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The conservation of the environment , environmental conservation or environmental protection , refers to the different ways that exist to regulate, minimize or prevent damage to the activities of industrial, agricultural, urban, commercial or other nature caused to the natural ecosystems , and mainly to the flora and fauna. <> <> Scribd is the … The Importance of Environmental Conservation - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. <> Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Foresty Nay Pyi Taw 2012 The Environmental Conservation Law The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. h�bbd``b`��@�� ���D�(�f`bd�R���N�g,�` �� related to environmental conservation research (i.e. xref (30th March, 2012) The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw hereby enacts this Law: Chapter I Title and Definition 1. endstream 163 0 obj 93 0 obj <>stream %���� 1 0 obj endobj �Dh�~�������g��>wc�R. It includes research papers, reports, comments and subject reviews addressing environmental natural and social science, and environmental policy and practice, informed by rigorous studies at local to global scales. 9/2012 The 8th Waxing Day of Tagu, 1373 M.E. ]�� �� ��yr ����>M��r�f���gV���� ʘ8ب��yO�P �B� �Y;�G{�\��+ Y�=�u7����[�F��;�u�D*$������̼Z�� ��A�/*xT��P$A��E^> 80 0 obj <> endobj x��]ˮ���W�(�S"`��3��s�,���vc����dS���R߹O���bU����>�>������/؝�a���_n��v�� �}2f`����7�����덍�8�_��t�F����L��ŗ����������������B?�|�e>r����1���Z�~�����a�؏Y�,%�{�ռMZ*?�N��������HL�ҕ�Vk�w�&/��I��S�3�}���9C쒛จBR�(�t#A��7����|�&ӊ��i-�|�Q���.����]b�]7��Qc؇Q�8� ��QJH��8�Nt�N��hQ���wชے��s%��%�]�tnF��F��(^N��h��|t]�HО����7�3���苼3������ �'G��3/ʨv&,2i�w&�4�=�ۜJ��R`�(��AKMʔ���L��6 �"�Q���z?�U����F,�B'v9����"��ش&�R~��C�%&P��\.M��ضz�Jk�_�j�aK�x''�j��$F_�s�l��[7}�yV{t6*��ѸD�R8��obr��U!�Z��;��S�2��S5�ϑf�=�]�:�ΥPkq��K~�s$�gt���"n�bI�]EϜ�J_��z�V���hievU��U��� ���A�L��@ٸ,/��fH��uj�Y;y��ɧ�ې�@��bM�. http://big.faceless.org/products/pdf?version=2.10.22012-08-31T16:07:35+01:002012-08-31T16:07:35+01:002012-08-31T16:07:35+01:002012-08-31T16:07:35+01:00application/pdf Environmental Conservation is one of the longest-standing, most highly-cited of the interdisciplinary environmental science journals. 0]42:eU�O�gv�-��QV!���J�ܲņ�7�#��f��E�ZE�ȩ����u��q��@��x�:����΄��Q�@�1�u�#�=��X*����S�\�$ʟ���Y�O35PB�[AN�����,�D51��nը���-B�ofټŴӏ�*>�(Ʉ gc�D�O�ﻣA�����e�d��d7:h�>/��p`������x�9�h���Xd��A�0d c�*q��Q�7 :oZ�� 61�ٶ�WƜ�D-J��k���8��[�)���j�"+�^C>��WLwhU���;Z�JQ-F��� +��.w��" X� ! h�b```f``�d`2�@ (������ �MJf]���c%{�Wv>767�m7��q��{pFpX00����P���1 �B1C�a�+u�t��@&� x�c```f``�e`g``7ff@ a�+����"�V ��������i'�O�u�_�֕Q�{����܂�3��8�q�c�T+����~�es��jiA [���`� t��0�'̷�&�*�?�hPa���x�ф�)�"�{1�}Ҍ@$ environmental conservation and to clarify its position to tackle the issue from the organizational and systematic viewpoint. ߓ�i�(J�&"zcsU��L���R� Y?�R'�M� yʲ��D���=���߲�K`�L/�r �3�:�{k2'>I��t�Uo�CF2y����� ���5Qw��$o�~�wF�ᴹ�\��1b[G�k���Y�����)ٴ��бK�d���bU�ŧY��he�Y ���K�L�|���ȶ��~�*��4���2 Jѳn�f����,nR�k����c_��ߓ��O��y��Mv�/g�&/ 0 0 H��W�r�����K+��V8¼��&%˒}e�QQt������� �J���13=3=}�q����8������ԡ8��D�pO�����;�;�z��)�=��;�f�|2��p�N����m&��Ϸ�kH�nrH���ٺ�g�m A9_;=�O��R�� �s:g��VM@�gIj���V�V��{J)�d��kv�Yq��3|�8_�g�� 8��^$需�F��s�>LH�V�p�G*0{�{�Ngr���z��+���Ho��g+�fe��7z�T�����)`(K�ŗ�ZSsÖ����o���4n�u�^Ë���Ȅ. startxref Y�8� hޜRKo�0��W��L�$n�u!����N�C�x This Law shall be called the Environmental Conservation Law. endobj <> Environmental conservation and attempts to address environmental aspects of public health provision are increasingly being pursued under the rubric of protecting or restoring ecosystem services, defined as those processes in nature that increase human welfare. they provided information on the scientific and technical means for the protection, maintenance and restoration of life on this planet, including species, ecological and evolutionary processes, and the environment). ��,�0��W���:�x�@H丗� D9�ԋ�;O�&*h�m+0ܤ��^�M �o�U>�S���7���Ȇ��#h|1�-���� *��������:�8�5�ڏ����#+���r��� !��G ܠD��P�A%��R�e�s'{Tb9T�A��z��c��8�J��y��};׽~1n]}6��9 Environmental conservation comes in many different types because it is a topic with a lot of areas to cover. %PDF-1.5 %���� %PDF-1.4 endstream endobj 163 20 <<76228D5489E5E4104CE4FF09DC4F169A>]/Info 162 0 R/Prev 1503851/Root 164 0 R/Size 183>> These papers were used 2. 182 0 obj <> 6 0 obj Environmental conservation is the practice of us humans saving the environment from the loss of species, and the destruction of the ecosystem, primarily due to pollution and human activities. �ބ�I�F�U�ND���C��,+1�9� U6�nn����� ���n���Bp�2��}�����T�%F��8T��� /�T�"T��U@�$˔Y吵�&�lD�&a\U'�`��6�i��Mb{�w:���v�d��%6�Lqv�R4Cla�޷�{��vDAawZC�d�����r`��a��.���J��˵��ȉI_dp�v� jS� $=l�D(��u;e�ҳ5��N Q҂eZ��jŽWY�U�B���q7���T���}�y�O �ʄqy��J���s���.��%L�E�y��-����3�� <> <>/PageLayout/OneColumn/PageMode/UseNone/Pages 161 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj endobj �4#w�9��Q � �c � �b�W�8�0�\8�A�0���^%2¢��Ux1�3��[og�m}\����ߌ��6;�����`[�>�? 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