gladiolus cultivation

Disinfect the soil with formalin (active ingredient Formaldehyde) at a conc. Gladiolus corms will flower in part shade, but the colors will not be as vivid as when planted in full sun, and the plant won’t grow quite as well. The main reason for this being a better and more economical use of the land. Store the flowers in vertical position at a temperature of 2 to 5. After planting immediate watering is required. On rich but well-drained soils, you can plant them straight out in the garden. And you can find almost 200 species of which 92-93% have originated in Africa. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. The advised plant density in the hills is between 80,000 and 1,00,000 (i.e. Remove the bottom leaves, I prefer to leave the spike tip as this is part of the plants appeal but removing it will encourage more flowers below. You can store the corms at 3 to 7°C for 3 months or treat with Ethrel (1000ppm) or GA3 (100ppm) or Thiourea (500 ppm) for breaking the corm dormancy. However, if you want to sell as cut flowers then you must harvest even before the opening of the first floret, preferably when the basal florets just show the color. The flower has good demand in bouquet and decoration purpose. Planting Soil and Site. So, you must identify the market demand prior to starting planting. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This enables the corms to grow again. Always put the flowers in a vertical position, to avoid bending. on 1st July 2019. Depending upon the variety, size of corms, environment, and soil fertility, you can harvest the gladiolus flowers after 65-70 days of planting. The flowers can be cut as soon as the first floret at the bottom of the spike starts showing colour. They also like sunny locations. To avoid piercing the corms, canes are safest poked in before you plant the bulbs. For planting in the plains gladiolus can best be planted on ridges during August-November, approx. Also, you must prepare the field well up to a depth of 15-20 cm. Lift them and snap the corms from the stems. Gladiolus is a glamorous bulbous flowering plant standing for its flower of beauty and perfection. The spikes may be cut close to the base, but above the 4-5 leaves with a sharp knife or scissors, after the first floret on the spike has opened. Generally, gladiolus prefers sandy loam soils. Repeat the same procedure when the sixth leaf has formed. Popularity of this crop as a cut flower is increasing day by day because of its long keeping quality and attractive range of spike colours. Basically, you must maintain the sufficient moisture in the soil at the time of planting. How To Start Rubber Plantation Farming Business, How to Control Pests & Diseases in Marigold Plant, How To Start A Profitable Cold Storage Business, 20 Most Profitable Horticulture Business Ideas.

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