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Fishing, however, is not the only resource we have to offer. The changes to the lodge are superb. Truly a four season angling destination, Ontario’s winter paradise offers great ice fishing opportunities. Thank you for the awesome hospitality! Left depressed as I lost 2 Mr. Green Jeans “Hot Lips” lures. The scenery is spectacular! exhilaration as you lift the net under yet another formidable adversary, all the time The memories we now have are priceless. Broke my personal best Pike 3 times, caught a 30 lb on the last cast of the trip. Just the province of Ontario is home to so much amazing fishing. Thank you Ken & Edie. We’ve had the best hospitality, food, lodging and fishing. This utopia is none other than Ontario - an accessible paradise that you can call your very own. Copyright © 2019 GoFishingCanada.com - All Rights Reserved. My right arm is like rubber from all the fish we caught and released. My 12th visit to Hearne Lake Lodge. Providing an intuitive, user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Ontario. Unbelievable cooking, warmth and hospitality. After a long day fishing in “The Land Of The Midnight Sun”  relax with friends and let us feed and pamper you. Thank you so much for making my holiday memorable. to Our Fishing Newsletter, Selling the North What wonderful memories, Thank you Ken, Edie, Polar and Attie. Sooooooo comfortable here and the fish were so accommodating. wondering why you never made this pilgrimage before. This place has become my second home. Thanks for everything! in the ritual of ice fishing, and discover the incredible way this activity can warm your Full 6 Day Trip – Depart on the morning of the 7th day. I live in Minnesota and do most of my fishing in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and occasionally Canada. Great food, great people, great fishing. Great hosts, great friends, great facilities!. Fish for the famed muskie at Chaudiere Lodge on the French River. We tried to pass several times but he kept blocking us. I found fishing off the resort docks to be some of the best fishing I experienced there. I’ll try my hand at winning again next year. We take pride in making you feel right at home when you stay at the lodge. I will be back for sure. Thank you for making my 4th trip to Hearne better than ever. This lake is mainly known for its perch. We also caught several while fishing for walleye with leeches on a slip bobber. Re-discover your inner-child Or catch big salmon on Lake Ontario, from Port Credit with Unreel Charters. The two of you were wonderful hosts and the lakes and rivers sure produced the fish. Whether you prefer to brave the elements or warm up in We had truly a wonderful experience with the group and time with each other. Thank you Ken & Edie for everything, hope to be back! Don’t forget to check out our other articles, like “How much does a boat motor weigh.” You should also check out our YouTube channel. professional service and a "shore lunch" to remember. It opens up again into a round circle and is easy to turn around. Fishing was amazing, weather was amazing, scenery was spectacular. Ken can fix anything, Edie, with your cooking, I think I gained 5 lbs. Fishing trips. Page Headers. We spent some time seeing the sights. If trophy walleye is what you’re after, head to Garden Island Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake which is accessible by boat or float plane. For 6 days total “peace of mind”  Thank you, I will return. Book an afternoon of fishing from friendly anglers ready to get you out on the water. There is a large open area with a couple of RV’s parked off to the side. www.sellingthenorth.com. Ontario is also underestimated for its fly-fishing opportunities. The best decision in my life was to buy “that duck”. The hospitality, food -“outstanding”-, accommodations, fishing boat & equipment are perfect for the serious fisher. Thank you so much. Really enjoyed my time at Hearne Lake, great people, great fishing, clean lodge with real good food! My other trophy I caught was a 23.5 inch Walleye on a slip bobber and leech on the west end of the lake. Once again a great time with you guys. See you soon. We had a wonderful stay. Once summer makes way for winter, a new realm of fishing is at your doorstep. will be sure to suit your needs and budget. The first thing my wife is going to ask is “how were the bathrooms?”, they were great as was everything else. Our Canada fishing lodge features many modern amenities. Full 4 Day Trip – Depart on the morning of the 5th day. just what you have been wishing for. Beautiful! Ken and Edie are wonderful hosts. Parry Sound, Lake Temagami - Lake Tomiko Picture for yourself crystal-clear We stayed out late in search of the walleye bite, and saw some spectacular sunsets. See you next summer. All Pricing is based on double occupancy. Great company and loved the dogs. I saw it last Summer from the seat of a water bomber (tanker 290), and have now come to appreciate the the closer you get, the prettier it is. It also jets off to the side where a couple trucks can park. Here are the two main spots we fished. Providing an intuitive, user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Ontario. To quote a famous person “Mamie Eisenhower” This was a mental cocktail. I can’t explain in words what a wonderful trip we had. I will be back soon for my 7th trip. A word that is often used but seldom in the correct context. More beautiful, more relaxing, more fun, more delicious, more peaceful! It gets better every year. "> I can’t wait to return and spend more time on your lake and in your company. Your passion and generosity is truly inspirational. We are a fishing lodge first, so don’t worry you won’t go hungry if you miss a meal due to the superb fishing. Not a place for people on a diet! A Spectacular Northwest Territories Fishing Vacation at a Canada Fishing Lodge You Will Want To Make Home. Hearne Lake Lodge is “more”. Thank you so much for everything. It is remarkable to think in a land as big as the Territories you can still find a little piece of “home”. We are a fishing lodge first, so don’t worry you won’t go hungry if you miss a meal due to the superb fishing. We were fishing up against that weed edge when I caught this walleye. Thank you so much for everything. Lake Kesagami, Sudbury -  Sault Ste Marie -  Elliot Loved it here, will for sure come back. Users are able to search for lakes by name, or via proximity search; view species reference, interactive directions, real-time weather, boat launch locations, points of interest, tips & tricks, and more! Messageboard - Ontario Fishing Photos Les navigateurs désuets ne disposent pas de caractéristiques sécuritaires permettant d’assurer la sécurité de vos renseignements. All the Best. Ce fut tres reposant. This week has been one of the best times of my life. Had a blast with friends and coworkers.

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