grizzly bear attacks

A grizzly bear attacked a father and son while they were on a hunting trip in Montana, causing significant injuries to them before they shot and killed it. CNN's Konstantin Toropin contributed to this report. (CNN) A grizzly bear attacked a hunter in Montana not far from where three other people were injured in two separate attacks last week, wildlife … Updated 5:24 AM ET, Thu September 26, 2019. He was walking through blow-down timber when the bear attacked from a close range. US government might bring grizzlies back to North Cascades park, Biden urges patience as he acknowledges 'numbing' vote counting process, Joe Biden's lead in Pennsylvania continues to grow. What if Trump loses and refuses to concede? Bear attacks are rare -- but if attacked by grizzly bear, the NPS recommends people play dead by laying flat on their stomachs with their legs spread out. Grizzly bears are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The latest attack happened Tuesday while the unidentified Ohio man was hunting in the western Gravelly Mountains, the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks said in a statement. "As the geographic range of grizzly bears expands in Montana, density within that range is also increasing ... As grizzly populations become more dense and widespread, conflicts with humans will likely increase," the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks said. Most attacks happen during surprise close encounters. Montana wildlife officials are urging people to stay out of the Coal Creek and Twin Springs area while the investigation continues. Bears are more active in the fall months as they seek foods rich in calories in preparation for hibernation. 'That's not true': Fox News reporter fact-checks host, CNN explains how the network projects who will win the presidency, Joe Biden continues to expand his lead in Georgia, This is the last chance for their Nevada votes to count, Fox News anchors are questioning their own network's election calls, Watch: Al Roker reveals he has prostate cancer on 'Today', Dozens of people dead as Eta slams Central America, Jon Ossoff: I believe history is unfolding in Georgia, Trump supporters: 'Count the vote' and 'Stop the vote', State official gives impassioned defense of elections, GOP candidate wins state seat after dying from Covid-19, Here's where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits, See tense situation at Detroit ballot-counting center. The man was able to meet up with other members of his hunting party and get medical attention," the statement said. (CNN)A grizzly bear attacked a hunter in Montana not far from where three other people were injured in two separate attacks last week, wildlife officials said. The man survived and was treated at a local hospital, officials said. His incident was about eight miles south of where three other hunters were injured Sept. 16 in two separate grizzly bear attacks. "During the incident, the man reportedly fired multiple shots at the bear until it left.

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