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Working from home. If workers are working from home, their home is considered a workplace and agencies have a responsibility to eliminate or minimise the risks so far as reasonably practicable. If in doubt about a gas or electrical appliance or heater, or you smell gas or anything else unusual, switch the appliance off and get it checked by a competent person. Friday, May 19, 2017. The difference between work health and safety PPE and public health PPE, Operating safely – what you need to think about, Our regulatory approach to our COVID Act responsibilities, How we're helping frontline workers stay healthy and safe at work, Engaging volunteers during during the COVID-19 pandemic, Checking that people are safe and well to work, Resources for maintaining mentally healthy work during COVID-19, Resolving workplace health and safety issues, Request assistance to resolve issues relating to the cessation of work, Particular hazardous work (Notifiable works), Temporary storage for a pest control operation or pesticide application, Occupational disease notifications - no longer received, Making a complaint about an authorisation holder, Interest in knowing an enforcement action, Notification of Commissioning of Hazardous Substance Location or Transit Depot, Health and safety representatives in New Zealand survey 2019, Risk factors in the road freight transport industry, Dusty work and use of controls among construction workers, Psychosocial hazards in work environments and effective approaches for managing them, Health and safety regulators in a superdiverse context, Worker engagement, participation and representation literature review, The Maruiti Marae Based Learning Pilot Process Evaluation, Restricted entry intervals for pesticides, Signage requirements for vertebrate toxic agents, workstations, work environment, privacy and security (PDF), developed detailed guidance on a safe return to work under Alert Levels two and three. 0000026790 00000 n Where landlords and/or property managers expose individuals (whether workers, contractors, tenants or visitors) to serious risk of injury, illness or death, they may be liable for five years imprisonment and a fine up to $600,000 for individuals and $3,000,000 for companies. Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint. 0000074098 00000 n how work is managed in the workplace to help employees and businesses. 0000004030 00000 n Changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect April 2016 — see the WorkSafe website(external link) for more detail. ]a 0Md�l�R�HĦ�����\� startxref 0000068968 00000 n Working Wise is also currently offering virtual workstation assessments via Zoom for remote workers – our Occupational Health Nurse provides workers with direct guidance, tailored recommendations and useful resources to ensure workers are set up comfortably and correctly in their home. Employers. If risks can’t be reasonably eliminated, the law says you must take “reasonably practicable steps” to minimise them. They have received a lot of rush orders for Christmas parties so need to change how they work. The Act and related regulations require that workers and others are given the highest level of protection from workplace health and safety risks, so far as is reasonably practicable. 0000035297 00000 n 0000017224 00000 n 0000016794 00000 n 0000035685 00000 n A simple and complete answer to residential property owners and managers health and safety requirementsEasy, safe and secure Health & Safety documentation. Where can I find WorkSafe's guidance and advice about COVID-19? For example, some office furniture may be able to be delivered, but this will depend on supply chains in other countries. Businesses may be able to redistribute existing office equipment to workers’ homes, but we expect delivery methods to meet physical distancing requirements. But what will the law changes mean for you? Learn about the new responsibilities for business owners and operators, plus their staff, visitors and customers. 0000039813 00000 n <<405428826E36A24996B0C6C1B892F754>]/Prev 155416/XRefStm 2216>> Some industries have developed detailed guidance on a safe return to work under Alert Levels two and three. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, agencies have a duty to ensure workers are not put at risk by the work they do or by their workplace. Charlie sets up his computer at a suitable spot in the bach. Strengthening relationships with customers, How to approach workers about a health and safety issue, Simple steps to protect your intellectual property, Preparing for intellectual property advice, Protecting your intellectual property overseas, Protecting customer and employee information, Assess your management and leadership skills, Improve your management and leadership: Overview, Find the right type of funding for your business, Improving operational efficiency and innovation, Quality matters: understand and improve quality, Knowing your networks: supply and distribution, What governance is and why it’s important, Laying the groundwork for good governance, Governance: Key things to review if you do it yourself, Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment. Although workers are also responsible for their own health and safety, there are a number of steps businesses/managers can take to meet their legal obligations and ensure remote workers remain healthy and safe. Use our Compliance Matters tool to find out the legal requirements you and your business must follow.

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