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The installation was smooth and great customer service. Any issue I've had has been quickly and friendly remedied. Please contact our office at 770-963-0305 to speak with the Cancellations Department. Yes. I accepted but also sent an email to EMC. Adding smoke or heat detectors to your home security system may very well be the best decision you make when it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones. Truthfully, that surprises me as I have had to call several times because of either questions or to do a "test" on purpose alarm. We couldn’t be happier with EMC Security!“. Their technicians were very knowledgeable and courteous. I have not had any alarms go off yet, but I’m sure that EMC Security will be just as good as they have been so far if they ever do! – Schedule a free in-home evaluation with a security consultant. WE have been long time customers and are satisfied with our system and response time even when we set it off by accident. They do a great job monitoring our house. I totally recommend it. Why pay enormous fees for the same level of service with the other guys, when you can get the same five-star service at a fraction of the cost with EMC Security! Situation: My panel would not allow us to arm or disarm our system. I have been with the service for years and it keeps getting better. he wouldn't leave until he was satisfied we understood it. Have been with them for years no problems, like the service been with this company for over 15 years. They are completely understanding and the technician answered all my questions in terms that I could understand. Never have had a problem! EMC does a Great job!Had them activate my old system and less than a month later, had them upgrade keypads and control unit. The last time they came, I had another situation on the house, beside what he came to see, and John Arias Rosario was very helpful to figure out what was going on. We Love EMC Securityl With a special needs son we need a reliable and local security company and they are super sweet also which is a plus! Outages fixed promptly. Enjoyed talking with them and look forward to working with the company. Like all things that you own, it requires my attention on occasion but I have had great service, response and customer service. I highly recommend them. We’ve had EMC Security for several years. I've been with the company for about 6 years and wouldn't change a thing. Thanks EMC. They have very fast response. I love EMC security and Greystone power. Connect smart-home devices to your system. I have only had my EMC system for a few months. MOST AFFORDABLE. Been with EMC security for almost a year and have no regrets. We are very please with EMC Security! Response time is great when the alarm sounds. Every person I have ever talked to here is incredibly friendly and helpful. Problem: Tech could not come until Thursday. The service is great and very cost effective. They have your back. It’s really nice to have a company that values their customers. No contract, quick response time, lowest monitoring price I've come across and the customer service is outstanding. If you have dropped your phone line, it is possible that your system may no longer be communicating with us. he called ahead before he came. A+ service. Better than big companies on returning calls, or “no” calls on when the service is down. Have had no problems. That’s why we work hard to earn your business every day. We were pleasantly surprised how affordable our monthly security system would be. I accidentally tripped the alarm on my way out the door to the post office around the corner. great company would love to win the 500.00 credit pls. View this page for a list of the most common security system manuals. So impressed with the quick call to check our alarm!! Thanks EMC. <3<3<3 An very considered of other familys... great company with incredible team members and solid products. Would definitely recommend . Better than big companies on returning calls, or “no” calls on when the service is down. I have had this service for about 2 years. This will be one of my choices at the end of my present contract. We have accidentally set off system a few times, and they are calling us before we even have a chance to let them know. Everyone should use EMC Security!! Today, that service touched me directly. I have only had my EMC system for a few months. We were especially impressed by the installation technician Mr. Bobby Moore. Great security service. We love the quick response to make sure we are safe. I have had it since 2011. I have never had a problem with them. Whoever the account holder is who signed all the documentation is responsible for the account. They respond quickly and for those of us technologically challenged, provide excellent instructions. They asked what I wanted and they listened. Thank you very much John and EMC company. From the sales rep to the technicians and everyone in between, I have been more than pleased with this company and their services. EMC Security did an excellent job installing our security system. The system interface is very user friendly. Also, there response time is awesome. Once you have applied for service, you will see a reference to our Bylaws, Service Rules and Regulations on the Membership Application. Everyone at EMC ... customer service reps to the installation person have been very helpful and professional. EMC security is first class all around. We've been with them since 1977 and always had good service. Every time I have called Customer Service, I have been treated with courtesy and professionalism. Prices are very fair, and they use their own techs unless behind. ADDRESSES. Today, that service touched me directly. Ms. Glover was very efficient and detailed, but even better, she was kind and compassionate. Was so easy to install. Every time I have called Customer Service, I have been treated with courtesy and professionalism. Happy with my security system. Set Up Service 770-963-0305. All EMC Security billing is set up on a quarterly (3 month) basis. I've been a customer for 13 years. Other companies utilize a single command center that requires rerouting in the event the first center is busy or otherwise disabled, wasting time and creating unnecessary risk. Cost for initial system was higher than quoted but service has been great.

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