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The „Initiative for climate protection and employment in Berlin and Brandenburg“ is based on a collective action of the DGB of the area Berlin-Brandenburg and the association “energy & work”. The conference brought about a stocktaking of both the institutional basis of policy integration on the different levels of policy making as well as an improvement of the knowledge basis for a furthering of integration. Color pH indicators provide only an approximate measure of the pH, or the strength of the acid or base. The research project investigates how governments in these countries integrate existing climate policies both horizontally and vertically. When measuring pH with pH paper, dip the end of a strip of pH paper into each mixture you want to test. There should be no change. Browse through the environmental science project topics and research materials listed below. You could say canaries were a bioassay for underground gas. This project aimed to report and revise the existing sustainability indicator for bio diversity, considering the next report of progress by the federal government on the occasion of the National Strategy of Sustainability 2006. Pour about a cup of the vinegar/water mixture into the acid-philodendron and acid-begonia cups. In the light of the continuity and change that Paris will bring, the discussions and knowledge exchange evolved around international climate policy and politics in the larger context of global governance and the challenges of a transformation towards sustainable development in a turbulent world. Were any of your soil samples basic? Add 1/8 teaspoon borax to 1/4 cup distilled water and stir for about 2 minutes. Which plant cuttings had the fastest root growth, those in distilled water or those in acid water? Project timeframe: 02/2014 - 10/2015. Each project has easy-to-follow instructions and clear pictures. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Undergraduate Project Topics, Research Works and Materials, Largest Undergraduate Projects Repository, Research Works and Materials. After about two seconds, remove the paper, and immediately compare the color at the wet end of the paper with the color chart provided with that pH indicator. The aim of the report is to identify potentialities for the strengthening of sustainability policies in Germany and notably in the German Bundestag. Pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar into 2 cups of distilled water, stir well, and check the pH with either pH paper or a garden soil pH testing kit. ), Dip an unused, clean strip of pH paper into the water cup for about 2 seconds and immediately compare with the color chart. The SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN project aims at establishing a more sustainable and integrated research and innovation cooperation between the EU and the ASEAN region in the areas of climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials. The target of Impact Assessment (IA) is to support the policy-making process by providing information, inter-ministerial consultations and to promote early stakeholder discussions and to encourage more interdisciplinary cooperation.

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