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IT DOES NOT HERE TO RUN THE DIFFERENT AGENCIES OR DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. DEWINE: CARES ACT, THE SCHOOLS I THINK KNOW THEIR NUMBERS. The state Office of Budget and Management plans to release preliminary April numbers next week, an agency spokesman said. “The funny money stuff is great. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Gov. GOV. Mike DeWine announced a $775 million budget reduction, with the brunt of those cuts coming from Medicaid and education. EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO SEE SCHOOLS BACK IN SESSION IN AUGUST. REPORTER: WERE THERE ANY MADE AND HOW DID IT AFFECT THE CUTS? WHAT WE HAVE DONE IS OUTLINED WHAT I READ TO YOU WAS THE BIG BROAD NUMBERS. AS FAR AS WHETHER THEY'RE GOING BACK IN THE CLASSROOM. SO YOU DON'T HAVE SUCH A HUGE DROP IN THOSE SERVICES. MAJOR BUDGET CUTS FOR THE STATE OF OHIO ARE ON THE WAY. WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO DO OUR BEST TO BALANCE THESE CUTS AND TO PROTECT THE MOST VULNERABLE OF OUR STUDENTS. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SEE WHERE WE ARE. "DeWine said he decided not to draw money from the state's rainy day fund to cover the next two months' deficit, instead of making cuts to allow the state to balance the budget for the next two months. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR. REPORTER: THANK YOU. WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION WITH STATE AGENCIES TO GO IN AND DO THE CUTS AND DO THOSE THINGS. That’s because the state fiscal year runs through June 30, by which point the Ohio Constitution requires a balanced budget. WE'RE TAKING A LOOK AT THAT. WITH COMPENSATIONS FOR -- WITH EXCEPTIONS OF STAFF PROVIDING DIRECT SERVICES IN REGARD TO THIS EMERGENCY. IT'S A GLOBAL ISSUE. WE'VE GOT TO START MOVING FORWARD. REPORTER: I'M WITH HANNAH NEWS SERVICE IN THE LAST BUDGET YOU INCLUDED LOT OF EXTRA MONEY FOR SCHOOLS, AIMED AT HELPING WRAPAROUND SERVICE. IT'S THAT THIN FEELING OF BEING TORN APART SOMETIMES. DEWINE: WHAT ABOUT PAYMENT TRANSFERS? DEWINE: TAKE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY. Mike DeWine announced a $775 million budget reduction, with the brunt of those cuts coming from Medicaid and education. Mike DeWine announced Thursday. Mike DeWine announced a $775 million budget reduction, with the brunt of those cuts coming from Medicaid and education. IS THAT PART OF THE PLAN YET? Question: Ohio in 1803 became the nation’s 17th state. IT'S UNPRECEDENTED THING. For the past several days, the ICU patient count across the state has hovered just under 450, reports’s Rich Exner. Work stoppage: About one in every 11 Ohioans has filed for unemployment in the last six weeks, according to new numbers from the state. SHE'LL HAVE MORE DETAILS ON THAT TOMORROW. I MADE A COMMITMENT THAT WE WOULD CONTINUE FUNDING WRAPAROUND SERVICES AND WE'RE GOING TO DO EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN TO CONTINUE THAT COMMITMENT. THIS WOULD NOT BE THE TIME. DEWINE: THOSE FUNDS ARE NOT SLASHED. 08, 2020 PUBLISHED 9:15 AM EDT May. “This is appalling. IT'S ON DIRECT CONTACT WITH PRISONERS. THIS VIEWER'S DAD HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 AND JUST BY THE WORKS SMALL BUSINESS IN CINCINNATI WHERE ONE THIRD OF THEIR STAFF HAS TESTED POSITIVE AS WELL. "Through the administrative and academic actions OWU has taken during the past six months, Ohio Wesleyan has become a more focused, more efficient university," he said. COME UP WITH WHAT IS UNIQUE TO YOU AND WHERE YOU NEED TO HAVE UNIQUE FLEXIBILITY COME UP WITH DIFFERENT OPTIONS AND CONTINUE TO WORK WITH THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ON THAT. WE WILL NOT BE HERE TOMORROW. WE PULLED IN A LOT OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN WORKING GROUPS IN REGARD TO OUR PRISONS. If DeWine plans to seek tax increases alongside the cuts, it seems he’ll have a tough sell with the Republican-controlled state legislature. GOV. Ohio Statehouse (Laura Hancock/ STATE AGENCIES WILL CONTINUE TO OPERATE UNDER THE TRAVEL FREEZE ALREADY IN EFFECT. WE'RE COMMITTED TO WRAPAROUND SERVICE. I KNOW THAT THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION HAS A WORKING GROUP. HE HAS BEEN ON A LOT OF CALLS WE'VE HAD OVER THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS. I DO NOT MAKE THEM LIGHTLY BUT THEY ARE NECESSARY. Education funding cuts seen as likely as Gov. IT'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER. NOT WITHOUT SOME CONSULTATION. Prison report: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Annette Chambers-Smith shared a report about what she’s trying to do to fight coronavirus outbreaks in state prisons,’s Laura Hancock reports. “I think higher education is probably going to be looked at, and I think K-12 education.”. THAT DOES NOT PRODUCE THE MONEY THAT YOU NEED BECAUSE SUCH A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE BUDGET. THAT'S WHAT WE INTEND TO DO. WILL THIS ADMINISTRATION BE HEAVY HANDED OR HELPFUL AS COUNTIES DECIDE TO GO THEIR OWN WAY? WE HAVE TRIED TO AVOID THAT, THAT'S KIND OF A ONE TIME DEAL THAT YOU CAN DO. WE'RE CONFIDENT THAT WE CAN FIND THAT $200 MILLION OUT OF THERE. ONE OPTION I THINK WE'VE DISCUSSED HERE BEFORE IS KIND OF A TWO-DAY WHERE YOU SPREAD THE STUDENTS OUT MOR WE HAVE TO SEE WHERE WE ARE WITH THE VIRUS BUT MY RECOMMENDATION TO SCHOOL IS, LOOK AT DIFFERENT OPTIONS. WE REALLY DO NOT WANT TO TAP INTO THAT FUND YET. WHEN DO THESE CUTS TAKE EFFECT? ordered state agencies to cut as much as 20% of their budgets. The Office of Budget and Management said spending on many public services should be held to 2020 levels. WE'LL CONTINUE TO LOOSEN RESTRICTIONS AND TRUST PEOPLE MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY. I'M ASSUMING IT'S A SMALL STORE. IT'S NOT -- THIS IS AN ECONOMIC CRISES THAT'S NOT UNIQUE TO OHIO AND WHILE WE'RE OPENING THINGS UP IN OHIO, THAT'S NOT GOING TO SOLVE THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF WE'RE FACING. ALL OF THOSE THING ARE WHAT MAKE US DO BETTER OR WORSE. THAT'S THE MONEY THAT GOES OUT THE DOOR FOR MEDICAID PROVIDERS, K THROUGH 12, HIGHER EDUCATION AND FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. MOST ELSE, ABOUT 60% LIVE IN CONGREGATE SETTING ALMOST LIKE YOU ENVISION DORMS IT IS OF GRAVE CONCERN. WE ARE NOT DOING SPECIFICALLY TESTING IN BUSINESSES AT THIS POINT. WE HOPE TO HAVE LAURA SOME ANNOUNCEMENTS IN REGARD TO THOSE ISSUES. DID THE CARES ACT, CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE CARES ACT AND HOW THAT IMPACT BUDGET CUTS? WE HAVE TO PLAN FOR THAT FUTURE. WE KNOW WE CANNOT SUSTAIN THAT DOWNTURN FOREVER. WE INCHED UP AGAIN OVER UP TOWARD THE 5000 TO 6000 MARK. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). With the consolidations resulting in a new Department of World Languages, Do now isn't sure what courses will be offered. THAT'S NOT JUST AT STATE GOVERNMENT. Mike DeWine considers how to balance state budget Updated Apr 30, 2020; Posted Apr 30, 2020 Ohio Statehouse (Laura Hancock/ Ohio Gov. OHIO — Ohio's eight largest school districts are preparing for the state to make large budget cuts soon to K-12 budgets. Budget cuts for FY 2021 have not been announced, but Patton confirmed at least $440 million in planned reductions: $309 million from K-12 schools, $89 million from higher education and $46 million to help counties fund public defenders. The list shows that the Cleveland Metropolitan School District will lose roughly $5.6 million while funding to the Columbus City School District will be … THAT'S FOR STATE GOVERNMENT. “We’re consulting with the General Assembly, which obviously plays a significant role in all this discussion,” DeWine said. GOV. So don’t ask me for additional revenues.”. I'VE ASKED EACH AGENCY, DIRECTOR TO CONTINUE TO IDENTIFY ADDITIONAL SAVINGS IN THEIR BUDGET FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS FISCAL YEAR AND FOR NEXT FISCAL YEAR. WE SHOULD NOT USE THAT RAINY DAY FUNDING UNTIL WE HAVE TO. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday he’s cutting $775 million from the state budget in the next two months because of plummeting revenue due to the pandemic. OBVIOUSLY WE THINK IT'S THE RIGHT AMOUNT. SIMPLY STATED, WE ARE GOING TO NEED THAT MONEY. I THINK WE HAVE TO OFFER HELP. DEWINE: I MISSED THE LAST PART. House Speaker Larry Householder, meanwhile, in a recent radio interview predicted the DeWine administration would seek a mix of tax increases and cuts. IT DOES, I THINK, EMPHASIZE IMPORTANCE OF TESTING AND FOR US TO MOVE VERY QUICKLY ON TESTING. "While we do not know what the coming months will hold, we do know that COVID-19 is here with us and will be here for quite some time. Those cuts could remove nearly $14 billion from the state's two-year, $69 billion 2020-21 operating budget. THERE'S A GROWING BELIEF THAT COUNTY OFFICIALS PARTICULARLY HEALTH DEPARTMENT DIRECTORS, HAVE POWER TO INTERPRET AND IMPLEMENT ORDERS WE'RE NOW UNDER. AS FAR AS A REVIEW, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE -- THIS IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS. THAT'S NOT IRRELEVANT. WE'VE HAD MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS FROM THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. THEY GO TO WORK AND THEY KEEP DOING THE WORK KNOWING THAT IT'S A TOUGHER SITUATION JUST LIKE OUR HEALTHCARE WORKERS. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE. "If we don't make these cuts now, the cuts we will have to make next year will be more dramatic," the governor said. I WANT TO SAY AGAIN, ON OUR WEBSITE, IT'S HARD TO SEE ON THIS, WE HAVE A NUMBER. The number of confirmed and probable deaths associated with the coronavirus has reached 1,135, state health officials said Tuesday. Get breaking news coverage as events unfold. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW. WHEN YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE CUTS, IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO EXEMPT OUT ANY OF THOSE. MEDICAID IS ONE. WE'VE TESTED ALMOST 160,000 IN OHIO. MAYBE TALK TO YOUR HEALTH DEPARTMENT ABOUT THAT AND I THINK THERE'S A LOT BEING MARKETED NOW AS A BUSINESS SOLUTION THAT REALLY HASN'T BEEN STUDIED. IN THE END, THIS IS ABOUT PROVIDING AS MUCH STABILITY TO THE PEOPLE OUT THERE. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. WE DON'T HAVE TO DIP IN THE RAINY DAY FUND. WE CAN START TAKING FROM NOW AND IT MADE SENSE TO GET THESE CUTS THE MORE PRUDENT AND MORE CONSERVATIVE ATTITUDES SEEM TO ME WAS TO MAKE SOME OF THE CUTS NOW AND TAKE IT OUT OF THIS NEXT TWO MONTHS AND THEN TAKE THAT RAINY DAY FUND AND SPREAD IT OVER THE NEXT YEAR. YOU MET HER BEFORE. DEWINE: I'M LIKE TO LET DR. ACTON TAKE PART OF THAT. Capitol Letter reader state Rep. Kyle Koehler of Springfield was the first to send in the correct answer. WITH THAT MODELING CAME OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE, IT WAS PREDICTING THAT WE WOULD HAVE 60,000 DEATHS IN THIS COUNTRY BY AUGUST AND NOW WE KNOW WE HAVE THEM HERE IN MAY. State budget watchers estimate the resulting deficit is somewhere around $2.4 billion. IT IS OF CONCERN NOT JUST TO THE TRAGEDY WITHIN THE PRISON BUT OBVIOUSLY OUT INTO THE DIFFERENT COMMUNITIES WHERE PEOPLE WHO WORK IN THE PRISONS END UP GOING BACK OUT. YOU NEED SO MANY PEOPLE TO DO THAT FOR THEM TO BE SAFE. [TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES] STAND BY. DEWINE: WE DON'T WANT ANY MORE CUTS. PUBLISHED 6:00 AM ET Jul. More:Ohio Wesleyan announces $10 million in cuts OWU already was forecasting a $7.5 million deficit for the 2020-2021 school year and was reviewing ways to cut … The economy could begin recovering, helping boost the state’s coffers with additional taxes and preventing a deficit from expanding too far next year. REPORTER: ANDY CHOW WITH OHIO PUBLIC RADIO, IN REGARDS TO THE BUDGET CUTS, WHAT KIND OF INVOLVEMENT DOES THE LEGISLATURE HAVE TO DO WITH THAT. MAKING DIFFICULT BUDGET DECISIONS NOW WILL HELP US DOWN THE ROAD. HOW MUCH DID SEEING THESE REVENUE NUMBERS GO INTO YOUR DECISION TO REOPEN OHIO NOW AND IS IT FAIR TO SAY THAT THE STATE ALMOST NEEDS REOPENING TO GO AS SMOOTHLY AS THESE BUSINESSES DO? IT'S ALL IN STAFFING. I UNDERSTAND NEXT TWO MONTHS WILL BE A DIP. “A tax increase when we have a shutdown of our economy would have such a stifling impact on the growth of our economy.”. "In these two months, we are now below the budgeted estimates by $776.9 million.

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