emmanuel tv live service today 2020

Our God is good. He advised me, at my age, to have a hysterectomy because when you just have a common operation procedure to remove them, they usually grow back. “I was facing a serious health challenge, namely severe hypertension (over 186/105) and was put on medication since January 2019. I was touched by the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his prayer! The next day she had completely recovered from the headache and her temperature subsided! When we found him, he was addicted to codeine and marijuana but, since the day we brought him home, he has not smoked or taken any form of codeine. “My name is Marie Florance Paul. I am Harriet Nelly Kalua, a widow aged 60 years and mother of four children from Lusaka, Zambia. I carried the Living Water back home and gave to all my family members. Joshua came onto the altar, the atmosphere changed in my room! I had severe pains all over, especially from my stomach down to my male organ. Successful Completion Of MBA Degree Aged 63!!! I would like to give glory to God! By God’s grace, he suddenly started breathing on his own and they removed the oxygen. My name is Millen Mapunda from Malawi. One of them was the spirit of suicide – although I didn’t know it at the time. Instantly, the message convicted me and Prophet TB Joshua said viewers should touch the screen of their television. I can testify that now, I am free indeed from the spirit of man! “My 11 year-old daughter Evie was having constipation and stomach pain – but after she drank the Living Water, she went to the toilet and stooled immediately. My name is Regina Gah from Ghana. I was always distracted from every good thing. To God be the glory, it is now six years and I have never experienced bedwetting again! “Good Morning. I am testifying again that I am actually having my periods right now! I had signs and symptoms of COVID-19, mostly heartburn, frequent urination and neck pain. It will be well with you. My testimony goes like this: I have been suffering with lower abdominal pains for more than five years and these pains were really severe on my right abdomen. For many years I ignored the fact even though I had many symptoms such as heavy periods, frequent urination, stiffness and a hardness in my abdomen, pain sometimes and a huge stomach. Immediately, I felt like vomiting! I could easily see that my father was really scared. On the 3rd April, 2010 – it was Easter Monday – the mother Samiratu (who is my younger sister) called to find out how I was doing. The pain was still excruciating! Acme Versailles Dining Set, My name is Patricia Mensah. My name is Stanley Mathotho. He disconnected me from people who were ‘under the sea’ that had been tormenting my life.

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