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. Custom browser skins that help you personalize your browser. hi i’m adolph from lebanon the theme work exellent on my old pentium four amd athlon(tm)xp 1600+ {windows xp sp2}, but like you know jimmi bob or PC can make better themes like he said coz he’s, i don’t know maybe bill gates i think ??? A Professional Tech blogger, Editor, and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use a computer. A nice Chrome theme featuring the Kingdom Hearts logo. How to buy a Digital Camera and Why Megapixel doesn’t matter. Beam me up Scotty! your themes is well, the themes are too funky,cool and refreshing wich makes our mind fresh during summers. The pictures look awesome for the themes, just wish everyone I clicked on didn’t do this: You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/Themes/Ether Reality.themepack on this server, how the heck do you install them?!?! This theme for Google Chrome is based on artwork of the first movie, but a theme for the new movie is coming soon, so stay tuned for more. If you have an urgent request for a theme, you can post them and we will try our post to add this theme to our site as soon as possible. I just started making a few myself. If you’re fascinated by the infinite world that awaits us out … i want to get a slliding them in which they change the sound my icons and new funtions include on this themes can u tell where it is met Sorry, but I had to speak my mind. rapidshare or mediafire please ? In fact, our site is now the best source for Google Chrome themes. And other style. Somebody help me by uploading all windows themes in Any Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Theme for Windows 7…? Below is the list of  Windows 7 themes free download which you can install and get Aero effect in different colours like blue, green and even apple and mac theme if you want to. New Nav, Context, Shell style expand animation. U can Help me I like Themes. can U help me, U give me Realtake windows 7. Dear all of you. I am installing these themes but only wallpaper is being changed when i am doing it. You can learn how to change and manage windows 7 themes by reading the post.. there are no changes in taskbar menus and the other ones though i have installed universal patch x86 bit for my 32 bit system. my emil id [email protected], Heyy can anyone tell me how to download these theme??? what do i do?????? This theme features the best James Bond movie ever: Goldeneye! A stylish Iron Man theme for all Chrome users. Customer can download the software from It shows errors…. Below is the list of Windows 7 themes free download which you can install and get Aero effect in different colours like blue, green and even apple and mac theme if you want to. The link on the left is “create content” if you guys have trouble finding it. A very simply Gears of War theme for Google’s browser with the red Gears of War logo on a black background. make themes of warcraftIII so that i can respect u, please give me best themes to my laptop. The url for the Conception theme (conception.themepack) is mis-spelled : conecption.themepack. If you are a Guild Wars player, here’s the inofficial Guild Wars 2 Chrome theme! Once you have these Windows 7 Themes, make sure to double click to start the installation process. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'technospot_net-box-3','ezslot_2',112,'0','0']));Windows 7 is already out and so are the Windows 7 themes. You guys rock! Can you show me how to use it? Bugatti’s cars still have some of the best designs. The british agent 007 is back. Learn more after the break. Looking for a classic Bugatti theme for Chrome? I logged in and you get a new area on the left that let’s you make themes. AVG Retail is one of the best Antivirus software. I also want to find window 7 like a gamer edition Theme, hi i am fy bca student from surat sutex bank college. man u should install first for example. Good stuff there, easy even for me to do. If you have already installed our red/white Christmas theme for Windows 7, you might also want to install this Chrome Christmas theme! Custom browser skins that help you personalize your browser. I just made an author account, and after activating through my e-mail. my laptop is brand new and has 285 gigs of free space. I can’t change my gadget icon. How to Choose Between a dSLR and a Point and Shoot DigiCam ? Can anyone help me in dis out!! TuneUp Utilities 2010 then install the themes what u downloaded .. have fun, all themes here is suck Once installed you can go to personalization and change things as you wish. Choose from the list here, Download ( Includes Video Demo using Omnimo and Rainmeter). these themes kinda suck… I was expecting better… something like Vista Dreams or something better… these themes are too much the same… the only difference is the colors and wallpaper! Find which programs are using the Internet and bandwidth on Windows, How to buy Mobile, Tablets, Gadgets from US, UK and Ship to India, How to Block Phone Numbers / Unwanted Calls.

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