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Woldt, W. and Bogardi, I., 1992, Ground water monitoring network design using multiple criteria decision making and geostatistics: Water Resources Bulletin, vol. Updated: 2018-Oct-16, (Note: The drinking water guideline for arsenic, on page 24, has been changed to 0.010 mg/L effective May 2006), Nova Scotia Groundwater Levels Timeline Map, Homeowners Guide for wells, septic systems and oil tanks, Guide to Groundwater Withdrawal Approvals, Protocol for Determining Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water, 2015 Report - Nova Scotia Groundwater Observation Well Network, Guide to Groundwater Assessments for Subdivisions, Groundwater Pumping Test Data Tool and Form, Nova Scotia Groundwater Observation Well Network, Naturally Occurring Uranium in Nova Scotia Groundwater, Naturally Occurring Arsenic in Groundwater, Interactive Groundwater Maps of Nova Scotia, providing information on the occurrence and quality of, regulating and providing information on the construction and maintenance of, promoting the sustainable development and use of groundwater through several key. The data files are tab-delimited and provided as zip files. Page Last Modified: Monday, 18-Dec-2017 17:20:14 EST, USGS Recognizes National Groundwater Awareness Week, "Ground-Water-Level Monitoring and the Importance of Long-Term Water-Level Data", A National Framework for Ground Water Monitoring in the United States, Evaluation of selected wells in Pennsylvania's observation-well program as of 1993, U.S. Geological Survey Ground-Water Climate Response Network, Illinois ground-water observation network - a preliminary planning document, The ground-water-level monitoring network in Iowa, Connecticut observation wells - guidelines for network modification,, Evaluation of the Federal-State cooperative observation well network in upstate New York, Spatial and temporal statistical analysis of a ground-water level network, Broward County, Florida, Ground-water-level monitoring and the importance of long-term water-level data,, Concepts for national assessment of water availability and use, Procedures for evaluating observation-well networks in Wyoming, and application to northeastern Wyoming, 1986, Proposed observation-well network and ground-water level program for North Carolina. Within the NGWMN, the USGS provides Federal support for a Climate Response Network (CRN) outfitted with continuous, real-time instrumentation that is designed to serve as a measure of groundwater conditions during drought and provide long-term groundwater levels. 1 0 obj A groundwater network is a set of wells at which water levels are routinely measured. Water-level data... Hodgkins, G.A., Dudley, R.W., Nielsen, M.G., Renard, B. and Qi, S.L., 2017, Groundwater-level trends in the US glacial aquifer system, 1964-2013: Journal of Hydrology, v. 553, p. 289-303. The latest groundwater science and news from the U.S. Geological Survey, issued monthly since May 2017. <> Groundwater Watch displays maps, graphs, and tables describing real-time, recent, and historical groundwater data from wells and springs across the United States. Member states which are interested in making use of the GGMN are provided with  a password protected environment within the GGMN application. Email: Policies and Notices, U.S. Department of the Interior | The Netherlands, GGMN: Global Groundwater Monitoring Network, IGRAC launches mobile groundwater monitoring app, Establishing institutional cooperation in Latin America, GGMN and Canadian groundwater monitoring network directly connected, Groundwater monitoring workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam, IGRAC organises workshop on groundwater in Pacific SIDS, Groundwater Monitoring Workshop for South-East Asia, GGIS, GGMN and TWAP presentations during IAH 2014, GGMN workshop 'Advancing Groundwater Monitoring in China' held in Beijing, Regional GGMN Workshop for Latin America held in Montevideo, Report: Groundwater Monitoring in the SADC Region, Groundwater Monitoring Network Programme in Africa, GGMN - Global Groundwater Monitoring Network, Estado actual del monitoreo de agua subterránea en América Latina e Introducción al programa GGMN, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 8, no. Our page on groundwater management provides more information on the department's key groundwater management initiatives. endobj The data are open and will be updated once per week. 383-390. USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state. In 2018, the Washington WSC began analyzing CRN records in the Northwest Region for a drought study. groundwater monitoring network design: Water Resources Bulletin, vol. Regional workshops are organised to strengthen and expand the GGMN People Network. Presentation by Boyan Brodaric, Natural Resources Canada, on the Groundwater Information Network. The web-based software application assists in the spatial and temporal analysis of monitoring data. Westvest 7 Our groundwater in Nova Scotia page has more information about groundwater use, and the quality and quantity of groundwater in the province. The National Groundwater Monitoring Network (NGWMN) is a compilation of selected groundwater monitoring wells from Federal, State, and local groundwater monitoring networks across the nation.

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