experience a severe decrease in stamina due to not being adjusted to the form. Anyway, rated M for gore, language, and this anime in general. When they asked about him marrying them, Issei energetically told them that he still plans to marry them and become a Harem King and they all give him big hugs and kisses. This allowed Izanami to return to her former self, with her mind and soul now free from Yomi. Similar to how Issei's power increases after he consumes the energy of a star, the same thing applies to a star's size if he were to pour his energy into it. "Well, that was-" Issei began but Matsuda grabbed his shirt and yelled at him. Everyone readies their stance against Walburga who summons an army of Evil Dragons, however, to everyone’s surprise, are rendered motionless due to a barrier Rosswiesse set up, her escape route is also cut off by Tobio. Back home at the VIP room, Ravel suggested that they needed to know more about Koneko's past to find out why she became a target, with Sona and Tsubaki's assistance they recommended visiting the mirror Youkai who can communicate with those who have parted. While this is originally in reference to the original Issei Hyoudou being a Pawn, as pawns are considered as regular soldiers in chess analogy, it could also be interpreted as Solar!Issei being a 'soldier' for the Earth and the Supernatural World. Despite so Apophis' black barrier remained, however, a luminous horned-humanoid manages to enter, Issei and Ddraig realize that it's the consciousness of Trihexa. Issei eventually lost when Irina was able to leave a small scratch on him with her Excalibur Mimic, meanwhile Kiba also lost his match. Issei greets Sairaorg as he arrived, but he frowned at him after sensing his atmosphere as Issei assured that he was okay until Xenovia said breast, embarrassingly scolded her for that and revealing his current condition. Strong Issei! Aside from the drastic change in his behavior, Issei retains his compassionate nature, his uneasiness when getting involved in social situations, and his unawareness of well-known sayings, often taking things rather literally out of context. With this new ability; Pai-Phone, Issei used Ravel's breasts to call Koneko and Kuroka through theirs to inform them they were now safe from their adversary. "Why are you doing this?! Issei and his team gather information of Team Leisure of the Kings such as Typhon, Vidar’s abilities and calling Midgardsormr to join the team, and Apollon’s abilities. In Volume 9, Issei and the rest of the second-year students go to Kyoto for their school trip. Big Brother (By Lily) Issei accompanied Ingvild after her demonic power was too vast for her to control, they meet up with Lavinia and her thanks Ingvild for coming to help her with a request. They soon heard news about Rias current match and the reveal of her new Pawn, the three of them headed to the stadium she was in and watched the end of her match as she and her team easily overpowered an Ultimate-Class Devil's team. Issei started to chant to enter his DxD form but for a maximum of 10 seconds, he used his wing cannons to annihilate half the field, resulting in breaking 4 Objects and retiring the enemies Rook and Bishop. However, one day a devil named Diodora appeared... Issei prepares for his school trip to Kyoto, but before he leaves, he must go with Rias and the others to the Gremory household so Rias can report the completion of her family. Continuing their conversation, Issei became shocked when Cao Cao asked him to be his friend and they later watched Heracles wearing a General Evil Dragon Bavo mask and playing with the Youkai children. Koneko's eyes opened and she gazed at Issei with slight surprise on her face.

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