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I put that off but it was just a different . The first time I was just kind of a spoiled Editor’s daughter. Mom planted strawberries. Mary: Yea, my mother was, she was a good mother. Some of them wanted to go work. We had an icebox and a stove. Now school days is another part of history. She was sleeping, now I understand that and at 10:30 her table in her room was still a mess. That’s where the horses and mules would walk to pull a canal boat through—now the island was in pretty good depth to take a canal boat, but up around Florida it was pretty shallow so they built a dam on the canal south of Florida a little bit to hold the water back in Florida and up the river so that boats would not be hitting the bottom. IW: They didn’t. There’s a trading post out there and three different styles of Indian housing and they have a long house and there are all kinds of things that Indians here would have had and there are interpreters out there all the time when the village is open. On my mom’s side I was the tallest really like two and a half at that point. CW: We used to have to just cut those worms out, didn’t we? IW: Yes. I mentioned about the skating. CW: How did you chum your butter? Some of them was married. Don’t do that. C. Was this on the island (where you lived recently)? We had to ‘scrimp’ and save to pay it back. Megan: Was that considered a lot? You take their arms up and tuck them under their body before you lift them up on the cart. And so when Wayne and I started digging, he went to the Humane Society in Toledo wasn’t it? And he said that he came home and he said he was shot. And Uncle Dave was a swift. RS: Yes, and she married John McBride. Ed Segrist had the funeral home in Liberty, but he didn’t have an ambulance service there and Bob Walters was the next funeral director. After that, it got more powerful, heading east into Wood County where a family lost their lives. Sending our people home, battle scars in their mind. We bundled him up good when he left; however, when he got back to Blue Flame, his car had been moved. I guess that was what was supposed to make it smell good. We got married and we brought him with us to Liberty And within a few months maybe or a year he went out one time and never came back so. I did. He brings back these old names like Scott and Heller and Lankenau . Enger, please come down to Holgate and preach to us in English because they are all German anyhow and they need English too. They did find incendiary materials in Wauseon. Just behind that was the old wooden Episcopal Church. In really odd in October of 2014, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month is when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yeah. L. We’ve had quite a successful program out here, incorporating the Village, the Ohio Frontier. He never said anything but I chattered enough for both, I guess. Fortunately we heard him on the back porch. At that time too we didn’t have the EMS units. Then I benefited. Okay so that may have just been a rumor. Put me on the train to go to Defiance. CW: Oh yes! You were not supposed to do that. Again the changes downtown, remember Ed Pilliod had the Hahn Clothing Store. Well, there’s this really good. L. Yes. Is he out of the plant?” “No, he is out in the plant.” Well, I shall sit right here and wait for him to come back.” So in a few minutes Mr. Thompson walks in. Russell explained that the photos’ owners did not want them returned because they were just copies of the originals. What would car was he driving? I did until he was in eighth grade. CW: Excuse me for interrupting, but how did you play chicken? We have about fifteen members and in fact my double twelve set is right there on the counter. You can’t eat it, but there’s this really good recipe that I have. So did you have a best friend that stuck with you for? Yeah, so when did you first start driving? We did the same thing with that house there. I was going to cut that picture out and I failed to do it. In Stanley right now is the elevator. Now I eat one shortcake and I am done. Birthday, April 20th 1947. Dad was mom was started out near closer to like, Leipsic in the Leipsic area. Henry County vital records can be found at the Ohio Department of Health which has Birth Records since Dec 20, 1908; Death Records since since 1954 and copies of Marriage and Divorce Records since 1918 to present There is a fee for each copy requested. Well my earliest memories are that of going across the river and of course there was a lot of nettles, weeds and stuff, but there would be traces of old berry patches and the little tiny island on the north side was call Chicken Island — apparently they had a chicken park or yard — when they had all these feasts they needed that — they didn’t have to much cattle — they did have the chickens now that is the island coming from the south side on the north side which is a narrow channel between the island and the river and the road there was the old Miami and Erie Canal which ran from Defiance to Toledo and that went down the north side of the island between the bank on the north side and son the road along side of that canal was called the tow path. C. Well it certainly would have made an interesting life for you, I think, your childhood. d the people that were in Liberty Center. L. Um-hm. I had a sister. I tell you, I escaped a couple close calls. I don’t remember what they called them, they were very interesting, where you could buy used emergency vehicles ambulances, hearses, and caskets. So I am ask this  because I always like to know what favorite color? They buried all the people, and so when dad and grandma who was Mary Cecilia Vogel she was still a Catholic and the first three children were baptized as Catholics — Uncle Fred, Aunt Winnie and Dad were all baptized Catholic. We had to move and in the new place they didn’t have that ceremony, so I never did get to do it. L. Well, see, they would have to go to Liberty Center to get on the train but they would drive over there. My father, being a meat jobber could get it inexpensively, so he would buy enough to carry our Aunt Tish through the week. The foreman said we have enough people here for the second but we don’t have an operator for the molder machine.

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