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Primary energy consumption has been cut significantly in recent years in Germany – by 5.5 % between 2008 and 2017. - Contact us. 17.10.2020 — German Development Minister Gerd Müller is attending today's Annual Meeting of the World Bank in his capacity as the Governor for Germany. The decision will therefore be expensive for the federal government. This allows for solution and strategies to be drawn up for the key fields of action within the energy transition. Rather, it must take the form of many steps that are carefully planned. | The Federal Government is committed to making the energy transition a driver for energy efficiency, modernisation, innovation and digitisation in our electricity and heat sectors. EURACTIV Germany reports. Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) The division for international/national trade fairs and exhibitions policy in the German Economics Ministry decides on and supports official participations in the Federal Republic of Germany's international trade fairs and exhibitions programme. Publication LUKOIL corporate governance system is based on international best practices and fully incorporates the principles of openness, regulatory requirements, fair competition, and transparency. - Publication LUKOIL depositary receipts are listed on the London and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges, as well as on the US OTC market. More secure and more affordable: Federal Government makes energy transition fit for the future, Responsibilities as a ministry for European affairs, After the Brexit referendum: An overview of important information, Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment, Financing for start-ups, company growth, and innovations, overview of legislation covering the energy supply system (in German). Overall, the general public had given the coal phase-out bill a lot of praise so, despite everything, Altmaier was “convinced that this is a great success”. The Energy Transition, Publication: Article Terms and Conditions Also involved in the process is an independent commission of experts, who provide a scientific opinion on the Monitoring Report. The energy transition will only succeed if all stakeholders work together: it requires a joint effort to be taken. Instead, they will compete in tenders for the lowest possible decommissioning premiums, refunded by the German state, and then close their plants. The target architecture for the energy transition is designed to ensure that we have our eyes firmly on the objectives of the energy transition as we develop specific policy action. Germany is not only increasing the share of green energy in its supply. Opens PDF "Discussion Paper - Electricity 2030" in a new window. EURACTIV Germany reports. Energy transition progress in 2018, External sites: This will make energy and climate policy in the individual EU member states more transparent and comparable. Press release Environmental activists wearing masks of Economy Minister Peter Altmaier and Chancellor Angela Merkel protest in front of the German chancellery in Berlin on 29 January 2020. And we thank you for your support. Because within the framework of the so-called structural strengthening law, which complements the coal phase-out law and is already in parliament, structural aid of €40 billion has been promised to the coal regions. The overview of legislation covering the energy supply system (in German) provides a summary of the most important legal texts within German and European energy policy. Subscribe: Despite environmentalists voicing criticism in recent days, cabinet ministers expressed their satisfaction on Wednesday (29 January). “Who is Who der Energiewende in Deutschland” (PDF: 6,7 MB; in German), Reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, Energy prices and transparency for consumers, [EN] Link direkt zur Hauptnavigation und Suche.

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