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Yeah I am. She said, and Artemis felt a tidal wave of sorrow and empathy wash over her. We wanted to provide a platform that helps writers promote their work and encourage readership by making their stories more accessible & reading them easier. Percy laughed at her fear, then hopped off onto the other side. "You can come in now. With huge rebates and discounts on the thousands of books, novels and short stories, Barnes & Noble is the place to go when you love to read. Sally clasped her hands together, looking proud of herself. "Percy." Luckily she had a key on her. Artemis' room was very simple, she had never been one to decorate such as Aphrodite. Aphrodite looked down and saw railway tracks, so she spun around in fear, expecting to find a freight train about to trample her. Apollo stood at the door, staring in at her awkwardly. I love you, sis." "I'm guessing Percy suggested this to you?" He asked, making Artemis scowl. Artemis laughed, managing to draw one from Apollo. So, I have posted why I couldn't open on my browser over here a few days ago: He said, bringing the girl to Artemis. "I assume Zeus and Poseidon brought Percy to the bar with them, you know how Ganymede can be bought over easily by Zeus. They laughed, and she could hear their quiet remarks of her being a whore and a slut louder than anything Apollo or Zeus had to say. "Alright, here's what gonna happen. They had gone for a walk in the national park in Montauk, and chose to take a photo of the two of them. "Well, what was it you called me for?" She looked up at him curiously as he sat on the top, then held out a hand for her. She heard Percy messing around with what sounded like wood, before he took her hand and led her inside. Just try and keep the adult stuff until you're both adults." It was even darker, and colder, and as they walked she heard the sound of puddles being stepped through, making her cringe. She asked in wonder. The two of them left the planned parenthood beaming, having finally met their child, with Artemis clutching a photo of the baby in her arms. He assured her, and Artemis let out a sigh of relief. She told him, making Apollo smile in satisfaction. As Percy helped her into the pickup, he suddenly got an idea. She greeted ever so sweetly, holding her orange purse on her lap as she looked over. Aphrodite got in the passenger side, while Percy sat in the middle back seat. Aphrodite was the first to break, squealing so loudly the baby was probably gonna come out deaf before she tackled them both in a hug. She should have waited till marriage like the golden girl Athena was. Percy held her close as the train sped past, thinking if he let her go she would be shredded. She knows me so well, she thought to herself. "I looked back at who I thought was Percy, but it turns out the alcohol was lying to me, because it was actually that Orion kid a year above us. Betty looked back up at Jughead "There's this darkness in me, it's overwhelming at times. Percy kissed her hand repeatedly as he cried. Finally, the thread that made the line of a smile on the bear's face was slowly slipping off, and if she tugged on one end Artemis might've gotten rid of the bear's mouth. Artemis looked over and saw there were no gifts left. You want my advice? A few miles away, a certain 16 year old girl was standing in front of her family anxiously. Hell, I don't even have a girlfriend. When in public, she preferred to just hug and if she felt daring, hold hands. It hasn't been that long, but I already know you're the one for me. She thought about that for a long time, then came to the conclusion that she at least wanted to know the gender. She asked, and Artemis couldn't lie. "According to literally everyone we know, it's practically the same." She remembered this all too well, as her, Apollo, and Zeus all went to visit Percy and Aphrodite in hospital afterwards. She couldn't imagine Percy dumping her, or making her get an abortion. Aphrodite nodded, putting her phone in her pocket and getting up, leaving their plates for the waiter to take away. Percy laughed, and draped an arm around her for a side hug. Artemis nodded, and they cuddled together in Artemis silver-sheeted bed. They were Doritos, Nacho Cheese flavored to be exact. It had a weird green stain on the right arm, which looked like it'd been bleached. I need you. "Can you at least tell her with me? Not the thot part though. Artemis felt bad. It was cream colored, and about the average size of teddy bears, unlike the monstrosity Hestia got her. She said, and all three nurses came and led him out. Not only was it a part of her body that she was not enthusiastic on being touched, but the gel was really fucking cold. She said, and Artemis' heart sunk. Artemis smiled at the cake, which was banana with white icing on top. There's no complicated process involved, no arguments or interrogations about why you want the blocks removed, no judgements, no customer service reps calling you a pervert. The difference between you and I is that you have an army of side friends, people who like you. She had never really thought about these things before, and now as they were on their way to meet their child, these worries all rammed into her like she was tied to a train track. The only thing of note that happened during the entire period was the elderly teacher giving Artemis a sympathetic look. He liked to pull her close and kiss her on the cheek in front of their friends, which never failed to make her face flare up like the Australian bush. It was fast approaching, so he tried pulling her to the side. "UH, OH FUCK WHAT DO I DO?" Percy's sister spoke. Percy appeared out of nowhere, perfect timing considering Jason's previous question.

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