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Figure 7: Click on the �Enter Authorization Code� link. The system will log you out. include under "non-scheduled repayments" all prepayment amounts on mortgage contracts in part or in full. Such difficulties are not a valid reason for a failure to submit required data. The online data form for the MMRF is divided into two sections: For each report, new samples can be added by clicking "Add New Record". Residential Interim Construction Mortgages are to be reported for Insured and Uninsured Gross Mortgage Loans. The LTV should be re-calculated upon any refinancing, and whenever deemed prudent, given changes to a borrower's risk profile or delinquency status, using an appropriate valuation/appraisal methodology. 4. Therefore this sample result will not be transferred to SDWIS/State.PendingThe E2 submission was Processed and this sample result is waiting to be transferred to SDWIS/State.RejectedThe sample result was Rejected when transferring to SDWIS/State. Use the original amount of the mortgage to determine in which category to place a mortgage. corporation, trust, co-operative) the loan should be classified as having a "corporation as the counterparty. index, Contact Report all applications in this section, both with and without property purchase agreements, including all applications for preapprovals. includes all residential mortgage loans insured on an individual loan basis either under the National Housing Act or by other insurance companies/agencies. In the case of a default of the ultimate guarantor is an individual the loan should be classified as have an individual as the counterparty; however; if the ultimate guarantor is a non-individual (e.g. The format of XML submissions must conform to an XML schema. The XML schema defines the data element names, definitions, order, required fields, and data types for all elements. This file is sent in the same manor as an original submission, with its own unique Submission ID. The next step will verify the existence of your new account. Any person that wishes to certify water system reports must fill out an Electronic Signature Agreement to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Option B: The water system will not create and manage an account in E2, but any Laboratory may submit analytical results electronically on its behalf. Setup is now complete! Click on the 'Register' button located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Reduces reporting costs by offering a streamlined reporting method using readily available computer tools. SDWIS/State rejects data at the �Sample � Result� level. Residency is determined by mailing address unless other information is available. all of the necessary legal, security, and electronic signature functionalities However, the porting of a mortgage that is accompanied with an increased principal amount is to be considered a form of refinancing and the entire amount is to be reported as such. Additional Assistance for Trouble Shooting A feature to allow easy access to help is included in the E2 Website. Receipt Notification Confirmation of the �Received� status and a Submission ID are provided by the E2 system after the file is submitted. This part of the return reports increases and decreases of mortgages secured by property located in Canada. Microsoft Word) and �Paste� the image. The authentication code can only be obtained via an email generated from the portal. E2 System Overview. Mortgage renewals are defined as contractual agreements subsequent to the initial mortgage that maintain or shorten the amortization period and do not increase the principal amount (irrespective whether done at term expiration or prior to it, i.e. Report the relevant amounts for lines (i), (ii)(A), (B) and Total Residential under the appropriate headings. to the Safe Drinking Water Act. *, *Residential Properties reported under non-residential*, *The data points under this section should report any mortgage loans on residential properties classified for reporting as a non-residential property. includes all other residential structures comprising two or more units; e.g., semi-detached 'link' singles, duplex and triplex, double duplexes, row, garden or terrace houses, flat and apartment buildings. As a result the agencies will accept retirement home being classified as either residential or non-residential for the time being; however, filing institutions are encouraged to move towards the intended classification. NJDEP recommends the following system configuration: Broadband Internet Connection or higher Pentium II processor or higher Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher 256 MB of RAM or higher Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher Registration Process As mentioned in Section REF _Ref103023381 \r \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1.4, access to the E2 system is restricted, in order to ensure that the reporting process is secure. Mortgages not recorded on the A4 due to a third party origination arrangement should be recorded under Section I (1)(b)(iii). This total must agree with Asset 3(b) on the balance sheet. Report approvals in the period the approval was granted, not the period in which the application was submitted. Only non-residential mortgage properties with a primary mortgage. Non Residential Mortgages - Primary Mortgage (Entire Portfolio). Currently, the E2 System allows water systems to submit the Annual Water Utilization report electronically. Error messages may appear after clicking the "Validate and Save" buttons: After you submit the DLQOR you can review it at any time under the "View Submission" menu option. Well Testing Act (PWTA), View Electronic Drinking Water Reports (DWR) C: Form E2-LAB-002: E2 Laboratory Inactivation Request Form, E2 A PIN confirmation will be emailed to the Certifier account's email address. In addition, the processing status of each sample / result can be viewed. 7. The E2 Regulatio… This schema serves as a national standard for Laboratory-to-State submission of analytical results. Highlighted text *Only report losses associated with the first mortgage. Allowed to view laboratory reports submitted on behalf of the water system. Under the new NJDEP Online process, all access to NJDEP Online (www.njdeponline.com) will be managed by the myNewJersey portal (www.nj.gov). The agencies do not require this reporting practice to be changed. Only non-residential mortgage properties with both a primary mortgage and a secondary mortgage. If after initial registration it is necessary to add additional Administrators, Form E2-WS-001: E2 Water System Registration Form must be used. Revised Submissions If a revision must be made to the data that was previously reported, the Water System must create a new text file in XML format. Allows the NJDEP (Office of Quality Assurance) to perform behind-the-scenes evaluations (informal data audits) of laboratory data submissions with respect to laboratories approved for certification, effective certification dates to analyze for specified parameters, using specified methods and techniques. (4) Mortgages on mixed office residential condo buildings are to be classified as non-residential. (1) The intention with the term 'retirement home' is to refer to institutional establishments. Note: Only transient non-community water systems may select this option at this time. Some users may have an existing myNewJersey account and some may not. This does NOT indicate whether or not the submission met the necessary reporting requirements or passed data validation.Processed by E2The E2 server has successfully processed the submitted information and the submission is available for viewing or printing. Statement. Every data field on the data entry form (except "report comments") is required for online submission. This will be done from a page which is linked right from �www.njdeponline.com�. However, it is acknowledged that some institution's legacy systems have included these mortgages under the non-residential category. If the LTV ratio falls on the benchmark, report it in the lower category, for example, if the LTV is 75%, report it in the category of 65% - 75%. E2 allows the user to view the SDWIS/State status for each sample result submitted. For example, a Water System should have 2 users with Preparer privileges, 2 users with Certifier privileges, and 2 users with Administrator privileges. The numbers of mortgages reported here are to correspond to the values reported in Section I (1)(b). Click on �DEPOnline Services� as shown in Figure 9. Routine good practices should be followed so that data can be submitted before the reporting deadline, so any computer problems can be corrected before the submission deadline. Report the amount which balances the total mortgage amount to the M4 balance sheet. In order to provide sufficient security for all submitted information, access to the E2 system is restricted in the following ways: Any person that wants to have access to the E2 system must have an authorized NJDEP Online account. Residential Mortgages - Two or More Loans Secured Against the Property - Primary & Secondary Mortgages (Entire Portfolio).

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